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  1. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    I might have to spend some down time there on the return trip. Thanks
  2. Excessive weight on front axles

    I also am a 1st time tag axle owner and am interested in the topic.
  3. Wash Wax All

    Carl, You need to get out more.
  4. Wash Wax All

    Hey, I'll take the beer. Unknown if these Wash Wax a vehicle. Bon Ami Spray Bon Ami Window Cleaner and Jet-Spray Bon Ami Push-Button Cleaner Wonderful Cleaner Cleans The House Without Water 1958 Vintage Antique Advertisement
  5. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Y'all makin' me drool. Stayed at the Freeport/Durham KOA in Maine. It is 6 miles from the L.L.Bean store. Left my wallet in the RV when we visited the store. It was a wise decision (NOT). Believe it or not we have some Chinese Buffet's around here that have craw bugs and they are spiced up real nice. For all you can eat, who cares about the size. Our cabin fever has us leaving on the 3rd, stopping in Beaux Bridges, at Poche's RV Park and Fish-n-Camp park, (Jim, you remember that place and it now has asphalt road in) then on to Gulfport, MS for a week, then Five Flags RV park in P'Cola FL for a couple weeks to visit friends. Alas, back home to cabin fever for a month or so, then on to New England and return...whenever.
  6. Excessive weight on front axles

    If at Cummins in Houston you will be a short ride, 3.2 miles, to Freightliner Houston. Can they work on your chassis.
  7. I know you haven't been there for a long, long time, if you know what.....never mind.
  8. Wash Wax All

    Mypopslou, The cleaning rod that comes with the kit is worth the price. My original kit had a 14ft extension but it was lost in Hurricane Harvey. When I say lost I forgot to unload it. The new one is 12ft and is still adequate. Push of a button and it extends or retracts with just a slight pull/push of your arm. I also use it for our cars. If DW helps me we can do a car in about 10-15 minutes.
  9. Carl, last year on that same I-10 route we were headed East towards home. I saw what caused the freeway to close down as it closed about 2 minutes after we passed the area. A farm was tilling his area and the dust it kicked up was blown by the wind causing the highway to not be seen by drivers. There was no way to drive through that stuff.
  10. Padre Island

    Carl, sit back, relax and let your age catch up with you! p.s., when I was playing it was 5 or 6 times a week. Handicap, besides playing golf, never got below 10. Still made a lot of money in the skins game.
  11. In my previous 40 footer we drove in 45 mph quarter winds. Awning stop had come off so the awning would billow out. DW noticed it first so I set my passenger mirror to view the topper and when it billowed I slowed down and it retracted. Did that all the way to the CG and then replaced the stopper. Other than that we have driven in 35-40mph winds and before Safe-T-Steer I would notice it just like I noticed when truckers passed me. After Safe-T-Steer it just felt like someone walked on the floor of the coach without the jacks being down. Very minuscule movement.
  12. Our RVing Story

    Nice story Joe, thanks.
  13. Campers With Children Under 20-- Check In!

    Does Miya count? She's under 20. Don't have any 2 legged kind though - well none that travel with us. To the original poster. We may not have children that travel with us but we enjoy watching them have a good time. There once was a time when we had them at campgrounds. There is a learning curve on campground etiquette that needs to be explained sometimes. Most of the CG's we have been at have well behaved children.
  14. Padre Island

    Carl, I know how you can improve your golf game. Take a two week vacation from golf. Then quit playing.
  15. Washington DC

    Carl, I don't smoke!
  16. Campers With Children Under 20-- Check In!

    Keon, I have had that surgery on both shoulders. You will be two weeks in the sling unless your doctor is real aggressive, then you go to PT and that length of time will be at least 4-6 weeks and longer if you don't meet their expectations. I did ask my doctor after the two weeks if I could drive and he made wheel turning gestures with his hand and said, "Okay." The exercise of turning the steering wheel is actually good for recovery (According to my doctor) Okay so I have had two ACL reconstructions, two rotator cuffs repaired and my right knee replaced so I am very familiar with physical therapy. Here is what I have to say about that. Only do what your physical therapist tells you to do. If they tell you 5 rotations of an exercise, only do 5 no matter how you feel. The exercises are to gradually get you back to a "normal" condition. Buy being macho and doing more than prescribed you can damage yourself more. Do what they prescribe at home and do it faithfully. Start practicing zipping your pants with your non dominant hand NOW. p.s., I just had carpal tunnel surgery on my dominant hand so I have been doing everything with the other hand. I was able to adapt rather quickly except for chop sticks. Using a spoon with soup I only dribbled a little bit down my chin.
  17. Washington DC

    I took notice. We will be on the East Coast this summer. Any idea on what the correct question is for the Senator to approve the tour?
  18. Pet Discrimination

    Carl, The longhorn was one of 3 in a fenced area at the KOA in Fredericksburg. One day I was walking Miya and low and behold she started going forward on the leash. I reeled her in to keep control because she was very anxious to go see the big animal. I gently let here mosey up to the barbed wire, and that is why the tight leash so she would not get her on the wire, and she went nose to nose with that BIG longhorn. Every day after that, and for four days, our walk had to be up to the longhorn. Now, when approaching the other two longhorns would be closer to the fence but when the big guy saw Miya he started walking toward the fence and the other two scattered. He was definitely in charge. The horse is down the road a few miles from us in the pasture. When we get out of the car the big palomino shews the other horses away so he can greet Miya. She is not afraid of big animals. (Or lawn mower, or tractors or....who knows.) With the robot vacuum cleaner i the house, recently bought robot, she just lays there until it gets close then moves. Did that from day one. I agree. Animals are not bad but the owners sure can be. Some owners have no idea when it comes to consideration of others. Joe S, I think she is one of an exception. I hope you can meet her someday. I do understand that she wants to greet people and her greeting is to jump up to say hi. So whenever we are greeting people I go to a short leash to make sure she doesn't jump. After about 30 seconds or less she will not even try to jump up it is only on first initial contact. My "No Jump" command works about 99% of the time as does my "No Speak." One day in Michigan we went out shopping and Miya gets up with her paws on the dash and just looks out. She will not bark at other animals walking by or people. So we returned and we took her for a walk so she could relieve herself from being in the MH for a couple hours. About 4 campsites up a gentleman said that his grand kids were playing ball in front f the coaches and came to him and said he needed to see the big stuffed dog in the window. He told him it was not stuffed, walked down and waved his hand close to the window and Miya followed his hand. Proved she was not a stuffed animal, like the other stuffed animals in the window. She does have at toy box with stuffed animals and squeakers. She never tears them up and loves playing with them from time to time. Carl, Here is a picture to show how big that longhorn is:
  19. Padre Island

    Uh huh! What'd you shoot today? That was from my golfing friends - when I was golfing.
  20. IT problem

    The tool bar is located in the tool shed. Oops! Sorry I couldn't resist. Michael, When you are in the "reply" box ready to type your information look at the top left of the box and there will be B, I, U and S. If the S is a different shade than the other three characters click on it. Then it should be the same. Make sure to move the mouse cursor off of it to check its color.
  21. Pet Discrimination

    Forgot to mention. I good friend of mine is a veterinarian and he recently got a Chihuahua. One day he came over carrying the Chihuahua. Miya was of course curious but not aggressive and they became friends. Kind of funny watching them. Think 75 pound Husky with a 5 pound Chihuahua. So maybe there is hope for Miya.
  22. Padre Island

    Padre Island Weather In March
  23. Padre Island

    What did you shoot in golf?
  24. We have stayed in Lancaster and Gettysburg several times. Love the Amish country. Good food, good crafts. If'n we get that way we'll give a holler and we can meet in Intercourse. (That will get Carl going.)
  25. Pet Discrimination

    I would love to get her socialized again so she could get rid of the fear aggression.