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  1. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    Jim, there are 2 kinds of people with toads. Those who have had to disconnect and those who will have to disconnect. Some times you can do everything right and still get in a situation you need to unhook to maneuver. Fortunately it only takes a short time to do it. Bill
  2. I agree. This summer coming south crossed using the Tappan Z. The good part is there is no toll going south. They are getting closer to finishing the new bridge that runs parallel. I haven't looked it up whether it is a duplicate for more capacity or to replace the old bridge?
  3. Suggestions on Yellowstone/Tetons Campground

    We stayed outside the park. as we were poking around in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest as well as Yellowstone. Buffalo Run RV Park & Cabins, 3402 US-20, Island Park, ID 83429 buffalorunrvpark.com, (208) 558-7112 With any major attraction the sooner you make reservations the better. Bill
  4. Starting Cummins Generator During Winter Storage

    I use a couple of electric heaters and for more load the pre heat on the convection oven and or a hair dryer. Do you have electric heat strips in your AC units? Bill
  5. We appreciate your input, don't be a stranger. We do the same thing I like having a big map to see the overview and use CO-Pilot and Google maps for my navigation but like to check the route on a bigger format map. Not understanding the rout got me on the Georg Washington Bridge once and that was enough. Bill
  6. Air Bags Replacement

    Hay, I am good at finding work for you. I can keep you busy all winter. Bill
  7. Air Bags Replacement

    Paul, I would spray every connection down with leak check . It might not be the bag leaking. Bill
  8. Register Your Tires

    "I think I'll use my time being more concerned if they really used pink air in my tires." I hate to tell you but Pink was recalled and the only official color is Green. Bill
  9. How Do MH Engine Batteries Receive Their Charge?

    Yes, like Brett said the tined and sealed cabling will outlast the non tined welding cable. Hearer is one source. http://www.bestboatwire.com/ Bill
  10. Holding Tank Indicators Have Gone Blank

    Welcome to the forum. Make shure you have 12V power to the panel. Bill
  11. Exterior Sealers: 1999 Fleetwood

    The key to good results with any sealant is surface prep. You have to get all the old sealant off and clean. I use as atone as my final step. Bill
  12. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    Jim, I think he found the problem. If I need to replace my residential refrigerator 5 times in the next 10 years it will still be cheaper than replacing with a new Domectic or Norcold once. Bill
  13. Where is the Fuse??

    I have to thank Herman for stepping up and taking on that job and all the headaches that go with it. Bill
  14. How Low Can You Go (With A Drop Hitch)?

    Carl, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new Bounder. I used a setup very much like yours when I was towing a dolly. It looks low and should drag but didn't have a problem. You need to pay attention to steep ditches or curbs and not hit them square but at an angle like others have posted. Have fun on your trip and keep us updated. Have you looked at Bounders of America? There may be a chapter near you. http://www.bounder.org/ Bill
  15. Using a LLC in Montania... Does It Work Well?

    Welcome to the forum. When some one ask a question but never post a follow up, It is always good to get feed back on whether a answer was helpful. Bill