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  1. Dinghy for Bounder

    We tow a 2011 Honda Fit four wheels down. It's small, but pretty good car
  2. Roof Replacement?!

    The estimation for Fleetwood 2000 36T was : 63 hours of labor (it is about 7300$), plus the cost of the materials. The total was about 9K - the price that I am definitely not willing to pay out of my own pocket :-)
  3. A Battery Question

    BTW folks, do you think if it makes sense to replace wet batteries by "maintenance free" ones?
  4. Roof Replacement?!

    That is a good idea, thank you!
  5. Yep, you are right - the dashboard radio has nothing to do with "surround sound"...
  6. Roof Replacement?!

    Impressive! And how much time did it take?
  7. Roof Replacement?!

    Sorry, I did not mention it. This is a rubber roof.
  8. Roof Replacement?!

    Hi, Today we have been to a Camping Word service center and it was suggested that we replace the roof on our Fleetwood 2000 36T. The service man was concerned about edge where the roof is connected with the coach. Honestly speaking, I don't like this ether - it seems cracked and there is definitely may be the leak. But I thought that the solution may be just recoating or proper sealing, but not the whole roof replacement... Does anyone have replaced the roof on his coach? Or may be someone may recommend any good roofing specialist in South or Central Florida area (to have the second opinion)?
  9. Our Very First Coach

    Hi, This is our very first coach Fleetwood Discovery 36T 2000. And this is our very first motorhome as well.
  10. Honda Fit Flat Towing?

    Thank you, Dan!
  11. Hello everybody! We are considering to buy a Honda Fit 2011 (automatic) to flat towing. Does someone have an experience with this car been flat towable? Are there any tips to tow this car?