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  1. Inverter Recommendations

    This is written somewhere as I have read it. What this restriction will do is play havoc with the towables that do not have nor want a mounted generator. Is this a "shoot yourself in the foot" thing?
  2. Mail Forwarding Service

    Not sure why FMCA went away from Dakota Post. I have been with them since they bought Alternative Resources and have had zero problems with service. It is a PITA to change services if you are a full timer so I'll stay with Dakota Post for the immediate future
  3. Heading to Indio Wednesday

    Last night, it rained most of the night. Today it was overcast in the morning, cleared up a bit and then overcast this afternoon. The wind came up for a bit, gusts up to 35 but has now calmed down. For the rest of the week, temps are expected to be a low of 52 with highs of the high 60's to low 70's
  4. Paint Checking: 2005 Monaco Executive

    Bill, I find it interesting that according to you these checks are bad paint. Why would so many cases of "bad paint" be found on different brands of motorhomes? I would like to believe you are correct as it would save a bunch of people a bunch of money. The worst case I have ever seen was on a high end Travel Supreme. The checking couls be seen from 20 feet away.
  5. Paint Checking: 2005 Monaco Executive

    A friend of mine has checking on the rear cap of his Monaco. We were in Mexico and he inquired of the local body shop guy about repainting to get rid of the checking. Chuey told him that yes he could repaint but it would be back in a couple of years. Now, when you get a body shop guy in Mexico say he can't fix it....................... I had three different shops look at mine and all said it couldn't be fixed with just paint. So, with the Tiffin, it might take a year or two to see what happens.
  6. Paint Checking: 2005 Monaco Executive

    The checking is in the gel coat, not the paint and it is most always in the darker colors. If it was paint, it would be flaking off. I have talked to a number of paint shops and all of them have different methods of repair. One is to grind out the areas of checking, put in filler and then re gel coat, then paint. Problem is the filler will eventually fall out as it is a thin layer. Next way to fix it is to reskin the entire side with new glass and paint. I have seen the checking on all brands of coaches, Country Coach, Beaver, Monaco, Foretravel, etc. I have even seen it on trailers. A couple of was to deal with it, one is to sell the coach and the other is to live with it. My checking is very slight and you have to get up within two feet to see it. One estimate I had to repair it was $29,000 which ain't gonna happen. This was for a grind it out and fill in
  7. Carl is correct. Before it goes on the Gillette agenda, the proposed items will have to go to the constitution&bylaws committee and then to the executive board for their recomendations
  8. Tax Code Reform

    You mean the AF gave you guys a tooth brush?
  9. One Member One Vote

    So.....each ND gets 300 members to vote for, correct? What happens if 100 want to vote no and 200 want to vote yes? You going to split the votes? How?
  10. Just signed up. I do hope the new site is faster than the curre.....zzzzzzzz, oh excuse me, I dropped off there for a minute. The current site is slower than dirt. Maybe FMCA should have spent a few more bucks on our site that Rvillage I really don't like being sent to another survey from the survey monkey site, get rid of it.
  11. Anybody Going To QuartzFest?

    No Carl, I will be in Mexico during the Perry happenings but we are going to Tucson . Things are going fine in the PNW. Our rally at the Mill Casino in June is moving along great. Looks like we might have a number of the ex board coming. This will be Kathie's last rodeo so we are planning a good rally. After that, we are headed towards Gillette. Last time we headed to Gillette we were going to spend the night in a WallyMart lot. Unhooked the Jeep and Barb got her foot stuck in between the brake and go pedal. Backed up and T-boned a van full of homeless people. More of the story another time, it turned out ok tho.
  12. Anybody Going To QuartzFest?

    I'll be there Don KF6NSU
  13. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    I hear what you are saying but it does lead to some confusion. The governing board (the voting body) is comprised of one delegate from each chapter be it the national director, alternate director, president, or a designated delegate elected by the chapter. A delegate can be appointed by the chapter president in case of a short notice of the unavailability of the normal delegate. Each chapter should pol the membership on a voting issue and direct the person attending the GB meeting to vote the way the majority of the chapter membership directs. If you belong to more than one chapter, yes you can vote in those chapters. It probably won't mean anything in the long run as it is a majority of that chapter. There is no way for the chapter to determine how its representative voted with the exception of voting for national officers. Each paper ballot has a number on it and those are recorded in the name of the chapter. Only the president of that chapter can find out how the club representative voted for for the national officers. The only time individual members get to vote is in the situation we just had. Members got to vote for changes to the articles of incorporation and the constitution. The governing board votes for changes to the bylaws
  14. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    "Delegates will be elected or appointed by each geographic region. " Who will appoint? The executive board, the existing governing board, the president? Are you kidding me? I don't think you will find any GB member that would vote for this. Are you able to get this before the GB in Gillette?
  15. People need to spend some time with the book of Policy & Procedures before they say it would/can't ever happen. Some P&Ps are GB approval and some are EB approval. It wouldn't be any problem for the EB to change a P&P and then your chapter would have to let a trailer into your "branded chapter".