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  1. So what's new for Herman, eh?
  2. They have "Through the glass" CB antennas but make sure you don't have double pane windows. A Through the glass will get you a couple miles down the road.
  3. There are several safeguards to prevent the jacks from operating. The manual should tell what they are. Examples: engine needs to be running or not be running; emergency (parking) brake needs to be set; key switch to turn on and off the jack system not in the fully on position. That is about as many as I can think about of the top of my head and those will vary from coach to coach. When in doubt and you don't have the manual, call Winnebago with the serial # of the coach.
  4. We left May 14th this year and returned September 13th this year. Four months if fine traveling.
  5. The older I get the less I can lift. Childhood days I could snatch 120 lbs from the floor straight up with one hand. Hard to bend over and pick up shoes now. Besides, I can just picture myself in removing the tire. As the last hole clears the last thread over backward I would go and have to wait for a good Samaritan to stop and assist me in getting the tire off my chest.
  6. Carl, Did mike tell you how to hold the brush to brush off the cookie? Was it chocolate chip. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  7. Joe, that is true for most states as required by Federal Law. Thanks for the post.
  8. Maybe some big rig lessons/instructions first. (Driving school for MH/Big Rigs)
  9. Hawk1, I had that problem with my short slide just this past trip. Mine was that as it reached the end of going out there was a bang. Scared the Devil out of me. When we were leaving brought the slide in and it worked fine but the next time out I was careful getting to the end by stopping just before the slide settled and then bumped it out. Still a bang. Tried to bring it in and no-go. To make a long story short it was the slide motor. The gear had stripped. Replaced motor and all working well. Not a cheap fix when you are stuck in a CG. Bringing that big slide in by hand is a big job.
  10. A dome system has limitations. For Dish there are 3 satellites and a dome antenna will only received one satellite at a time but for Dish you will get HD. For Direct it receives stations off of one satellite but it will not get HD. So for a dome there are some functionality losses. With an open faced (like Traveler) you will have the same functionality that is in the S&B.
  11. Separate switches? I'd start at the switch checking to make sure the wiring is intact. Also short across the switch and if the slide operates the switch may be bad. Check for voltage at the motor with someone operating the switch. No voltage may be a broken or corroded wire. Does your slide operate with the engine running? Start the engine and see if the slide works. Could be a weak battery.
  12. Great of you to offer you place Mike. You may consider it pay back but maybe it's paying it forward. God bless.
  13. Chuck, Please look inside your MH and find the fire escape windows. Usually they have a red latching system. I don't think I could ever be in a situation where I could not get out any of the big sliding windows. Typically the bed room window is an escape window. Grab the comforter, bed spread, blanket and throw it over the windows edge before climbing out. Keeps from getting scratched up.
  14. Thanks.