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  1. Wayne, yes, in fact I downloaded and saved the guide. Right now it looks like I'll either order from there or American RV (I think that comes just a little cheaper). I plan to order tonight or tomorrow at the latest.
  2. Do you happen to remember, or have paperwork with Auto Zone's part number, then I could directly match it. All I know is I held mine up against the closest LTD one I could find, and the mounting holes did not line up.
  3. Amazon has one too, but it is listed as the Kwikkee 1101428. I thought I read somewhere that the Lippert 379147 was improved, higher torque.
  4. Well I took apart the gear box, what a mess in there. I think I will just get the new motor assembly. I struck out at Auto Zone, the one I posted above, the mounting holes do not line up and they did not have any others. Very close match, but w/o the mounting holes right, I'd be out of luck. So it looks like I will pay a little more and order the Lippert motor from American RV, $64.16 plus shipping.
  5. I just looked this up on Auto Zone's website. They do not show an 89 Ford LTD, 86 is latest, then it jumps up to 2010. If I start with Year, then Ford, no LTD shows up. As to the gearbox, it seems you mean the smaller gearbox, directly connected to the motor, that is how I removed it. But NOT the larger Gear Linkage Box, shown here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005G21JCU/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER So from the Auto Zone site I see this one: http://www.autozone.com/collision-body-parts-and-hardware/window-lift-motor/dorman-window-lift-motor/41182_479487_0_78655?fromString=search&make=&model=&year= This seems to be the closest, although on my original one, the electrical connector is on the lower side of the motor, as pictured, not near the top. But the orientation of motor to gear box, and gear box holes seems to be the same. This is the page with all motors for the 86 Ford LTD. http://www.autozone.com/collision-body-parts-and-hardware/window-lift-motor?filterByKeyWord=89 ford ltd&isIgnoreVehicle=true&fromString=search Did this also come with new mounting bolts?
  6. So I got my RV back today and worked on the step again. First I removed the pin and unlinked the step from the motor. With the steps unlinked the motor seems to work fine. But maybe it's getting weak. I removed the motor, one bolt broke so I have to find a replacement for that. Anyway, the gear on the motor and the large gear inside the gear box, both look fine. They are metal and I don't see any broken teeth or anything like that. So I am not sure what to do next.
  7. desertdeals, if I go that route I will pull the assembly and take it with me to match it up. Have to wait to get the RV home, so I can pull the assembly and check it out.
  8. Herman, did Blues2go take you up on that? If not, I could use them. Have my RV at the shop and they say motor is bad, but since it works sometimes, I think it might also be a gear and not the actual motor. When I get the RV back I will be pulling the motor and checking it out. Also, I thought when I first started this thread I had come across a link for the motor, I think it was about $67. Well I cannot find that and once again I tried using the SEARCH. I went to the MAIN PAGE for the FORUM, I did a SEARCH of ALL CONTENT on both "steps" and then also on "kwikkee". I did not come up with any other related thread, except this thread, (and when I put in "step" a whole bunch of others, "the first step is to ..."). Can someone help with a link? Also, how can I tell if my motor is right hand or left hand, as mentioned in Wayne's post. Looking at it, I suppose it depends on the angle you view it from.
  9. I was just getting back to leenp & manholt's comments. FYI, this morning the indicator is red again. I'm baffled. This is an RV sitting locked up on the side of my house.
  10. Well I just looked in my Operator's Manual and Operator's Manual Supplement and cannot tell if the bathroom (hallway) sink drains to grey or black. But the parts breakdown of my model does make it seem like it drains to the grey. They show that sink separate, near the top, then down by the pic of the black tank (which is closer to that sink), they show a line, with a p-trap and that line goes to the grey tank. Next time I am connected to sewage I will test by putting the water on full at that sink and looking into the black tank. If it is draining there I should be able to tell by doing that. I believe the sink (21) gets is attched to the line at the p-trap (14) that is directly over the black tank, and that line (13) goes to the grey tank in this diagram.
  11. kps, I do the Calgon water softener method. When I first bought this RV the sensors gave me all sorts of weird readings. After doing that method it has been good until now. Funny thing is when I dumped and the first 2 weeks parked at home, it always showed empty. I'm wondering if some animal (lizard) maybe somehow got in there splashing around to get the sensors wet. Otherwise not sure why it would have suddenly been giving me this high reading. Wolfe, might try the buckets, now that I am pretty sure there is not much in there.
  12. So an update. Maybe it is the sensors being wonky. I went to check again, now the lights only show 2/3 flickering. Full is out, 1/3 & Empty are both lit. I looked into the tank, from the toilet, but instead of just looking I took a long stick and lowered it into the tank. From this, it seems that only about 1 to 2 inches of tank have liquid and above that, anywhere from 4 to 6 inches or so, there is not water. I was worried it might start overflowing, just sitting there. I feel a little better now. I will monitor it daily until I pull the RV out for our next trip, the first weekend in June. Wow kps, I just did this before reading your post. No honeywagon here to try that with.
  13. Well when I looked in the tank today, no water connected, water pump off. It looked like I could see the water level I'd say about 4" below the bottom of the whole assembly where the toilet attaches to the floor and into the tank. I am nearly 100 certain that no plumbing goes to the tank, only to feed the flow to the toilet valve. Mine is foot operated and does not seem to be leaking. Also the level in the toilet bowl did not go up which I would expect if the valve to flush was leaking. Our is the kind you press a little to get water flowing and press a little further to open the valve to actually empty the toilet. My thought was possibly rain into the vent tube. But the cap/cover on the vent tube seems to be fine, (I went on the roof to check that).
  14. They do share a common drain. But both valves are shut. We have used a little water to clean and such, but nowhere near the 30+ gals the black and grey tanks hold (Black 32 & Grey 37). I also took the drain cover plate off and no water leaking out, it was pretty dry in between the 2 dump valves and I reached in and felt the dump valves and they seem shut correctly. If the dump valves were leaking I would expect there should have been some water pooled there.
  15. 2006 Winnebago Aspect 26A. Came home from a weeklong trip on 4/28. We dumped the morning we left and used the toilet a very little bit on the drive home. Been in the RV doing some projects, (vacuuming, put in a stereo, etc,), have not used the bathroom. NOT connected to city water and the water pump has been off. Periodically I check levels, just as a practice when I am in the RV, it had been reading empty (just green light at the bottom). Yesterday I checked and the Black Tank was flashing RED for the full light. Today it was solid RED and I opened the valve and shined a flashlight into the tank and it does appear to be nearly full. Not sure how this can be. I don't think anyone has gone in there and filled the tank. We keep the RV locked, parked on the side of our house. I had thought the sensors were just whacked, but not since visually looking at the level. Don't know what else it could be. I think the way they systems are plumbed, even if the water pump were on, unless the toilet valve was ON or leaking, I don't think there is any other connection that allows water to the Black Tank. Anyone ever heard of a similar problem? Any ideas?