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  1. You might check into this further as about a month ago a few tornadoes went thru there. The campgrounds maybe full of workers. FYI
  2. Not travelling to work on the road anymore. Everyone comes here. Thanks Bill- how you guys doing? Stop by if you are in the area and see my Liberty
  3. We were there the first weekend in April - nice place, we have our Bluebonnet Rally there every April. Don't forget to eat at the Bluebonnet Café on 281- the pies are to die for
  4. I just saw this thread as I have had some issues with this forum telling me I was not a member. That being said- I book 2 coaches a month. Currently, Oct 1 and 15th are open. And I bet I'm cheaper than anyone- and probably the only one installing wood on the slides
  5. telling where I lived got me in "time out" for 2 weeks
  6. You have received an infraction at iRV2 Forums. Reason: Commercial posts ------- Hi ErnieWe've asked you on at least six occasions not to tout your business. This post was made twice today and there was another similar one last week. Your expertise is appreciated by our members however our Community Rules ( as you know ) prohibit this. We hope you take this two week suspension to think about how you'll conduct yourself here upon your return. Cliff ------- This infraction is worth 3 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire. Original Post: Professional floor replacement Quote: Weatherford, Tx - just west of Ft Worth is where we live
  7. Palo Duro Canyon up by Amarillo would be another good choice. We always stay at Loop 289 rv park. The KOA in Lubbock is a joke and nasty
  8. I frequent about 15 rv forums. IRV2 was the only forum that I was put in time out for telling what I do and where I live. Really?? I'm 69 and sure don't need to be in bloody time out. Others can post there that I do flooring and even show my website- but I can't say anything .
  9. I attended an FMCA rally in Madison. That was my first and last. Too crowded for us.
  10. Never had a coach with a slide- except a Joey bed~
  11. my last 3 coaches have had tags- much better handling
  12. Thank you very much.
  13. On my drop down, up on the top of home page by my name, I have the settings part high lighted, but it won't go to the settings page
  14. How do I get rid of is photo in my texts?
  15. Talked to them yesterday- they don't come up here.