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  1. Changing Tire Sizes, Pros vs. Cons

    Hear is a link. https://coach-net.com/Products/Hazard-Protect Bill
  2. ChuckConnie

    Most need the pedal to be moved up or down. The sprayer hose tees in after the water valve. Bill
  3. Changing Tire Sizes, Pros vs. Cons

    Has anyone had experience with the new tire program Coach Net is offering? If it is as good as the road side assistance it may be a viable option. Bill
  4. Towing Package Design For 2009 Honda Civic

    "I am not dismissing your advice as yet." Quite frankly I Don't care if you dismiss my advise as I don't have to pay for your repairs. Bill
  5. Towing Package Design For 2009 Honda Civic

    Welcome to the forum. Here is what Remco has to say. http://www.remcoindustries.com/Towing/Store.php I have a 2012 Civic and there is NO way to make it towable 4 down. I used a dolly. Now I have a CRV all wheel drive that can be towed 4 down but not on a dolly. Bill
  6. Benefits Of Tow Dolly Over 4 Tires On The Ground?

    I would trade the one I couldn't tow in on one I could tow. I am much happier having one I can tow 4 down. I have watched and actually helped people trying to move a car trailer. It isn't fun when you don't have room at your site or the campground won't let you keep it at your site. Bill
  7. Benefits Of Tow Dolly Over 4 Tires On The Ground?

    The main benefit is the ability to tow a car that otherwise couldn't be towed 4 down. You need to check the manual carefully to see if it can be towed on a dolly or 4 down. Look at the FMCA towing guide. You can allso look at Remco.com to see if they make adapters make a car towable (lube pump or disconects). I used a tow dolly for a couple of years then bought my current car that can be towed 4 down. I prefer towing 4 down but would use a dolly if that was the only way to take a car with me. I WOULD NEVER TRAVEL WITHOUT A TOAD!!!! The weight restrictions are based on what your coach is rated to tow and your hitch restrictions. Obviously the lighter the better with in reason. Bill
  8. Mapping/Navigation using Laptop w/Windows 10

    I use Copilot. You can download the maps for the area you are traveling in when you have wifi and it doesn't use data. I have a hot spot and it is very seldom I can't get a signal Bill
  9. Honda CRV Towing

    No the towed milage does not register. Bill
  10. Incandescent to LED Bulb Replacement

    Get the numbers cast into the lense and do a google search. My headlights came from a BMW M3. Bill
  11. RV Industry Death Spiral

    If some one gave me a Provost without slides my first stop would be Texas Custom Coach to have slides put in. I can't imagine having a coach with no slides. If TCC did the work it would be better than the original. Bill
  12. Planning a Trip to Alaska

    Use your credit card not your debit. The reason is the debit will pay strait across. If the bill is $50.00 Canadian it will pay $50.00 US. With the credit card (call and tell them you are traveling to Canada so they don't shut it off) it will pay the $50.00 Canadian and then bill your account at the exchange rate. Right now it is $1.00 US = $1.30 Canadian. Bill
  13. Cummins CAPS System Redesign

    I think you are good to go. I think the factory setting is right about where I would set it. The excess gets re routed to the tank. Having enough fuel and above the minimum pressure will add to reliability. It will be interesting to see what the fuel pressure is at full throttle. Bill
  14. 1997 Rav4 towing

    Leslie, Welcome to the forum. What does the owner's manual say under towing? Bill
  15. Members Who Offer Overnight Parking

    A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Bill