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  1. The model I got, Insiginia NS-32D312NA15, is listed as $9 per year. And actually, when I did the replacement I saw they already had a 12vdc plug there, this TV has a 12vdc jack and it is even the same physical size, so I have the TV connected with that, so I can run the TV on the battery w/o using the inverter, if I ever want or need to.
  2. As I said above, my next project is to replace the crank up Winegard with a Winegard Rayzar Automatic Dome. I was going to buy and have this installed at Camping World or maybe installed at my local RV Shop, as I am unsure about me actually putting the holes in the roof or worrying if I sealed the old holes good enough or if the unit is secure enough. But, I am concerned that either place will not take all the specifics of the install and setup that I want. Has anyone ever tackled a job like this and if so, can you give me a sense of how difficult it might be?
  3. Until I just did this upgrade I had a digital converter connected to my old CRT Analog TV. Just left the TV on Ch 3 and tuned the channels with the converter. Simple install, coax from ANT in then coax to TV out. As long as you can connect the coaxes it should be simple.
  4. When we camped at the Grand Canyon it was dry camping and we put our slide out and in several times on the house battery. We just ran the generator to charge the batteries when needed, usually each morning while fixing/having breakfast. But in the future I might either have the engine on or the generator on when I do move the slide, just so the battery charge is higher.
  5. This post is so I can add the other pics.
  6. P8110004

    From the album TV Conversion

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    From the album TV Conversion

  8. P8110001

    From the album TV Conversion

  9. Well we completed replacing our original equipment CRT TV with a Flat Panel LED on an articulated arm. We went with an INSIGNIA 720p 32" LED at a good price. I had to fabricate a bar across the front of the opening to mount the articulated arm onto. Also reinforced the opening with a 2x4 and we put a curtain to hide the rest of the open area where the old TV was. That area opens to the front, to the inside of the aerodynamic cone coming off the roof of the front of our 2006 Winnebago Aspect, so it looks bad and has a bunch of wires and such. Once I got the decorative molding off the outer wooden frame it was pretty easy to unscrew that frame and unbolt the bracket that held the old CRT in place and then, with some physical effort, remove the old CRT TV. After that, I bought a coax toner and figured out all the wiring, (there was quite a bit, including unused ones for a roof mounted satellite, portable satellite and satellite receiver...which I have none of). I also labeled all these coaxes. Then came ordering the preferred articulating arm and figuring out how to mount it. I tried to mount it on the side wall in the TV opening, but even though that was a metal box, it is pretty thin metal and flexed too much, thus the cross bar and 2x4 for additional reinforcement. The articulated arm is one that locks in the shut position, with a pin and this works where I mounted the arm. I also installed hold downs and have a nylon strap that we will use to secure the TV in place when driving. I even fashioned a hold down on the TV to pass the strap thru. I have the coax connected to the Winegard controller, composite (RCA) to the DVD Player and that is on a splitter that has another RCA cable in the cabinet I can connect to another device, like our karaoke machine, and I also have an HDMI connected and coiled up in the cabinet, in case I want to connect a laptop or something else. Pictures below include the original TV, the new one from a distance and then closer up, the mounting arm and the outside of the RV for those who could not picture the aerodynamic cone I referred to. Comments or questions are welcome. Thanks all. Next project is to replace the crank up Winegard with a Winegard Rayzar Automatic Dome, which I will have installed at an RV Shop, do not want to put holes in the roof or worry if I sealed the old holes good enough.
  10. My RV has an inverter built-in, with an AC outlet next to the TV. So I don't see much reason to be worried about getting a DC TV vs. an AC TV.
  11. Bill, thanks for the advice but I am not one of those that goes nuts over pic quality. Standard definition will be fine for me. Just going from CRT to LED/LCD will probably provide more pic quality improvement than I am even concerned about. I still use/own only regluar DVD's and my main TV is a 58" RPTV I bought in 2000. I am much more concerned with ensuring it has all the inputs I need, as well as a solid wall mount capability for the articulated arm I would like to use.
  12. So from reading here it seems the consensus is you don't need a "special RV rated TV". Just find one you like with the proper connections. ROSSBOYER, does the Toshiba you mentioned have 3 screw on coax inputs, (Antenna, DirectTV, Cable). That is what it sounds like you are saying. I would like something like that, I could get by with 2 screw on coax inputs, Antenna (I plan to add a Winegard Razr) and one for cable connection if a campground has that. Don't use Dish or Direct nor do I plan to. Of course at least 1 set of Composite for DVD Player and I'd like a set of Composite accessible from the front, if I can find that. At least 1 HDMI on back and also front would be nice, in case I want to connect a laptop. A separate 3.5mm audio out would be nice, so I could tap into the speakers that are mounted on the front wall of the RV, (the dash stereo already uses them). Any model suggestions would be appreciated. Looking for 32". I plan to mount it on an articulated arm that I can pull the TV out and tilt as I'd like. When pushed back I plan to have some kind of strap to keep it in place while driving.
  13. Yes it carries over. We just last week had to finally top up ours, our initial 3GB, (from Sept 2013 ran out). So we got just a couple months shy of 2 years. As I said, the only downside is now it is only 2GB for $45. But even if that just last us one year, it's still a good deal. Heck, even if it only lasts us 6 months, that would also still be a good deal. You can't beat the no monthly charge. Only caveat is, don't plan to use this if you intend to stream video, you'll fly thru the data. But for checking email, looking up restaurants, routes, places of interest, gas prices, campsgrounds, etc. it's a great deal with no monthly fee. I just hope they change the pricing to make it a little more favorable, as it was in the past.
  14. UPDATE Internet On The Go has changed their pricing again. Now $45 gets you only 2gb of data (used to be 3gb). So it's not as good a deal. But, we are still on our original 3GB of data (purchased in Sept 2013...we have 500MB left). So still, even though the pricing is less attractive, when we refill soon, that 2GB will last us, most likely, at least a year. So that is still a heck of a deal. A years worth of internet for $45, and NO MONTHLY FEES.
  15. Thanks. Mixed reviews on whether it is true plug & play. I wish this TRUSTiGO, mentioned in the ad, had an actual website so I could see other models.