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  1. Air Bags Replacement

    Sorry, that was on my 2008. It really got slimed up, and I have my MH's serviced once a year. Also, under warranty, was the dash air gauges. Freightliner had a problem with the fitting on the gauges where the air line connected. They replaced my air gauges. I noticed it because in a short while the pressure reading dropped more than it should after shutting down. Also, rabbit ears that can hear anything - Earlene, heard a slight hissing sound that my deaf ears can't hear. Brett lived just a little ways from my storage unit and he dropped by and found that the leak was under the dash. Ergo, replacement. Thanks again Brett.
  2. Safe-T-Plus

    Glad there is a Safe-T-Plus thread. During the storm Harvey my MH was flooded. I called Safe-T-Plus and they asked me to send it back to them (I had removed the piston) and they would check it out under warranty. I'm not going to go into details but let me express my gratitude for Safe-T-Plus and their exceptional service. Kathy and Kelsey are so customer service oriented and helpful. It has been a pleasure doing business with Safe-T-Plus. If anyone is in the market for a steering stabilizer I can strongly recommend Safe-T-Plus as the company to do business with. I have no affiliation with Safe-T-Plus other than being a satisfied customer. p.s., on my previous MH and for a short period of Safe-T-Plus being installed I noticed a significant difference in the handling characteristics.
  3. Air Bags Replacement

    If the system has a leak in it, e.g., air bag, the air pump will continue to run keeping the system as inflated as it can keep up. If the leak is substantial you should notice it on the air gauges. Instead of 125 psi you may only be showing 100 psi or 90 psi all the time. If it gets below 70psi it's time to pull over and get it fixed as you are close to having your brakes lock up. Walking around with a good ear may detect a general area of the leak, then a spray bottle with soapy water may show where the leak is when sprayed in the area. I had a relief valve on the air drier stick open and my AP dropped to around 70 psi. I did pull over, found out what it was and called Freightliner. They are the ones that warned of below 70 psi. I know 65 is the typical cut of but to err on the side of precaution is better.
  4. 2011 American Coach Eagle: HDMI Routing

    I used this system in my house between rooms. No reason why it will not work in an RV. What ever the transmitter is hooked to is what the receiver will see so both TV's will have he same TV station playing. ActoinTec Wireless HD Transmitter and it did transmit HD if that is what was on the front TV.
  5. Register Your Tires

    Actually the tires are filled with smoke. Trust me on this. If you see the smoke escaping the tire will have to be sent back to China to get the smoke repacked into it. Smoke is gray or black, take your pick. Never let the smoke escape from anything mechanical or electrical. It will be on a slow boat to be fixed....er repacked.
  6. Register Your Tires

    Pink! Pink, wuss! Good post Jim, now answer my email.
  7. Forum Speed

    Wow, just did the direct to "community.fmca.com" and it loaded in about 3 seconds. Considerable difference than going to the home page. From there I just click on unread threads. I might even use Bretts link.
  8. Forum Speed

    Herman, All my friends live in the computer and they eat all the cookies. I don't bookmark FMCA as it is just as easy for me to type fm in the url line and my last connection is established, however it is to the FMCA home page and from there I go to the forum. Hmmm! Need to try going directly to see what happens. BRB.
  9. Hazardous /Propane and RVs

    I'm with Carl on routes South of Conn. I run around all that and on up to I-84 and take the Newburgh Beacon Bridge. Much more sane taking I-84. If the sign says 13' 6" I'm alright with it as that is the "clearance," but then one has to worry about any road repairs and addition hot patch just before or after the bridge/tunnel. Some hot patch repairs can raise the road an inch or more. In the old coach I was only 12' 4" but the new one is 12' 11". Need to pay attention to the signs.
  10. Forum Speed

    My initial log-on is 16 seconds. After that everything is fine.
  11. Forum Speed

    Here is the link for Chrome Adblocker. Here is the link for Ghostery for chrome.
  12. Forum Speed

    Once I'm on the site the pages open just like any other site. it is the initial joining to the site that is extremely slow in comparison to other sites. I'm on a fixed system, and here are my stats. Ping: 17ms Download speed: 237.37 Mbps Upload Speed: 11.16 Mbps Those figures are far higher than any cellular, satellite, or other connectivity speeds and I'm still slow at initiating contact with FMCA Web Site. In many instances, but not all, the site load time is determined by the amount of ads and other tracking data taking place. (I said, not all.)
  13. Forum Speed

    Carl, Are you using Safari, Firefox, Chrome or what browser. Knowing that I can tell you where to go. (I like that.)
  14. Forum Speed

    He's not smart enough to use a fruit product, he keeps trying to eat them.
  15. Bedroom TV Upgrade

    Joe, Also when purchasing a new replacement the speaker placement is important. Anything that is permanently mounted the speaker should be facing the outside. Most of the new TVs have the speakers either on the side or on the bottom, and both are behind the frame. with a pull out mount there is no problem. In our situatoin I put in a full articulating TV mount. Another item that may be of concern is any peripheral equipment and how it is hooked up. Most of all the old TVs had RCA connectors (Red, White, Yellow) and the now-a-day have HDMI, Fiber, and COAX. Choose accordingly.
  16. Forum Speed

    Regarding princess phone - ROFL out loud. ================================== I run Adblock Plus and Ghostery and they take care of all the nuisance ads and trackers. On this page Ghostery blocks Google Analytics from loading. I have Adblock and Ghostery running on both Firefox (my primary) and Safari. My browsers are fast and blocking those items I don't care to see helps.
  17. Bedroom TV Upgrade

    Joe, looks like there is some trim that can be removed. Would that give you a little more room to maneuver? My previous RV had a 17" in a hole 36" wide by 21" high. It had the wide side and bottom like yours does and it weight 117 Pounds. It was digital with the old style "hump" back. Sales people would always walk up to me when I was measuring the total width and height to explain to me how to measure the viewing area. I had to laugh. Anyhow, I found one with about 1/2-3/4" sides and was about 1/4" shy of 36". I made a mount for an articulating arm so when we stopped we pulled the TV out and when traveling it pushed back into the hole. With the present trim you have and removed it would give you a little extra to play with and it rally doesn't have to go back in the hole. As for the cabinet door, well if it is blocked just put blankets or pillows up there that can be reached from the other door, or pull the TV out to access it. For securing I used a long adjustable tie-down about 1" wide with snap in clips. (Academy has them in my area) The tie down went around the mount and slipped through the little space on the sides. I just then snugged up the strap for when we were traveling. Just throwing out an idea. Keep looking. There will be one out there that can be used.
  18. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    Party pooper!
  19. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    ....and take my entertainment away! Sheesh!
  20. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    We were towed once by GS and I asked the tow truck driver what it would have cost me to have it towed the 40 miles. His reply was $740. Jim, you were towed once with the Bounder. Was that GS and how were they? My experience with the tow company towing us was great.
  21. Using RV Park Cable TV

    Bill is correct. The actual amplifier is in the head of the antenna. However, most manuals call that switch "amplifier," So what's in a name - they both do the same thing, turn on - amplifier - turn off - cable. The little light is the key. Light on, amplifier on. Light off, amplifier off. Semantics, semantics!
  22. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    Carl, you can represent me any time and I'll go by what you say - unless I disagree. I'm a non-chapter member. I prefer it that way. My life is busy enough just keeping up with the friends and communications running around in this computer and my other Fruit devices.I don't need a chapter to represent me. What is needed is a method where all members can vote regardless if they belong to a chapter. I do not plan on joining a chapter anytime soon, unless Jim wants to start one. We can be called the Outsider Chapter. (Is that name open?) Consider the number of people who do not use electronic means of communicating, and they are out there. Their method is snail mail, and it still works for them. I hope FMCA sends them snail mail voting forms.
  23. FMCA Website

    Oh no you don't Brett. I'm behind you in time out. Your post of "Gala? Honey Crisp, Macintosh?" was way before my dissertation on the fruity stuff. p.s., web site not to slow once you are in it. (Just thought I'd stay on topic, just in case!)
  24. Using RV Park Cable TV

    Oh! My bad. I though it was something like this Booster I have that model in my 2015 and they call it a booster, or might be they call it amplifier - I forgot. Maybe it was this, now I'm confused which is easy to do; Antenna Amplifier
  25. FMCA Website

    Ohoh! man in glass house speaks. I'm still working on that. Seems they are all slow when accessing FMCA forum. Tonight was slower than normal but once I'm in the forum the pages load fast. I'll no more by the end of next year.