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    Wow- hope I never have a situation like the OP and post it here.
  2. Check out Earthwerks Coventry It is acacia.
  3. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    10 batteries- 3 engine- 6 - Deka, 4 D size AGM- and 1 generator. If I need a generator- got 15kw Power Tech.
  4. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    The bulk oil filler is a device that uses the tank, a dial and a small pump. I guess Bluebird didn't want the owners to get dirty adding oil to the engine. All 4 of my Bluebirds had this feature. If you need to add a quart of oil, you move the pointer on the dial, turn the unit on and wait till it dispenses the oil. The 300 amp alternator is so large that it could not cool itself enough with just the small fins so they used oil. Bluebird, back in the day was all about redundancy- extra systems added to the coach- and the price was reflected in all the extra goodies you could add. Each coach was custom made- no 2 coaches were the same.
  5. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    back of alternator bulk oil filler
  6. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    Well- I have been involved with Bluebirds since 1982. I have owned 4 of them. Plus, Bruce Morris and I were the original founders of the Wanderlodge Forum 20+ years ago. How is that for credentials?
  7. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    Sure is- it is oil cooled, also.
  8. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    Since I'm old, what does that orange symbol mean?
  9. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    Boys, I was standing on our front porch. Here are a few more images and one is the 300 amp alternator. The tan paint is Astin Martin origin
  10. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    Negative- that is the air intake grill.
  11. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    Sorry, no plans for that rally.
  12. Drop Down Slideout & Hardwood Flooring

    Not normal - I give folks pieces of luxury vinyl planks to lay on main floor and where the slide comes in thus preventing any damage. Do this and get rid of those rollers that installer put on.
  13. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    The stepwell slide cover comes out from under the copilot chair. Bluebird had that unit on steel and the chair sits on a steel bridge. The main floor is plywood over that steel. In order to have the slide come out level, carpet had to be used there. If I had my chance to redesign that, the steel platform would have been removed and the cover elevated to eliminate the carpet. I'll buy a Prevost Royale before I do all that.
  14. Drop Down Slideout & Hardwood Flooring

    This installer NEVER messes with how the slide moves. I work around how the factory manufactured it