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  1. That is good news. Bill
  2. I just tried this. open ed a new instance of FMCA home page the clicked on the dropdown menu for forums. This time I got to the forums but the big red message was still at the top. So progress has been made, just a little housekeeping left. Bill
  3. Well I have a problem because I still think of tubing in aircraft terms. So I had to go look up how thick 12 ga was. That is some thick tubing at .109 wall thickness. I would think stainless tubing around .020- .025 would work for your application. Bill
  4. Interesting, When I go to the main FMCA site and click on "forums" it says they are down and won't let me in. I had an email notification and followed the link in the email and got in. Bill
  5. Realistically if you flush the tanks well it shouldn't be that bad. Bill
  6. Welcome to the forum. Look at this. https://thormotorcoach.com/media/documents/2006_Damon___Daybreak_Owners_Manual.pdf Bill
  7. Some people are going to go through FMCA Forum withdrawal pains again. Server Maintenance Notice We're moving ... to a new server this week. Once the process begins, the FMCA Motorhome Forums community site will not be available for 24 to 48 hours. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the site for everyone. Bill
  8. I have never heard of the poo police chasing anyone down. Just so you know if you do develop a leak it is fairly easy to replace the dump valve. This is (obviously) after you dump at an approved location and flush the tank. Bill
  9. I would go with stainless if available. Just make the tubing a little longer and you probably won't have a problem. Check with any local tubing shop they may have a tool to roll the rib in. Bill
  10. One activity we had did at the FMCA 6 State rally in Shawnee Ok. was a Chapter fair. All the chapters had "booths" to talk about the activities that they participate in, the rallies they have planned and to recruit new members. This is a fun activity and allows you to visit with many chapters and clubs. Bill
  11. Ok my bad I missed the link to the super lube.
  12. I have seen it!!!! Some things you just can't un see. Bill
  13. I know about oil bath hubs as I am running them and did my first change this year and went to Royal Purple oil,they didn't have mobil 1 in stock. Look at the Sta-Lube wheel bearing grease for boat trailers it does a good job of not washing away. I am talking about using it at work. I like and use the Mobile One synthetic. Bill
  14. I don't know what grease you are using at the shop but I have had good luck with Sta-Lube both for general use the moly graph lithium grease is a good general purpose and the wheel bearing grease really does stay in the bearings better. I think the graph lithium grease may work for your problem with the lift gates. Bill
  15. We have stayed at Nashville Jellystone Park, 2572 Music Valley Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, nashvillejellystone.com, (615) 889-4225 Great location for exploring Bill