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  1. Computer Use While Traveling

    I have a Virgin Mobile prepaid Data plan. 5GB/mo on 3G for $50 and unlimited 4G data. It works off of the Sprint Network, so decent coverage. The hot spot was about $100 and I can connect up to 5 devices at a time to it.
  2. JACK Digital HDTV Antenna By King Controls

    I installed the Jack on my old Pop-up and loved it so much that we just installed the Jack on my Falcon. It is a relativly easy job and well worth it, I especially like that I don't have to remember to crank it down.
  3. New Members, Roadtrek Owner

    Hello and welcome from another "B" owner. I don't have a Roadtrek but last weekend did a joint rally between my FMCA Chapter (Constitution Cruisers) and the Roadtrek International Chapter. We went to a CG in Conneticut and had a great time. What kinds of questions do you have?
  4. CB Usage

    I use mine, mainly once I get out of New England. It has proved to be useful several times. We were traveling in the "car lane" one time in NJ I think, taking the car for the weekend, and they came over and told us about an accident that had that lane closed. We switched to the Truck side of the highway and missed the accident completely. Another time we were pulling our old Pop-up and ending up chatting with a guy in Ford Expedition, the traffic was building up and he lead us around all of the traffic. It can be useful, if you can stomach the rest of the BS on there.
  5. Storing Roadtrek For Winter

    Should you put the Stabil in before you fill up? Or would you fill up, add it at the gas station and drive home....?
  6. Type B Chapter?

    Paul, Thanks for reaching out on this. I don't have many folks I know that camp in Bs. I was hoping to find a group of people with similar motorhomes so that we may learn from each other. I have reached out to a couple of other chapters through the information request tool and would like to visit with them and see if they would be a good fit.
  7. Frustrated ... Looking for Younger RVers

    Friends of ours live in Chesire! I did keep my parents number, I told my mother that I was taking Appreciate the off and if we ever find ourselves in CO we will give you a shout.
  8. Frustrated ... Looking for Younger RVers

    Appreciate the encouragement. I bought my coach from a private party so I feel that the dealer options not feaseable. I would like to find some younger folks though. Open call to any younger, or young at heart, folks in New England...? Anyone...?
  9. Type B Chapter?

    Hi, My wife and I recently purchased a Type B (Intervec Falcon 190) and while we belong to a chapter, it would be nice to camp with people our own size once in a while. I am aware of the Roadtrek chapter, but we don't have a Roadtrek. Are there other Bs in the New England Area? - Ben
  10. Hello All, I grew up with FMCA and recently my wife and I purchased a Type B Motorhome and joined FMCA ourselves. I enjoy the forums, and I enjoy the companionship while Rving. We belong to a chapter, and while great people, they are nowhere near our age...I can't seem to find a group of folks in our age group for us to camp with. This is more of a rant and not much else, but thought I would get it out of my system. -Ben By the way, I am 28 and my wife is 26, we have been married 6 years and have had 3 pop-ups before purchasing the van.
  11. Brief campground report

    We like Pohick Bay Regional Park in Lorton., VA. Same folks that run Bull Run, very very friendly. I haven't stayed at Boston Minuteman since it was a KOA....long while ago. Same thing with Peter's Pond. They used to be a private CG now they are operated by Morgan RV Resorts and we have stayed in quite a few Morgans...never had an issue with the individual Resorts, however, thier reservation system and main office leave a lot to be desired...Thanks for sharing and safe travels!
  12. Open Letter to FMCA

    I am a "new" member to FMCA. I camped with FMCA as a kid with my folks, and I just joined a chapter that they belong to. I am young..not even 30 yet, with no children. I am married and I camp with a dog. I went to a chapter campout, and while everyone was very nice and social, it isn't my crowd. At 8:00 the fire was out and everyone was inside watching TV....I can watch TV at home...I was without a doubt the youngest person there. I bought a Class "B" for the reason that I grew up Motorhoming, and I wanted to get back into it, within my budget. I owned 3 pop-ups prior to. I belong to a Pop-up group, still, and we do a rally a month usually. It doesn't matter what you camp in there, and everyone goes out of their way to make you feel welcome, not like FMCA. I have sent for information on a chapter that may be closer to my interests, but I have not yet heard back...not the way to get folks to stick around. Just my 2cents.
  13. Type B Premiere Forum

    We are brand new to the "B" world. We bought a 1992 Intervec Falcon and I hope to have it out RVing here shortly.
  14. Our First Motorhome

    We just purchased a 1992 Intervec Falcon 190. I am in the process of testing and fixing systems as well as doing a little redecorating. I will post pictures and information on here if you would like to follow along.
  15. Are You A Veteran?

    Ben French USA 2002-2010 E-5 Sergeant 74D CBRNE Operations ('02-06) 42A Human Resources Specialist ('07-'10) Homeland Defense