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  1. Our new 2013 Vista 27N has only a blackout shade in bedroom but in my opinion we should have both!! The advertising says Dual Shades thruout. Any 27N owners??
  2. New Class A Handling Badly

    Thanks, As soon as the shop opens Tuesday I will have to call and get that info.
  3. New Class A Handling Badly

    Thanks for the comments so far. The chassis is an F53 and the caster and toe in have been corrected after installing the Stabilizer. I plan on getting the unit weighed soon, while here in Florida.
  4. New Class A Handling Badly

    Brand new Winnebago Vista 27 N. Steers all over the road. Installed steering stabilizer, aligned front end and yet the wind at 15/20 mph gusting pushes the unit worst than a semi passing, Tires are set at Winnebago air pressure figures, they are Goodyears. Any other 27 N owners??
  5. Towing Fiat 500

    Do you have a Braking System requiring 12volts DC ? I need the 12 volt outlet to power my Brake Buddy and the outlet is dead without the key turned to the appropriate position. I would have to wire in a seperate fused outlet directly to the battery. My question is what is the issue towing with the key turned on? I will be looking for your reply as this my first time towing. Thank You.