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  1. Jerry, Is your Edge an EcoBoost 2012 Ford Edge FWD 2.0 4?
  2. I have the Progressive Industries PT-50C and it has saved my coach several times. The most interesting one was in a Kansas CG and all of a sudden the air conditioning went off. I went to the pedestal and saw that error code for low voltage and low and behold the voltage had dropped to 104 volts and shut the surge protector off. There have been many other times during storms, brown outs, etc., that the surge protector did its job. They are 100% worth the value. Consider it an insurance and it is only there when it is needed.
  3. Dianahc, do you also have a Travel Assistant Plan? That is the plan that if you get sick on the road and need emergency transportation back to you base, FMCA Travel Assist will provide it, and get you motorhome back to your home base.
  4. My coach has one....never used it though. I don have Magic Jack.
  5. Need clarification. Do you want to control both the TV's at the same time? I'm reading your post that when you want to turn on the TV you want both of them to come on at the same time and when you change a channel you want both of them to change at the same time. I'm assuming that both TV's are in the living room with one a larger screen and the other a smaller TV over the dash. Having one controller control both of the TV's at the same time would be beneficial depending on the orientation of the furniture. ======================== Now let's see if the OP comes back after 1 post. Otherwise we are beating a dead horse.
  6. I didn't say I was going to feed you, just that the door is always open. However, I do know the places to eat and especially the "All you can eat Catfish" ==================== Consider that there are many similarities between towables and motorhomes. Water heaters, refrigerators. generators, converters/inverters and many more. Threads could be separated by specific category of RV and if a member does not wish to partake of that category it is their choice. I'd like to see the present benefits stay and also possibly expand to other good benefits. Adding the towables would give a boost to the financial pocketbook of FMCA. Not going to cost the present members and their affiliations a nickle more.
  7. Don't condemn FMCA. Read This Inforamtion first. It's not the first time Verizon has pulled the plug on deals or pending deals.
  8. Booger1k, Please don't go. Make friends here. Ask questions about your conversion. There are many members on this forum that can help in answering questions. Consider the other benefits and especially the Travel Assist benefit. It is worth the small yearly payment all by itself.
  9. LG sells an RF remote control. If the desire is to control both TV's at the same time an RF controller may be the way to go. Give a holler to LG again and ask them if your model numbers will work on an RF Remote Control
  10. If Verizon opted out would it not be a problem with Verizon and not FMCA? Why beat FMCA about a decision made by some other company? So many people are agitated by a move that many companies have done in testing a roll-out feature. I was offered a 20% discount on entire store purchases last September as a roll-out beta test program. When I use that discount at the register everyone around me is amazed that I get that discount on the entire purchase. So a very small number of people were most likely arbitrarily selected to participate in that service. I don't see any difference in the way FMCA and Verizon handled the situation but it is very unfortunate that it was "leaked" to the presses and the masses now want to know why they were not selected. It's a beta test program, was it handled right? Who knows. The supposition of many is that FMCA was at fault. It is just that, a supposition. The officers of FMCA are doing their best to keep alive this organization. Are they or any organization board of directors/officers always right. Most likely not. It is so easy to berate when things go wrong, but where is the praise when things go right. Where are all the kudos when things go right Thanks FMCA, many of us support you and regardless of how things turn out, if you stay as an organization many will still support you - and it will be better.
  11. Two links that might need to be read again: Forum Rules and Member Agreement The forum is regulated and moderated (through volunteers). We all live by rules and regulations and when they are broken there are consequences. It is what it is, and then it is what you make of it.
  12. Wow, what a comical thread. Oh, that's because I'm an AT&T user. Sorry!
  13. p.s., depending on floor plan the inverter switch should be in or near the galley. To reset the inverter you turn it on and off 3 times. When it is in the off position the inverter should not be active.
  14. The entry door switch is the on/off switch. From what I read you have to have the switch on to extend or retract the step. Once it is extended or retracted and the switch is turned to off it will stay in the last position. Turning that switch off is the disconnect switch. Unfortunately it appears that you will have to retract the step from the inside turn the switch off and then open the door. The step should be retracted. How you exit the RV after that point is up to you. I'm not young enough to jump down. I could sit down on the last step and "gently" slide out.
  15. Search for 1998 Safari Trek manual and you'll come up with the 2002. I'll bet they are close in operations.