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  1. Done did it! 2015 Winnebago Tour 42QD
  2. Dash A/C Drips Water On Driver's Foot

    Use cruise control and move foot. Sounds like there may be air getting into the output vent causing condensation. Tough job but look for any tears, or openings in the vent line.
  3. New Spell Checker

    Funny thing about it is Carl understood every connotation.
  4. We found one and as soon as the deal is finalized I'll tell what it is.
  5. Tire Air Pumps

    Dummy wants to know why drive has 105 psi and tag 95 psi. Don't tell me you ran out of air either.
  6. Tire Air Pumps

    If I had baloon ties on it I would still own it. Insurance finally paid off. Why is there so much less air in the tag tires.
  7. ha ha! spare coach is gone. Insurance company finally paid us and the finance company so we are free and clear right now. Hey Fagnam, thanks for the update and happy to hear it is fixed.
  8. If you have a spare of anything you will never have another problem with that item. (Remember Murphy's Law?)
  9. Tire Air Pumps

    I never had a problem with my on-board compressor filling the tires to 110 psi, never. Yes, I have done it several times.
  10. Tire Minder TPMS

    I don't worry about what the TPMS says I inflate accordingly and use a calibrated gauge. Then I look at the TPMS and it will always read differently. From that point on it is nothing more than a reference and if something does go wrong with a tire it will notify me according to the values I set. Any gauge is really nothing more than a reference point, even the calibrated ones but they are real close to being correct. Reference point is all I need. If I set a tire to 110 psi and the gauge reads 108 psi then when the gauge reads 108 psi i know there is 110 psi in the tire. + or - 10% from either value is only about 1 psi difference. Just a reference point. It's still frustrating that the TPM can't be more accurate.
  11. It's the thought that counts, right?
  12. November the 10th, Seventeen Hundred and Seventy Five the United States Marine Corps was established. So, on November 10th you can send me something for my birthday, even though I'm only a portion of that age
  13. Punxsy, November 10th is a day of reverence - don't act up. Behave and pay your respects.
  14. Are You A Veteran?

    Happy BD Navy Mates. USMC was 1 year later. Must be it didn't take as much time to train us.
  15. Convection/Microwave Ovens

    If it didn't come with a turn table it will still work as it is designed that way. Many of the older models were higher heating output and did not require a turntable to evenly distribute the heat. it is my understanding that a "Half Time" oven cooks using both the microwave and convection therefore cutting the time in half for cooking. A microwave/convection oven will use only one at a time. Using microwave the magnetron is engaged (think radar) and in the old days they used a TWT (Traveling Wave Tube). The first units that could be called "Radar Range" the counter top "Radar Range" was first introduced by Amana. The microwave oven is dated back to the mid 1940's. The convection oven has been around for a long time. It is just an oven with a heating element that forces air around the food with a fan. I'm sure you have been in stores where they have a "Table Top" oven. It has a heating element top with a fan on it pointing into typically a glass container. Food is place on racks in the container, the top is placed on and snapped down and when power is applied the heating element comes on and a fan forces the air evenly around the food. I purchased one of those in 1986 or abouts and used it at work. Put Chicken. steak, vegetables on the rack all at the same time, turn it on and come back 40-45 minutes later and everything was ready for a table of 4. Metal utensils can be used in a convection oven but not in a microwave oven. Our first "Radar Range was in 1980 and was an Amana.
  16. Part Timer Mail Question

    We used USPS a couple times. What they did was pack up the mail in one of their boxes and mail it to the address we gave them. They would send it out on a Wednesday and we always received it on the following Friday. When we left that address and headed home we just put a hold on the mail, picked it up when we got home and started service again. Never had a problem but most likely that can be different from geographic post office to post office.
  17. State Farm vs Progressive Insurance

    Here's the scoop. We have Progressive with replacement value. Yes, a little more expensive but worth the extra peace of mind and remember we live in a hurricane area/flood area. Harvey totaled our MH. We have the full replacement up to 5 years but after 5 years it is what you paid for it. The difference is that up to 5 years on a new one you get one of similar value from the same manufacturer that it was purchased from. After 5 years they pay you what you paid for it. We are in the latter category with our 9 year old coach, so after payoff to financial company we get what is left over and had it been paid off we would have received the full amount - no depreciation. Other companies offer the same, or GAP. Worth the extra. Our new coach will be a new used coach so we will only have what we paid for it replacement. Worth it to us. We no longer own a motorhome but that will be short lived and only a week or two away - searching, searching, searching.
  18. Uncomfortable Class A Captain Chairs

    Donations come to mind as I'm without right now.
  19. State Farm vs Progressive Insurance

    We have had progressive for 10 years. Two years ago we had a hail claim and Progressive out out $19,000 for repairs. My deductible is $250. This year Harvey flooded the area where my MH was located. They totaled it and although I have not seen the money yet it is going to be more than I ever expected. My next MH will be through Progressive.
  20. Allied Insurance

    If you are not "at fault" it should do nothing to your insurance, the other persons insurance should pay for it...Who got ticketed as driver #2?
  21. Camp Freightliner

    Punxsy, they have them at the Freightliner Camp in South Carolina (Gafney, SC) Some info here on https://www.fcccrv.com/owners/camp-freightliner/#camp-freightliner-overview-2 Well worth the visit and a good check up while there.
  22. Michelin FMCA Dealers In Houston

    MacRee Ford, I-45S in Dickinson. TX was flooded real bad and they said they were going to crush all their cars and trucks. I'll tell you that there were hundreds of vehicles on that big lot. Hey, once South of the Border they will be straightened out and sent back to US. (Notice not an abbreviation)
  23. Towing a 2011 Ford Edge AWD

    Okay, something is going astray here. I have a 2013 Lincoln MKX and it is an edge in nicer clothing. I also looked up the 2011 AWD Edge and the manual states that it is towable 4 down. (FWD Also) Here is a link to the manual: 2011 Edge Go to page 242 for towing information. Loybern, if you call Ford HQ and ask to speak to an engineer they will give you the most recent scoop. I'd go with the manual if it is the right manual. (I'd tow) p.s., forgot to mention: Manual states to start it at each fuel stop. I don't think they took into consideration how long an RV can travel before fueling up. With that said I was having a weak battery and could not start the car after stopping for the night. I carried a battery charger with me and I would hook it up when I stopped and then go about my business of hooking up the MH. When I was finished doing that the car would start. Eventually what I would do is stop about every 2 hours, which also allows me to stretch, potty etc. and go out and start the car. I'd let it run for 5 minutes then go through the procedures of preparation for towing. In my case that would be to shift into Drive, then Neutral, then Reverse and then back to Neutral. Place the (push button start) into accessories mode. At that time I would turn off my display center. Since stopping and starting every 2 hours (or so) I have not had a problem with battery drain.
  24. Bus Conversons & RV Parks

    Coburg, OR - Stay at Armitage RV Park a county run park with FHU. You need to register on-line as drive in can only stay 2 days on space available. the park is about 1 mile from Marathon, Cumming. and Freighliner. Nightly cost is about $25 p.s., it is in Coburg but listed as Eugene Here is their web site: Lane County Parks