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  1. Hey, I have an idea. Todd, post your email address so we can have something to do in our spare time.
  2. I would just like to amend Herman's last line, "Be sure DW wears rubber gloves and a clothes pin." Herman, cleaning toilets should not be your job. But if it is, can you clean mine.
  3. Does that mean I'll have to converse with DW and not be on the computer? Dang!
  4. Carl, all rear ends are perfect. No further comment necessary. ...in the end! It will never be the end. ============================ Back on topic, I do carry tools. I have a pretty good wrench set, a big crescent wrench an huge pair of pluming pliers and a Dremel kit. An assortment of screw drivers of every size, including real small ones for eye glasses. Some I don't even remember that I carry 'cause I haven't used them in 10 years.
  5. Yep, any extra receiver on the account will cost $7 a month. Do a lot of research on OTA antennas, I had the "Jack" put on and I'm not happy with it at all. I'm thinking of putting on an omni-directional once I complete my research on them. Or the one that looks like a halo and automatically adjusts to the strongest channel signal.
  6. I'm sorry but the vision I got is terrible. You don't wear that on Galveston Beach, do you? ================ My best tool is a cell phone. "Hello, is this diesel repair?"
  7. I have the VIP-722 and I have taken it with us for 10 years on our RV trips. I do not have a roof top satellite dish so I use a Winegard Carryout portable antenna. (I'll be looking to install the Traveler soon.) With the VIP-722 and the Traveler you have a combination of options. Watch one, record one, or play back one, record two depending on the mode switch. The mode switch is for dual televisions or single television. If you have the proper wiring going to each television, then the 722 has a "distribution out" that will send the TV signal to the bedroom (or any other) TV. In the dual mode each television can watch their own channel. In the single mode each television receives the same channel. When in single mode the recording options change (don't remember exactly what the change was). The VIP-722 is a good receiver. I have two of them here at the S&B. When we leave I take the one not used to much with us. I also have the USB External 2tb hard drive. All the programs we have recorded and have not watched yet get placed on the external hard drive from the main 722 and we take it with us. The hard drive is proprietary formatted to work on dish system accepting external hard drives. Here at the S&B I also have an HDMI wireless transmitter that sends an HD signal to a bedroom TV that does not have hard wire connectivity. That device would also work in a MH to send the signal to any TV close by. I'm gadget poor! p.s., I use the BOMB (Box of Many Buttons) with a proper splitter for distributing signals so I don't have to keep disconnecting and reconnecting wires. Oh, and the VIP-722 has an antenna in connection for the OTA antenna. Once scanned using the VIP-722 the TV channels show up in the Guide. The satellite channels in the Guide are light blue and the OTA signals show up in yellow. There is an ability to edit the OTA channels so those in a language that is not understood, or any other channels can be edited out. I sure wish I could do that with the satellite channels. There is so much junk and inappropriate listings that I just don't need to see.
  8. I'm old school and do not use the GUI's. (Graphical User Interface), but instead use the HTML form of input. I will have to put spaces in this mini tutorial but when used there are no spaces except for what is being described. Here is LMScooter's info - my way. [ url= http: // www. fmca . com/benefits/75-motorhome-trip-routing. html]FMCA Trip Routing [/ url] When you run that all together it is this: FMCA Trip Routing For me this is the easiest way to insert hyperlinks with a description.
  9. I don't have one of these yet but I saw one in operation on our last trip. It is on my list of purchases. So easy to put up and take down. Here's the web site, Flagpole Buddy Watch the video.
  10. I know what was wrong. You were not holding your mouth correctly. Do you have that business card that says on one side, "In order to log in, turn card over," and on the other side it says, "In order to log in, turn card over." That is one way to keep a Wild Bill busy for hours. Carl, just a heads up. It's going to happen again. When? Just be prepared for it and watch a movie. (Your kind)
  11. Carl, I was having problems also. I could log into the main site but not the forum. I sent an email to the webmaster then went about other business. The withdrawal pains are frightening, right. There are so many reasons why a server can go down it's also frightening. Sometimes it is a small fix and sometimes it requires a lot of man hours. You can call me anytime and I'll talk to you until the hibbie jibbies go away. :-)
  12. Thanks to everyone for the posts. I am glad I was aware to see the sign (little sticker near the pump). I will also try and avoid anything over 5%. It may become more difficult as the "greenies" get their way.
  13. Have you tried cell phones. You can have yours on speaker or ear bud and she can just hold it up in normal fashion. Also consider that this is not the time for selective hearing. hee hee!
  14. I used to have that same thought and then it happened. At a military campground and in order to have the perfect spot I had to not only parallel park on a pad but I also had to keep from running over the sewer drain about 3 inches out of the ground. When I took my CDL back in the 80's (now converted to a Non-CDL) I only had to back up in a straight line and not parallel park. Fortunately the years of experience let me maneuver when I had to for the good spot. I ALWAYS use a ground guide, My dear wife and she does a good job at it. My backup camera has a microphone so I can also hear her. Just remember when a Texan says, "Whoa" it means "Stop."