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  1. BC Canada, Kamloops to Hope

    We are just starting to look into BC as a place to RV. Hubby loves the Rockies and the more wilderness the better. I hope you get answers to your question, it would be of interest to us as well!
  2. Domicile Locations

    Well, as I said in my post, we are in Texas now.
  3. Domicile Locations

    We own our place in Texas and are considering keeping our domicile here. Nearly every one of my relatives lives here, so keeping a spot for our RV here is important to us. The question is, as we don't wish to keep our present property, how difficult is it to find a plot of land where water and electric can be found and we can put our own RV pad in? Is this a difficult thing to do? I ask because while I see that there are co-ops where you can buy a lot, none of them are close enough to where my relatives live to suit me, although one is on my list of places I'd not mind calling "home". If I keep this state as my domicile, I want an actual PLACE here.
  4. Traveling With Dogs

    I used to show dogs and whenever I had puppies we taught them to travel before they were weaned by placing them in a crate and setting the crate next to the door then asking, "who wants to go for a ride?" and the entire pack would leap with joy and the puppies would watch from their crates and see that all the adult dogs were leaping with joy, and then we took crate to the car and the pack followed, and everyone piled into the car and we took short rides to places like sonic, where stangers would approach the car and provide us with food! As they got older, they would go on rides without the adults, and then I'd take them one at a time. My goal was to teach them to drink ice water from a cup, view strangers as potentially friends, and to be happy and confident riding in a car on the floor or in a crate. Yup, my puppy buyers talked about how easy their dogs were in the car. Being out of dogs for a few years, I hope to add a dog to show again in the next few years; this time around I will have my 36foot RV to use. I plan to train any new pup the same as I did the ones I bred, drives to teach them how to be happy and friendly. We also like obedience, the formal kind with all the rules--fun! (yeah, I'm wierd). I prefer my dogs to travel crated or in a harness seatbelted into a seat. Crate is usally prefered because if they DO get car sick, I would rather hose out a crate than try to get it out of the car seat-- been there, done that, no thank you. KAS