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  1. 2017 Thor 35SD

    Yes there must be something else on that circuit. Un plug the refrigerator and check the outlet for power. Bill
  2. 2017 Thor 35SD

    What is code E05 ? What does your owners manual say? Bill
  3. Jacks

    What does your manual say? Bill
  4. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    Well I wonder if the K&N filters are as good as some think, why hasn't K&N run them on a ISO 5011certified test bead and publish the results? Why because the K&N filters let to much dirt past the filter. If you do a little research you will see the stock filter flows more air than your engine can use at WOT. So where is the benefit? Bill
  5. New Spell Checker

    No coment as it looked goos to me. Bill
  6. Are you going to have it in time for 6 State? Bill
  7. Tandem Dolly

    I have seen a couple of those. I wonder how far they "off track" behind the coach? It definitely makes for a long rig. Bill
  8. Recommendation For State To Title A New Country Coach

    Not unless they are commercial. Like Herman said, you will be in deep dodo if you are caught being licensed as commercial and not following ALL the requirements. Bill
  9. Sway Bar Bushings

    You guys are trying to make me think this morning. I just sanded the bushings down there is a step in one side about .300 thick. I used a 2" sanding disk in my right angle dotco. You could use a sanding disk in your drillmoter. Hold the bushings with some vicegrips or plyers. The links are threaded on each end and have a shoulder to hold the washer. Look carefully as on end is longer and should be marked. Why do you think you need replacement links? Bill
  10. Sway Bar Bushings

    Just the front as far as I know. The big bushings are seldom a problem. I was under my coach last week and my big bushings still look good. Bill
  11. Recommendation For State To Title A New Country Coach

    Are you talking about a new to you CC? Where do you live? I favor Texas. Bill
  12. Sway Bar Bushings

    Roland, it is a easy project. As far as how tight I tried to get them so they swelled up a little (see in the pictures. You need at least 1-3 threads through the end of the nut. All you need to replace are the bushings. I did not change the big ones that hold the bushing to the frame as they were ok. I sprayed a little oil in them so they move. I might do that at some point in the future. Read what I said in the other post about the markings on the end links. http://community.fmca.com/topic/8004-sway-bar-bushings-bad/ It made a defiant improvement. Let me know if you have any questions. Bill
  13. RV Antifreeze Color Pink or Blue?

    What do you mean, you read the manual??? Bill
  14. American Guardian

    Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your problems. This is a perfect example of why I self insure for repairs. It is to bad it had to happen to you. Bill