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  1. Roadway Conditions - List Of Worst In U.S.

    You often hear people rave about the roads in Europe. The problem is we do not require the same level of quality here. In Europe under some contracts the contractor must maintain the road for say 5 years or more. So he will use better quality products and better building methods when he does his bid on the job. Some would only add a small increase in cost per mile. Here the jobs must be let to the lowest bid and they don't have any responsibility to repair them if they fall apart the day after they finish. When you add in the fact that the Federal government does not return the majority of the money collected in gas taxes this adds to the problem. I think a small $.10 increase would, if it really was applied to road repair would make a big difference and wouldn't be noticeable at the pump. Tom, you are right about I-40-- was on it last week. It is kind of scary to see the sign for rough road when what you are already on is pretty rough. There were a couple of sections that they had re done that were not to bad. Just drove from Barstow to Amarillo. Bill
  2. Gasoline In Generator Crankcase: Onan 5500

    Hear is my SWAG. There is enough fuel pressure to overcome the float/needle valve and letting fuel to run into the cylinders and into the crankcase. Perhaps the electric fuel pump isn't shutting off or you are getting some kind of pressure from the RV system. Bill
  3. Mt. Desert Island, Maine/Acadia NP CG

    Glad you are having a good time. Bill
  4. What Email Service Do You Use?

    The problem with getting a more secure email account is the same as when you closed your cable account, once you stop paying it will be closed to you and any information in it. I haven't had any problems with Yahoo or Gmail. The benefit is you will always have that email address. As you know with the cable account once you close it now you have to tell all your contacts what your new address is (kind of like moving) and most third party accounts are just a layer over top of Yahoo or Gmail. Here is a more secure site you might want to look at. https://www.reagan.com/?gclid=CjwKEAjwuo--BRDDws3x65LL7h8SJABEDuFRFjH4qIIntSFbGcHN0DSA1q3iaL-KYymz_Is3l3w8KRoCN-Lw_wcB Bill
  5. Looking for Michelin 12R 22.5 Tires

    Lets hope you got your coach fixed too. Bill
  6. East From Moab

    If you are wanting to get home quick I would take Route 76 to Route 80 then East to 90. As you know I-90= The Mass Turnpike West. Bill
  7. Pinstripe & A Good Wash

    The reason I said 10 years old is after that it is hard to get financing. Speed wise on the flats not much different. The problem is it is hard to compare a gas coach to diesel as the diesel will weigh more than the gas coach and have bigger tanks, fresh water, grey and black. I travel at 65-68 much faster and mileage gets pretty bad. You should also know most 22.5 tires are only speed rated for 75 some only 65. When looking make sure you check the date codes on the tiers. You can have lots of tread on a old tier. You ought to add replacing all the tiers if they are more than 7 years old (can be a negotiating point). Bill
  8. 2002 Alfa Owners Manual

    Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your new coach. If you add it to your signature it will help to get you better answers to questions. Bill
  9. Pinstripe & A Good Wash

    I would start by looking at the websites that Herman and I posted. You will get a better idea of what coaches are selling for. I would be looking at coaches less than 10 years old. Bill
  10. Towing 2012 Chrysler Town & Country

    I think it can be done quite a bit cheaper than $5000. Bill
  11. Air Bag Fails To Fully Inflate

    Herman it is 61 this morning in ABQ. Bill
  12. Seeking Thoughts on Buying 1994 Allegro Bus

    So what is your point Rodger? What does the cost of a Jag have to do with buying an older RV? I could buy a new Bentley Bentayga for a toad but what does that have to do with financing a 10 year old or older coach? Bill
  13. 96" Mud Flap

    I am still inclined to believe that the big mud flaps are put on for cosmetic reasons and are detrimental to protecting the toad. They create a low pressure vortex behind it causing more dirt and debris to be directed into the path of the toad. I have been watching different coaches as they go down the road and watched one pull out today that even aired up it dragged in the gravel. I think it would take some time in a wind tunnel to prove disprove it works to protect the toad or adds to cooling of a rear radiator coach. I think the barriers that run parallel under the tow bar may work better. Bill
  14. Riverpark Infotainment GPS

    Go read my earlier post. They also have RV specific program but I haven't tried it. Bill
  15. Six State Rally

    Well I will be there. Bill