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  1. Diesel Smell In Bedroom

    To go with what Kay said I would look in the yellow pages for a company that does restoration/clean up after spills. You did tell the place that messed it up they need to get it cleaned up. Bill
  2. Removable Awning?

    Richard, This is one of those things you have to decide. I am not of the bus conversion crowd and don't know the rules. If you were a bus collector maybe it would be a bad idea to change anything on the outside. Personally I would do whatever mods made it better for me. By the way I found some pictures of your bus on the web. Nice looking bus. What I also found were a fair number of bus conversions with awnings. Bill
  3. Winter Storage in Alabama

    Yep, RAYIN dragged it up and I never looked. Bill
  4. Winter Storage in Alabama

    Welcome to the forum. Most RV parks have a storage lot. This is just a lot with no power etc. I would call around. Bill
  5. Dolly Tow A Jeep Wrangler?

    Well if you do you will be the first one I have EVER heard of doing that. No. Please restate this I don't understand what you are asking/saying. Bill
  6. Generator Problem

    That is great that it is ok. Thanks for letting us know. Bill
  7. Travel Supreme Won't Start

    Keep us informed. Did you try pressing and holding the "boost" solenoid that ties both battery banks together? Bill
  8. Fuse Keeps Blowing

    Well glad you got it fixed. Bill
  9. Suburban NT-32CD Furnace Blower Motor

    Glad it is working. Thanks for reporting back. Bill
  10. Generator Problem

    Letting it dry overnight might do the trick. When you do get it running let it run under 3/4 load for at least an hour to dry out the windings or any thing else that got wet. Bill
  11. Wet Bay Heater

    See if this is the same one. http://www.omnipro.net/picker-relays/PTRH-1A-12C-T4-X
  12. San Antonio & Fort Worth

    Yes it is still an amazing deal. I corrected the price. Bill
  13. Exhaust Brake & Lower Gearing

    Yes as Brett said it will slow and downshift as needed to get to the target gear. What can happen is if you are going to fast for it to stay in a gear it will upshift to prevent damage. Say you have down shifted to 5th and you still pick up speed it will shift up if your rpm is to hi. This is where you use the service brakes to lower your speed. I find 4th is where I am most when going down steep hills, however on a couple I had to get down to 3ed. In 3ed I have had to give it throttle because it would slow to much. Bill
  14. San Antonio & Fort Worth

    Tommy, what rout are you taking after your stop in Memphis? As you said you are new to this "RV'ing" stuff, hearer are a list of apps and websites that will make things easier and more fun. This is my starter list of apps. Here are some tools to help you plan your trip. RV Parky is a good tool to find places to stay and plan routs. http://www.rvparky.com/ Gas Buddy You can down load it from your app store. Find cheap gas and you can record your gas/fuel expenses. You can look ahead and see what the prices are where you are headed . It helps plan fuel stops. RV park reviews is a good tool to see what other people think about a place. http://www.rvparkreviews.com/ NPS you can look up things to see/points of interest. https://www.nps.gov/index.htm You can also see what campgrounds are available in the different parks. Also look at getting a pass and if you are 62 or older definitely get a Senior Pass it is a $80 Lifetime pass that covers everyone in your car. https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/passes.htm You may have to wait till you get to your first park they have a great way to record the parks you have ben to. It is called a Passport, you buy it in the visitor’s center, it kind of looks like a Passport but you add stickers and stamp the date and time you were at the park. One other thing you need is get a Passport America discount card. This is a tool to help campgrounds fill empty spots during the week or slow times. Each campground sets the time and discount but most times it is 50% and some places 3-4 days. We saved about $450.00 last year. I think I got my $44.00 back. http://www.passport-america.com/ For navigation, I highly recommend CoPilot. We have used it for several years and it does a great job. The big benefit is you can down load maps when you have Wi-Fi and it doesn’t use data. I have it on the phones and on my tablet. The tablet gives a bigger picture to see and follow. I like Yelp when on the road to see what places there are and to get reviews, see menus. Who wants to drive 2000 miles to eat the same fast food stuff you have at home. Oh Ranger, is a park locater for those hidden gems like Antelope Island in the grate Salt Lake. Rest Stops, is a good app. You might look at the apps for all the big truck stops Pilot Flying J, Loves, or get the ALLSTAYS Big Truck Stops. Hearer are a few more about the Fort Worth area. Don't miss the Long Horn Cattle drive when in the Stockyard. Yes Fort Worth has real cowboys on the city payroll and their job is to drive cattle for the city. https://www.fortworth.com/about/request-a-guide/ http://www.cowgirl.net/ The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. Is a interesting place. Hearer is a link to things in Down Town Fort Worth. https://sundancesquare.com/ That should give you something to help plan your trip. Any questions just ask. Bill
  15. Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine & Refrigerators

    I can't think of any situation where it would be good to piggy back one off the other. Bill
  16. Help Identifying Front Light Parts

    Welcome to the forum John. Unfortunately they took the lights so the OP can't reference the numbers. Hopefully someone with a 2004 Monaco Diplomat will contact him with the numbers. I am wondering if Rev Group has the old records. It would be worth a call. Bill
  17. San Antonio & Fort Worth

    Blake, you know you are retired when you say "I don't know how I ever had time to go to work." Bill
  18. Long-term Parking - Tires On Plastic Or Wood?

    Well maybe I do worry/pay a little more attention as I just forked over in excess of $3,000 for new tires. That would buy over 1100 gal of diesel or 10,000 miles of travel Now I don't regularly put any thing under them when traveling because we are not going someplace and just setting. The longest stop this summer was about 14 days. I don't think it is a big enough problem to get crazy about. Bill
  19. San Antonio & Fort Worth

    Lots of good places recommended for SA. So I will try to fill in for the Fort Worth area. By the way welcome to the forum. Are you just interested in Fort Worth or ? What do you want to see/do in the area? Cowtown RV Park, 7000 I-20 Frontage Rd, Aledo, TX 76008, cowtownrvpark.com (817) 441-7878. Is a nice park close to the West side of Fort Worth. If you are going to be interested in things in the mid City's area I would recommend The Vineyards Campground & Cabins, 1501 N Dooley St, Grapevine, TX 76051, vineyardscampground.com, (888) 329-8993. This park is more centrally located as we say North of the big airport. If you have any questions just ask. Bill
  20. Overheating Cat 330-Discovery

    I added a catch jar on my slobber tube. I used a large plastic container somewhere around 2 qt.+ drilled a hole in the cap that the hose would fit through added a hose clamp so it couldn't pull back out. You need to drill some holes around the top area (the same or more total area than the area of the ID of the OE hose) to let the pressure out and not cause any back pressure. I have rinsed it out a couple of time and don't find any large amount of oil in the bottom of the jar. Bill
  21. RV Tire Recommendation

    Welcome to the forum. Now go put some miles on them. Bill
  22. Western Canada Class C Dry Camping

    Sorry to hear bout your leg. Hope you get better soon. Bill
  23. Double Coin Tires

    Welcome to the forum. what size and what was the price? Bill
  24. Connecting/disconnecting Sewer Hoses

    Welcome to the forum. I have done a little of that old aircraften my self. Bill
  25. Overheating Cat 330-Discovery

    Welcome to the forum. Keeping the CAC and radiator clean is at least an annual project. Bill