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  1. Carpet Replacement

    I think I'm snake bit- all of Aug is open, Sept 15th and Oct 1 are open.
  2. Carpet Replacement

    I have a couple open dates
  3. Carpet Replacement

    Every coach with slides operates differently. After all the flooring is removed, I lay a piece of new flooring on the main floor and retract the slide to see what is going to happen. Sometimes you have to use some lvt planks, sometimes you don't.
  4. Carpet Replacement

    If the slide moves on top of the hard surface, you can get some LVT planks and lay them on the floor so the slide glides over them.
  5. Carpet Replacement

    Sales people at dealerships should keep their views on sales- not on flooring. You can add wood on the slides, also.
  6. Carpet Replacement

    or me
  7. Carpet Replacement

    Engineered wood is a great product. You don't need any quarter round to cover the gaps against the walls or cabinets. You can add that to the slides, also
  8. 1995 BMC 37 Rear Bushings

    That section of bluebird is out of business.
  9. New Flooring Ideas/Suggestions

    Who is Joe?
  10. New Flooring Ideas/Suggestions

    Pure urethane, no odor.
  11. New Flooring Ideas/Suggestions

    Engineered wood, adhered with urethane adhesive- never any problems.
  12. Removing Ceramic Tile From RV

    tile weighs- depending on the grade around 5 pounds per square foot. couple that with the thinset and grout and you maybe pushing your CCC limits. Engineered wood weighs a lot less.
  13. Removing Ceramic Tile From RV

    Blood sweat and tears. I use a small pry bar. I suspect you have OSB as a subfloor base- you will make a mess out of that, but there are ways to fix it.
  14. Texas Custom Coach

    We are looking at a Prevost Royale.