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  1. Medical professionals do not have to email reports they now have PORTALS. The VA has a portal, and Houston Methodist has a portal and I use them both. They are great. In 10 years I think I had to fax something one time when I was on the road. I just went to Office Depot and they faxed it for me - for a very small cost at that time.
  2. It's your choice. If the examiner asks you questions you don't want to answer you can just walk away and find another place to work. That must be one high class place to park.
  3. Mark, I did not mean that the GS ESP ran out but that after the Mfg warranty expired I continued with GS ESP. You can call them for prices...it will differ for your MH.
  4. For the first year it was the Winnebago warranty. After that it was the Good Sam Extended Service Plan.
  5. Mark, My expenses started just about when the warranty ran out but prior to that it was in the shop several times covered by warranty. Ask me why I'm not particular to Winnebago's anymore. (Yes, all mfg's have their problems.)
  6. I hope they don't forget the lesson at the next camp ground. To all those who "know" there little angel will never attack. Well, you just don't know what a dogs behavior is going to be when it finally gets next to another dog. One false growl or bad eye contact can send dogs into a frenzy. On Mother's day DW was walking our dog around the block. On a sidewalk next to an open lot an unleashed Pit Bull came charging at our dog and grabbed her by the neck. DW grabbed the collars of both dogs and finally the Pit Bull let go. This caused DW to fall and in doing so broke a couple ribs. A passer by took the Pit Bull which was not aggressive to humans and tied it to his bumper until animal control could get there. DW had called me and I was on scene in about 1 minute. Police were at the scene. I stated that had I been with her I would have put a bullet into the Pit Bull and he said i could have done that but to watch out for ricochets. Yep! Know about them ricochets. Texas law. All dogs need to be fenced, tethered, or on a leash.
  7. I have the GS ESP and I have had it for 9 years. It has serve me well and I have the "seals" inclusion but not tires. As for the deductible per incident, yes, but if you have three things wrong with your coach then when you put it in the shop all 3 things do not require $500 for each item, only a one time deductible of $500. (Mine is $250) Yes, it is an insurance policy and like any other insurance policy it is designed to make the issuer money. It's a risk they take and what I take. I'm very happy to have had the GS ESP, and their Roadside Assistance all these years. It has been there when I needed it and I needed it frequently. One trip in was a replacement of 3 leveling jacks, 4 solenoids for the hydraulic leveling system and other miscellaneous items. My cost was $250. It's like life insurance, you don't need it until you need it. Same for car insurance or any other insurance. Happy trails.
  8. Kay, I though about it for a second or two then said, "Naw, I don't need them here on the Gulf Coast!"
  9. We had our Husky professionally trained. Plus I keep up at the training. Part of the professional training was socialization. It worked until she was 18 months old. Until 18 months old she would walk up to any dog sniff butts while circling and play. Then at 18 months old she was attacked and no less by a Chihuahua not on a leash in a campground. My dog is always leashed. I had to kick at the Chihuahua to keep it away from my dog until the owner came and got it. They were all sitting outside. Over the past several years my dog has been attacked 9 times by various breed dogs whose owners don't think they need to keep their dog on a leash. So now it is the thinking of the professionals that my dog has "fear aggression." It only manifests itself when other dogs start approaching her. Walking in CG's or anywhere my dog can walk by my side (always on a leash) in heel mode and just glance at any dog that is 5-6 feet away with not show of aggression. If you were near me with your dog I could ask my dog to lay down and your dog could be within 5 feet and my dog would ignore your dog unless it started to come near here. I don't believe your statement of a dog who has lived in a home/yard all its life does not have an idea how to behave. Just doesn't ring true with our Husky. p.s., forgot to say: If my dog is attacked by another dog, especially one of those little yappers and I just let her have her way, which one is the aggressor? Our Husky is 75-80 pounds given the week or day and one of those little Chihuahua's would be a toss toy for her. I could hear the rumblings now, "That big mean dog bit up and spit out that little dog, what a mean dog."
  10. GunNut11, Go to this link and read about it. Becoming an FMCA Member does have benefits. FMCA Assist
  11. Personal friend from Arkansas was in Florida and had a heart attack, pretty severe one. After he was stabilized FMCA Travel Assist provided a Lear Medical Jet with qualified personnel on board to fly him back to Arkansas. The were also going to provide flying the puppies back and getting the RV and TOAD back to them but they had friends that flew to FL and drove the MH and puppies back to Arkansas. The medical jet was no cost to them and all covered by FMCA Assist. Does that help.
  12. They make a special foam insert that we use all the time. Pushes in and pulls out real easy. Only reason I can see for not pushing it into the recess of the dome is for light. Most all rv supply stores carry them.
  13. I purchased the Wash Wax All kit. The kit is worth the extension pole that will reach 14 feet (even though I only need 12 feet). Very easy to use. The attachment to the pole is inverted V shape and it is labeled on the inside, "Dry," "Wet." Initial applications of about 10 pumps on the wet side to dampen it, then spray some on the coach and wipe it down, flip the V end over to the dry side and wipe over what was don with wet side. Goes fast. The V cloths do not get into every nook and cranny but you can follow up with microfiber cloths to take care of those areas. Coach (40 ft) takes about 1 hour, TOAD takes about 15 minutes. Shine lasts on my paint. Don't know how it would work on GelCoat.
  14. Kay, where do you get your parts for the 6V92. I have a friend with a 1968 conversion with that motor.
  15. I just called my insurance company and they emailed me a card for Canada...said I didn't need it but makes it simpler.