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  1. Preferred Supplemental Brake System

    Depends if you need new. I found a Brake Buddy and a tow bar used for $450.00. I would recommend getting a new base plate. Till the BB quits it is the best. Bill
  2. Whats Cooking, Who Is Where, Off The Subject & Memories

    I am having aqua hot envy. Bill
  3. New Front Tires

    Hi Cruiser56. Welcome to the forum. Why not look at the Continental program? I went that way and saved over $100.00 on the Continentals over the discount on the Michelin tires. You can read the post further down in tires. If you have any questions just ask. Bill
  4. Bedroom TV Upgrade

    Carl, are you trying to get him hurt? Don't say anything about her shoes. Stay on topic and talk about the TV.Bill
  5. Tiffin 32 Diesel Pusher

    Exhalent coach, What is the first trip you have planed? Where are you located? Now you need to add your new coach to your signature. Bill
  6. Tiffin 32 Diesel Pusher

    Perry, welcome to the forum. Well, now you have a better idea of what you need and want. What have you been looking at as a upgrade? Bill
  7. Monaco/Roadmaster Coolant Surge Bottle Cap

    Check your hose clamps the one closest in the bottom picture looks loose. Bill
  8. Upgrading Suspensions F53 Chassis

    Steve, Welcome to the forum. Glad it fixed the problem. Bill
  9. Hwy 78 Columbus MT To Red Lodge MT

    No actually the roads I commented on are almost the same length to the same place. I looked at the roads on Google Earth and they look to be almost the same (Montana 2 lane road) and in about the same condition where I looked. I was asking to see if the OP or some one had a reason to choose one over the other, road construction, bad bridge. low bridge or better Dinner, some other thing that would contribute to making the choice. Bill
  10. Monaco/Roadmaster Coolant Surge Bottle Cap

    Carl.....Gremlin Police? Bill
  11. Hwy 78 Columbus MT To Red Lodge MT

    Any particular reason for taking this road? 421 to 212 in Joliet is another way. Both look about the same. Bill
  12. What Constitutes Excess Idling?

    I agree, revving a cold engine is not a good thing. I do find that by the time you get ready, air bags up and idle out of the camp ground it is warm enough. I still go easy on the wide open throttle till it is completely warm. "it will still be another 2-3 minutes before turbo fully kicks in, so be carful when merging into traffic!" Carl, Not understanding as my turbo will produce boost from start up if the RPM is over idle. Bill
  13. What Constitutes Excess Idling?

    I think a quality EGT gage is a good investment as EGT temps react much quicker than your water tempetures. Bill
  14. Atwood Water Heater Dead

    Glad you found the problem. Bill
  15. Atwood Water Heater Dead

    I would start with the electric side. Do you have power to the outlet the electric heating unit connects to? If not find the circuit breaker for that outlet. Did you check the fuse? on the circuit board? Make shure you have 12V going into the control circuit board. Have you checked that ALL the switches are on. Try turning the switch in the front electrical information panel off and back on and see if you can hear it spark. Bill
  16. What Constitutes Excess Idling?

    Jim, I feel the place where it can cause the most damage and be damaging to your engine is on start up. The big problem is your diesel won't warm up at low idle. I have made it a practice to go to fast idle as soon as I have good oil pressure on the gage + 10-15 sec ( I want to be shure I have good oil pressure at the turbo). The problem is at low idle your engine is not burning all the fuel. You can have problems with fuel washing down the cylinder walls and contaminating the oil. Fast idle produces a little boost and will do a better job of burning all the fuel. When shutting down I watch the EGT gage and let it get down to around 425 deg. before I shut down. The time this takes has lots of variables. from how hot it is out to were you climbing a hill when you pulled into the rest area/campground. I don't think you will have problems with fuel washing down the cylinder walls because it is at operating temperature. The cool down is more to protect the turbo so once your EGT's drop you should be good. The problem with shutting it down when the EGT's at high is it can "coak" (think burn) the oil in the turbo and plug the oil passages. Protecting the turbo is one reason I run a synthetic oil like Shell Rotella T-6. Bill
  17. Wind Sensor Cups

    I don't know why you need a special cup to see if it is blowing. When the wind blows the foam off my red Solo cup I know it is time to put the awning in. Bill
  18. HEEELLLPP! Tire overload!

    The only thing I will add is when you get the alignment done get an all wheel alignment. Bill
  19. CG Recommendation: Kansas City Area

    Yes, Campus is a real gem. We have strayed there when visiting the Harry S Truman home and Library. Bill
  20. Towing Lights

    When I bought my 22014 CRV I had the dealer install separate LED lights. That way there could be no problems with any warranty because I had "modified the electrical system. This has worked well. Bill
  21. Oil Additives For Cat 3126E??

    I would start using Diesel Kleen to keep the new injectors clean. Bill
  22. CG Recommendation: Kansas City Area

    I would look at some of the casino's in the area. Get the app Casino RV Parks. Bill
  23. Trip Planning

    With all the tools available I don't see the need for another redundant "trip planner". Bill
  24. 10 Year Age Rule In RV Campgrounds

    What are you looking at? By the way welcome to the forum. Bill
  25. 10 Year Age Rule In RV Campgrounds

    What park?