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  1. San Antonio & Fort Worth

    Blake- we use to have rallies at Top of the Hill- till a wildfire came thru- I guess they have rebuilt?
  2. Area Rug For Laminate Wood Floor

    If it is laminate, which is just a picture adhered to mdf, no issue.
  3. RV Upgrade/Remodel Recommendations

    hope your pockets are deeper for the folks up north- just sayin"
  4. RV Upgrade/Remodel Recommendations

    Impractical? I have coaches here from all over the USA and Canada. I must be doing something right.
  5. RV Upgrade/Remodel Recommendations

    I do engineered wood and carpet
  6. Polishing Fuel Tanks

    why would you take the chance of running out of fuel by going so low on maybe an inaccurate fuel gauge?
  7. Replacing Motorhome Flooring

    Guys- I get my Roppe raised round treads from Professional Flooring Supply in Ft Worth. You can buy them thru me and just pay at time of purchase. Or let me know, I'll order them and you can pay them direct. They will ship, also. Roppe is made in Fostoria, Ohio. I adhere them with spray contact adhesive
  8. Replacing Motorhome Flooring

    I use to install vinyl planks. Mannington was the best brand. I would not put allure in my dog's house
  9. Synthetic Transmission In Older Allison

    I had Inland Truck in Dallas work on my prior coach- 97 Wanderlodge, after squirrels ate the wiring. They replaced the fluid with synthetic and never had any leaks. I'm with Brett- go to an Allison specific shop
  10. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    that vintage birds website is just about dead. I'd check with the Prevost Community, which I'm a member of and is quite active- and they know Prevosts
  11. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    Bill Adams- I had an 8v92 mechanical in one of my Bluebirds and got the same mileage as your coach. What is "not Right" with it?
  12. You might check into this further as about a month ago a few tornadoes went thru there. The campgrounds maybe full of workers. FYI
  13. Replacing Motorhome Flooring

    Not travelling to work on the road anymore. Everyone comes here. Thanks Bill- how you guys doing? Stop by if you are in the area and see my Liberty
  14. Sunset Point RV Resort - Texas Hill Country

    We were there the first weekend in April - nice place, we have our Bluebonnet Rally there every April. Don't forget to eat at the Bluebonnet Café on 281- the pies are to die for
  15. Flooring

    I just saw this thread as I have had some issues with this forum telling me I was not a member. That being said- I book 2 coaches a month. Currently, Oct 1 and 15th are open. And I bet I'm cheaper than anyone- and probably the only one installing wood on the slides