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    Have a nice day. Bill
  2. Yep, just north west of Denver. https://www.nps.gov/romo/index.htm Bill
  3. Lippert autoleveling jacks

    Good let us know how it works out. If you put your coach in your signature it will save having remember to type it when asking questions. Bill
  4. Lippert autoleveling jacks

    Welcome to the forum. If you add your coach and other information to your signature it will help to get good answers. So what do you have? Make Model Year? The fluid should not be all that forceful returning to the reservoir as it is the springs pushing the fluid out of the jacks. Do like others have said get it level and check the fluid level. I would look and see if it has a gasket on the fill plug?I don't remember if my plug has one or not right now. Also look for damage to the sealing surface that may cause a leak. I run my fluid at where it just runs out with the plug out. Bill

    We travel too much to do that. You need to explain how that is a problem? You drop the coach at PPL and you go travel and they do the work of selling it? Is this like what you are looking for it looks like a nice upgrade. http://motorhomesoftexas.com/coachrv/foretravel/2009--phenix--45--P1277 Bill
  6. Additional Full Timers Forums/Clubs

    Joe S, I think theTTpark you described is one of the better ones. barbaraok, Welcome to the forum. I bought a "one year" Zone pass a couple of years ago, they added a second zone as a "bonus". North West Zone includes 9 states 18 campgrounds; 7 states have no campgrounds. Only Oregon and Washington have camp grounds. Saying you have a zone that covers 9 states sounds good but it is actually only 2 states have any campgrounds you can use. South west zone includes 6 states 18 campgrounds 3 states don’t have a campground and Nevada and Arizona have one each. The one that I stayed at in Arizona was an Encore Property and was one of the better places. We were parked on a big flat parking lot with hookups. It is primarily for snowbirds and is 90-95% permanent park model type structures. I will say this it was one of the only places that had a readymade package of information about the area and some coupons for local attractions. Just be aware there are lots of rules they don't like to talk about when they are trying to sell you. Like, campers who stay at any Thousand Trails campground for more than four consecutive nights must wait at least one week before camping at another resort in the chain. Bill
  7. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    If you can drive around in New England you can drive anywhere. I towed a toad on a dolly for a couple of years, once you have gone the first couple of blocks you will have to look in the rear view camera to see/make shure the dolly is there. It is not that hard. Bill
  8. 2001 Safari sway bar mounts

    Welcome to the forum. Pictures would help. Bill
  9. Mount Ranier Campgrounds

    I haven't camped there but I would get and use RVParkey https://www.rvparky.com/ and RV Park reviews to get an idea of what is available. http://www.rvparkreviews.com/ Bill
  10. Tools Needed for Full-Timing

    My little residential refrigerator holds more than the stock one makes ice better than the original, keeps the ice cream solid and has not been turned off since I put it in last year. No extra batteries and just plugged it into my inverter. I am having a hard time finding any down side. Bill
  11. Gorilla Glass for Jeeps

    Gorilla Glass is a brand of specialized toughened glass developed and manufactured by Corning, now in its fifth generation, designed to be thin, light and damage-resistant. Bill

    You might do better selling it through ppl.com. Bill
  13. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    Yes I was in the area last summer. We stayed up at Newfound Lake. Driving with the toad is not as hard as you might think. Yes I was trying to say it will take longer because you can't drive as fast as in your car. You can do it!! Bill
  14. Monaco Hydraulic Reservoir

    I don't know on your coach but try this open the doors and have someone operate the jacks and you listen for the pump. The hydraulic reservoir will be close to the pump. once you fill it operate the jacks 3-4 times and re check the level. Bill
  15. Join the Lone Star Chapter

    Here is the website for Lone Star Chapter. http://www.lonestarchapter.net/ClubLinks/RallyDates.html If you don't see something that interest you look at The Red River Rovers website. http://www.redriverrovers.com/rally.html You missed the Bounder Rally we just had in Mar. We have one scheduled for June. http://www.txlsb.com/index.php?p=1_36_Rally-Schedule-2018 Bill