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  1. Parking Brake & Brake Boost Warning Light

    Call Winnebago service center. Their phone techs are pretty good at giving you some leads to look into. I have a Winnebago. Had problems with the jacks for quite some time. Don't remember if jacks and brakes are connected but my slides are. If the brake is not set I cannot operate my slides so it may be possible that Winnebago added the jacks to the warning system. Phone calls don't cost anything.
  2. Dash Air Recharge

    I was having basically the same problem as Shannon. Recharging, changing the evaporator, etc., did not fix the problem. I would run for about 100 miles and slowly start to creep to warm air. I keep a thermometer in the AC vent on the dash and most of the time it would warm up to 80˚ regardless of the temperature outside. Finally I took it to a Freighliner place on our last trip. They found two leaks using the dye process but the did not have the valve ports on-hand to fix it. We ran the basement AC until we returned home and had it fixed. It has been working every since. I guess what I'm trying to say is that home remedies and even some professional opinions do not always work. Best take to to the experts and get it fixed right the first time. Cost me $285 to have the valve ports connectors replaced. That was additional to the Freightliner diagnostic charges.
  3. Retired Military Chapter(s) In Colorado

    You may want to look into S*M*A*R*T (Special Military Active Recreational Travelers)
  4. I have used Houston Freightliner for the past 8 years. The RV Tech there is Matt. I am very satisfied with his work. They will do what you ask or you can just give them the maintenance sheet out of the manual (copy of) and cross out what you do not want done.
  5. Bad Experience at IRV2

    It is unfortunate that when one writes with words the reader cannot see the facial expressions that emit amusement. When I remember I try to put an appropriate emoticon at the end.
  6. Bad Experience at IRV2

    Follow the rules and all goes well. Lots of good information on iRV2 and lots of friends made.
  7. My Rig

    Very nice
  8. RV Industry Death Spiral

    While awaiting repairs in Oregon a few years ago, we were parked with electrical hook-up only along with 20-25 other RV's from pop-ups to very high end motorhomes and everything inbetween. The repair facility had 21 bays and they were full everyday and there was a waiting list. Glad to see the article but I really wonder if it will make a difference.
  9. Carpet Replacement

    That looks very nice. Thanks.
  10. Changing Tire Sizes, Pros vs. Cons

    Joe, here is a Tire Size Calculator that may assist you. I went from Michelin to TOYO's.
  11. Portable Surge Guard

    Yes, and I feel your pain and sweat also. :-) Bill, went riding down Hwy 1 today off of Tomales Road and to where 101 and Hwy 1 intersect. At one point in the ride this afternoon the temp gauge on the car read 56˚. Just thinking of y'all.
  12. Portable Surge Guard

    Ah! Weather. We have been on the Left Coast for the last month and a half with absolutely wonderful temperatures. I think we ran the AC 2 or 3 times when the temp was going to 80˚ and we wanted the pup to be comfortable. Yep she could withstand that but whet the heck - electricity is included in the price of the stay. Presently here in Petaluma, CA at 10:30 p.m it is 59˚. Supposed to get down to 54˚ tonight. Nice sleeping with the window open and blankets piled on. It's supposed to go up to 82˚ on Wed and that's okay with the nice constant breeze. Also on 30 amp right now with a dogbone hooking the 30 amp to the PT-50C (50 plug) portable surge protector. Not worried about AC/Heat as the Electrical Management System (EMS) will handle it.
  13. Grew up 20 miles West of Worcester (North Brookfield) and driving back then was just as bad as it is now-a-days. Careful on your trip there. A friend of a friend took the Connecticut Turnpike (or something of that order) towing a Montana 5th wheel and ripped half his roof off on a low bridge.
  14. I have been to Hanscome AFB in MH towing and no problem. Stay off the secondary roads. Only use the major ones, like freeways. Follow the directions to campgrounds that others have posted on rv park reviews or military campground reviews. If you have a specific CG you want to go to ask on the forums for the best route. Most likely others have been there before you. I have been in some cities where parking is allows on both sides of the street, such as Boston, and it makes the roads very, very narrow. With an already 8' wide MH or 5er it can be harrowing. Plan ahead.
  15. Looking For Small Printer For Motorhome -- Suggestions?

    I use an Epson 620 and it has all the bells and whistles plus it is a wireless printer. Epson was one of the first maker of printers back in the days of the first Tandy computers. They have been around for a long time. I have had excellet results with this brand. It has a fairly small footprint and fits up in my clothes closet shelf. I take it down when I need it. On this recent trip I only needed a printer once and I forgot to bring the printer along. I put the document on a flash drive and went to a Staples store and they printed out copies for me. 3 copies of a 1 page document was $1.50. Office Depot offers the same services.. Only need a printer if you have large volumes or everyday printing needs.