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  1. Before you join a chapter you have to join FMCA so joining a chapter is not going to grow the FMCA family as you are already a part before you got involved with a chapter. How would someone who is not an FMCA member learn about a local FMCA chapter? No, I am not a member of a chapter. As the old saying goes "I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member"! OK, just a joke, but seriously I am not a chapter member as I still travel and work full time so there's really is no chapter that would be appropriate for me and which I could learn or share information with as we are rarely in the same place multiple times. I am firmly against having towables join FMCA (I know, you are surprised to learn this!) as I don't believe that this is the business, beliefs or values that started this organization. It's sad to think that the powers that be can't find a way to run the business (organization or whatever you would like to call it) the way the founders wanted. I know stuff changes but it's not like there are no longer people buying and enjoying motor homes any more. It's just a matter of FMCA not doing the job of getting those owners interested in what they are doing. Once towables join, FMCA will lose even more motor home owners but hopefully the new organization which will no longer even use the word Family or Motor Home in their name can re-invent itself (completely) and offer a broader range of services to a broader audience.
  2. I have not attended but I have talked to friends who have been there, watched many videos and followed a live web cam feed one year. Beside the high cost of going, there are no facilities and they don't appear to be big fans of you running a generator. This is a complete counter-culture event so you must like nudity, art, and dirty, dusty, windy conditions. I would like to go but I think I would feel seriously out of place in my current RV. There are a now a bunch of millionaires setting up comfy cozy communities for themselves which does not make the rest all that happy but that's the thing about a do-as-you-please event. You can't really regulate who does what or how or where or when. I really do have it on my bucket list but I think I would need to get my rig hooked up with a bunch of solar and just let the moment sweep us away.
  3. We all all members of FMCA but the business that operates this organization is FMC with which we have nothing to do. If you or someone else wants to volunteer to help this business make money that's OK but it's not my job. This business is not a charity helping those less fortunate, it's just a business like Good Sam or Escapee working to make money to support the various activities they offer. Actually, they offer various activities to raise money, they just are not doing as good a job as they used to. Remember the FMCA rally in Brunswick, ME? I do, I was there. There were something like 8,000 coaches there. What's the average rally these days 1500-2000 (or less) when they hold them in Perry, GA over and over and over again? At Indy was a great change but boy I bet that was hot! Again, I am not trying to make it sound like I am offended that FMC makes money. That's their job. If you didn't have paid employees you would not have FMC without FMC you don't have FMCA. Where I come from is from being a business owner most of my life and I never asked anyone to do work for free so my employees could get a pay check.
  4. I tried. I could not find anything like you describe. Please post a link.
  5. The problem is that "we" haven't done anything. Doing anything is not our job. The problem is that the folks who own this business have not done anything and now, as the funds are drying up, these business owners are looking to find a way to keep a dying business alive. The business is failing because the business owners have failed to keep up with the times and they now don't see any other path to profitability other than whoring themselves out to every RV owner completely wiping out the original intent of this business. Yes, Herman, I am still on topic. I really don't need any additional chastising from you.
  6. The problem is that FMCA has lost 250,000 members (I'm guessing) in the same time frame. There was a time where some manufacturers were giving out free memberships and there were some reduced price offers, multi-year offers and life memberships offers (really needed to raise some cash) but nothing seems to being done to encourage younger members. There ARE young motorhome owners out there which would help drop the average age below 71. There is always a long list of members who made their final trip in each magazine and there are many who just don't see any value in the club any longer. Certainly if you have been to the Perry, GA rally once you are not really going to have any great desire to go again. However, year after year after year we have a rally in Perry in the Spring in the rain!
  7. Welcome back! Glad to hear you are ready to get back in the saddle again. There are so many choices out there they no one can really narrow it down to a short list. Enjoy the hunt and if you find something that meets your needs, go for it! Are you looking for new or used?
  8. They really are one in the same. What business would FMC have if not for FMCA? No matter. As I said above, this is not just a matter of allowing towable to join but a complete change to the FMCA organization. This would be a change from an organization for the sharing of information for and about motorized RV owners to just another group that will be homogenized to RV's of all types. This leaves me reading about popups and travel trailers just the same as the other organizations already do. The rallies would just be Good Sam rallies using a different moniker and I think that's just sad.
  9. I wish we were out West as we would have a better chance of catching a glimpse of the upcoming event. We are in FL and waiting until the last minute in hopes the weather forecast improves. It there is even a 50/50 chance of clear weather then we will head N. to the Santee, SC area and overnight in a truck stop nearby. We have to be back in Boynton Beach, FL by the 23rd so we will head S. again the same afternoon.
  10. I only point is that someone is getting paid to keep this business in business. I don't object to the fact that businessmen and women are getting paid to run the business. My objection is that those running this business have failed to keep this business profitable so they are now going to evolve the business into a completely different business unlike anything that FMCA has been dedicated to for the last 54 year. Therein lies the heading of this topic. Should FMCA allow.......It's not just allow, it's a complete overhaul of the business and business plan.
  11. I really am not being argumentative. I was asking for clarification from the person who said this was not a for profit business but FMC is so I could better understand how this business operates. I don't plan to read the Constitution, Charter or by-laws but I am pretty sure someone got paid to write all of those documents. Why is discussing having paid people working on the behalf of FMCA taboo?
  12. So, if we shut down FMC and get rid of all the paid employees, would FMCA continue to exist?
  13. That's not what he told me last year when he did my carpets but we did not discuss either of those options.
  14. Ernie does engineered hardwood and carpet only.
  15. If you have never done so you are going to want to stop in Kearney, NE and visit The Great Platte River Road Archway as well as the Golden Spike Tower in N. Platte to view the worlds largest rail yard. Yes, even Janet enjoyed the stop. Since you only have 3 weeks and it's going to take 7-10 days for the round trip you are going to want to get into Utah without too many other stops as there is lots to see and do. Obviously Arches and Canyonland in Moab are the top 2 and there is camping in the parks and in campgrounds all around the area. Depending upon how far you plan to go there is also Zion and Bryce Canyon as well as Hovenweep. So much to see and do. Do you have a must see on your list or known destination? Someone might be able to come up with specific camping recommendations.