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  1. On my little 5.9 the hose for the air compressor comes off the 90* elbow just at the intake not before the turbo. There is a possibility of moving the air intake for the compressor further upstream from where you might install the propane injector. I seriously doubt it would backflow very far against the intake charge. One outher thing on my engine they show to drill into the intake on the short piece just before the casting. Well I have had that apart and it has a convoluted inner liner to diffuse the EGR gases going into the intake charge. Bill
  2. I like my Brake Buddy because I got it used and cheap. By the way welcome to the forum. I don't have a protective shield and can't point to any damage caused by towing. Bill
  3. We were south west of Indianapolis never saw a thing, to many dark storm clouds. Bill
  4. That's fine and I definitely understand having health concerns. But that is only a small number of people. I just don't see the point of having a mobile condo and staying put. Bill
  5. From Washington State University web site http://postharvest.tfrec.wsu.edu/pages/N6I1A "The limit of gas to air ratios between which explosions can occur, are expressed as lower explosive limit (LEL) and upper explosive limit (UEL). Outside of these limits there is no danger of explosion. For propane they are 2.2% (LEL) and 9.5% (UEL). This means that if there is less than 2.2% propane in a room, there is not enough fuel to explode, or if there is above 9.5% propane in a room, there is not enough oxygen present to allow an explosion." So it might be that the ratio would be to low too be a problem, Interesting. Bill
  6. Ok I have read a bunch of people who are looking for that one place to spend the winter season. My question is WHY? I just don't understand the fascination of going to one spot and spending the whole winter season in one spot when you have a "motorhome". I can understand back in the day when you rented a place for the season. When you drove your car South for the season. Now you have the luxury of a mobile condo and you go set in one place. Bill
  7. Well some people have a thing for wilted lettuce and warm dressing. Some even like warm potato salad. Bill
  8. The good news is they are fairly easy to change. Bill
  9. I know what you mean. Just follow the directions of the parkers and you might get the other side re painted. Bill
  10. I run it in every tank. I like it for the cetane boost and keeping everything clean. The fact it provides some lubricity doesn't hurt and yes I run more than the minimum mix. Carl, try running about +50% of the recommended dosage and see what you get. Bill
  11. Yep love that free camping. I was sitting out watching the Buffalo. Just got back from eating at the Red Onion in Joplin. Really good. Bill
  12. I was just past it yesterday, 377 at I-40. At the Bar H travel plaza. Bill
  13. They just don't last like they use to. Bill
  14. That is about what my Continentals cost. Base price $418.00 + mounting and balancing + taxes + disposal. So far they ride great, In Joplin tonight. Bill
  15. Joe, that is pretty common. Most people don't ever "exercise them" or try to open them and they are stuck when they need them. One more thing for the annual maintenance list. Bill