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  1. Pet Discrimination

    Carl, The longhorn was one of 3 in a fenced area at the KOA in Fredericksburg. One day I was walking Miya and low and behold she started going forward on the leash. I reeled her in to keep control because she was very anxious to go see the big animal. I gently let here mosey up to the barbed wire, and that is why the tight leash so she would not get her on the wire, and she went nose to nose with that BIG longhorn. Every day after that, and for four days, our walk had to be up to the longhorn. Now, when approaching the other two longhorns would be closer to the fence but when the big guy saw Miya he started walking toward the fence and the other two scattered. He was definitely in charge. The horse is down the road a few miles from us in the pasture. When we get out of the car the big palomino shews the other horses away so he can greet Miya. She is not afraid of big animals. (Or lawn mower, or tractors or....who knows.) With the robot vacuum cleaner i the house, recently bought robot, she just lays there until it gets close then moves. Did that from day one. I agree. Animals are not bad but the owners sure can be. Some owners have no idea when it comes to consideration of others. Joe S, I think she is one of an exception. I hope you can meet her someday. I do understand that she wants to greet people and her greeting is to jump up to say hi. So whenever we are greeting people I go to a short leash to make sure she doesn't jump. After about 30 seconds or less she will not even try to jump up it is only on first initial contact. My "No Jump" command works about 99% of the time as does my "No Speak." One day in Michigan we went out shopping and Miya gets up with her paws on the dash and just looks out. She will not bark at other animals walking by or people. So we returned and we took her for a walk so she could relieve herself from being in the MH for a couple hours. About 4 campsites up a gentleman said that his grand kids were playing ball in front f the coaches and came to him and said he needed to see the big stuffed dog in the window. He told him it was not stuffed, walked down and waved his hand close to the window and Miya followed his hand. Proved she was not a stuffed animal, like the other stuffed animals in the window. She does have at toy box with stuffed animals and squeakers. She never tears them up and loves playing with them from time to time. Carl, Here is a picture to show how big that longhorn is:
  2. Padre Island

    Uh huh! What'd you shoot today? That was from my golfing friends - when I was golfing.
  3. IT problem

    The tool bar is located in the tool shed. Oops! Sorry I couldn't resist. Michael, When you are in the "reply" box ready to type your information look at the top left of the box and there will be B, I, U and S. If the S is a different shade than the other three characters click on it. Then it should be the same. Make sure to move the mouse cursor off of it to check its color.
  4. Pet Discrimination

    Forgot to mention. I good friend of mine is a veterinarian and he recently got a Chihuahua. One day he came over carrying the Chihuahua. Miya was of course curious but not aggressive and they became friends. Kind of funny watching them. Think 75 pound Husky with a 5 pound Chihuahua. So maybe there is hope for Miya.
  5. Padre Island

    Padre Island Weather In March
  6. Padre Island

    What did you shoot in golf?
  7. We have stayed in Lancaster and Gettysburg several times. Love the Amish country. Good food, good crafts. If'n we get that way we'll give a holler and we can meet in Intercourse. (That will get Carl going.)
  8. Pet Discrimination

    I would love to get her socialized again so she could get rid of the fear aggression.
  9. Pet Discrimination

    Joe S, You haven't met Miya yet. She is our 75 pound Husky Mix (not going to say what the mix is but she has dark spots on her tongue). When I walk her in an RV park I let her have her leash until someone or something is coming. Then I put her in "Heel" mode and she stays by my side. Once in while I have to Ahhhnnnt her but for the most part she will stay there. When my wife walks her at her faster pace she uses the short leash and Miya is in Heel mode for the walk unless she stops and let's her potty. for sit, stay, down, she responds to my quiet voice and if I need to I can point with my finger and she will lay down. I hope we are in the 10% category. As for other dog, well she is "fear aggression," in that she has been attacked 9 times by dogs not on a leash or not tethered in their yard. From the little rat dogs to a pit bulls. So whenever they come near her she will bristle up and if they get to close she wants in. Now, if you are walking your dog and you want to stop and chat, as long as you stay about 5 feet away she will behave and I will tell her to lay down. She will stay there unless the other dog approaches her. She does not bark at other dogs, either when they are walking by my MH or if we are out walking. When walking by other sites with dogs outside she will not bark, and just ambles on minding her own business. She does have faults. One is when someone comes to the front door she will let us know they are there, and I like that. However when we let the person in she wants to jump up to greet them. My command is "No Jump!" and she halfheartedly minds me but the event only goes on for a few seconds and If i touch her she will not jump. She does not get slapped or rough handled. No need for that with a dog. She is not afraid and she is very strong - think Husky pulling a sled. The two lovers on the bed are Miya in the back and Ranger, a Belgian Tervuren. Ranger is the canine she will associate with. Don't know why, just happened. Ranger is a show dog and has one many a competition for best in show. Some parks have restrictions on Wolf Hybrids and the Husky, along with many other dogs fit that description. I have not had a problem so far.
  10. Where is "out this way" again. Forgot.
  11. Grounded with doctor's appointments until after the first of March. DW mentioned a short run to Corpus Christi, Del Rio and Big Bend before our summer fun run up the East Coast. That will be after graduation end of may for oldest GD.
  12. Backing up 26' motorhome without a spotter

    Well, I just figure that the 450 horses are producing enough noise that anyone walking buy would be aware of 47000+ pounds coming at them. HOWEVER: here is a scenario. Child riding a bike comes in on your blind side, stops behind the MH to tie a shoe or whatever. Consequences of backing up could have life effects. Please, Heaven forbid. Always great to have a spotter or a darn good back-up camera.
  13. JIm, he just doesn't understand. Maybe I can help. Little quips in posts are okay but you have to intersperse the original topic inside the post...like this: I store mine in a storage facility that is covered top only. It's about $150 a month and has 110V electric. Can't run much off of 110 but it keeps the inverter going and therefore keeps the batteries charged. We also visit it periodically to give it a check over. Every once in a while, with time being when we think of it, I'll take it out for a 20-25 mile run and exercise everything. -------- See! Brett's not mad at me now.
  14. Kinda New

    We live on the Gulf Coast of Texas so stop in and say hi. Welcome to the forum. Consider editing your profile and entering you rig, toad and anything else that may help in future posts on fixing something we all hope never breaks.
  15. I thought it was entertaining - therefore my post. Storing NE of Dallas you will need a burner in the shed to keep the freeze off. Storing here in this area you will not have to worry about freezing, but maybe just overnight for a little while. You get used to the humidity. Sweat keeps you cool.