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  1. Performance Improvments

    What if any modes have you done to your exhaust or air cleaner. Has any one added a chip to improve performance or mileage? For instance a Banks power pack system. Bill
  2. Performance Improvments

    When you slow on those long 7%+ hills try manually downshifting to raise your RPM. If you can't accelerate in a gear you need to downshift till you can. Then hold your RPM to give you near peak HP. If you don't have a Exhaust temperature gauge you are at risk of running too hot of EGT and can damage your engine. I won't have a diesel without EGT and boost gauges. Bill
  3. FMCA Perry GA 2018

    Bill, welcome to the forum. I think it would be hard to avoid the grass at Perry. I always have gone ahead and gotten the 50 amp service. Are you volunteering? I drove "handicapped golf carts" my last time. Bill

    Well 2 days ago on the way down to Gettysburg from RI I was seeing diesel at $3.35 to $3.45 Tonight Gasbuddy is showing it down to $2.95 in Pa and $2.55 Maryland. Hopefully it will drop some more by next week when I need to fill up. Bill A. I have found some Pilot /Flying J stations to be at the going local price while some are higher. If they are at the going price or a couple cents higher I will use them because they are easy. Bill
  5. Warm Winter Destinations

    Welcome to to forum. If you put your coach and location in your signature you will get better answers. I agree with Brett, it depends on what you are looking for. Bill
  6. Newbies Just Lucky to be Here!

    Welcome to the forum, nice coach. Bill
  7. All the nay sayers make me laugh. What is going to change? What makes you so sure there are hoards of people waiting to join? It will probably be years after you are dead before there is any big change if ever. All the people saying I QUIT before any change are laughable. Nothing has changed yet but I am going to take my ball and go home. Why don't you put some effort in building chapters in your image. Bill
  8. No Signatures Displayed

    Why are no signature displayed now? I checked my settings and yes I still have one in my profile. I can see no other signatures either. Bill
  9. Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine & Refrigerators

    Crossed South bound on the Tappan Z about 4 hours ago and my little Kenmore was making ice all the way pluged into my modified sine wave inverter. Bill
  10. No Signatures Displayed

    Interesting I changed to Chrome to see and I can see the signatures again. Will see how long this works. New reply to a vintage but still relevant thread. Bill
  11. Electronic Toll Collection Information

    Well that may work some places but in the east if you want to get some place the bestway is on the toll road. For example crossing NY State on I-90 (The Mass Pike) It will take much less time and less fuel than driving on State 20 or 5. or any outher local road. The only way to get across without many tolls is on I- 86 and I-80 But this is a southern route. Many attractions are of I-90. You can do it but I bet it will take at least anouther day and tank of fuel. New England is even worse. Bill
  12. Electronic Toll Collection Information

    Interesting as the TX Tag works in Ok. Just used it about 20 days ago. Bill
  13. Electronic Toll Collection Information

    It was suppose to go into effect last year. Hearer is a link to testimony on the problem. https://www.ibtta.org/sites/default/files/documents/Interoperability/IBTTA--Testimony on Toll Interoperability 2015 9 30 FINAL.pdf Hear is another link. http://www.tollinterop.org/ Bill A, and Brett, it is pretty simple to get a transponder and set up an account that is re filled to a set level when it is depleted. This also gives you the ability to go on line and review any tolls and possibly protest any improper ones. Or you can be at the mercy of the mail and your mail forwarding service. I have 2 E-ZPass transponders. The one for the toad is stored in a shielded envelope when it is behind the coach. When in tow the toad is charged at a lesser amount (same as a trailer). I have a TXTag that is good in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. I don't get the discount with the TX Tag so I have stickers in both the coach and car. Bill
  14. 2001 Winnebago On A Spartan Chassis

    I do wish you luck. One other thing you might do is get sampling kits from Blackstone and sample the engine oil and transmission. This will let you know about some of the big show stoppers like coolant in the oil or excessive wearer metals. https://www.blackstone-labs.com/ You will need a pump to. Bill
  15. Battery Boost Solenoid

    Have you tested the switch, try with the switch off with the wire disconnected from the switch. and with it held down off you should get 0 through it held down should be 12V. Bill
  16. Electronic Toll Collection Information

    You might as well get use to it and plan ahead because the trend is to do away with cashiers at toll plazas and go with electronic toll collection. Anyone that does any planning will know where the toll roads are. I have ben in 14 states in the last 30 days including all of New England. I much prefer the new open lanes where you don't have to stop at a toll booth. Bill
  17. The New Hyde-A-Way

    Nice coach, I like the paint. Carl I agree I would like the "New Home" wider but I bet there is room for the Newel. Bill
  18. 2001 Winnebago On A Spartan Chassis

    I would think $40,000 would be on the hi side. PPL has a 2003 for $40,000. Low milage may not be a good thing in this case. I bet the tires are original with great tread. By the way bbrigham, welcome to the forum. I don't want to rain on your find. It could be great but it could cost you more than if you bought a newer coach (not new) that had been taken care of. The BIG question is can you do some of the work yourself, maintenance and repairs/upgrades? If so you might make out. When negotiating keep in mind a new set of shoes is going to be in the $3300 range. I just replaced my tires using the Continental program. Keep us updated.
  19. Refrigerator Won't Work On Inverter

    Well Lemp, we don't know what coach you have or what refrigerator. It would be nice if you put the information on your coach in your profile and in your signature. Now if you have a dual power source (propane or electric) and you have a icemaker You have a receptacle behind the refrigerator with a circuit from the inverter. One plug just pases 110 if it is avalible the outher provides 110 for the icemaker when you are using the propane power source. But you are right most times the inverter is not used to power the refrigerator. However I am using the inverter plug to power my residential refrigerator all the time. Bill
  20. Tire Pressure Recommendation

    Yes and give us a report when you get back. Bill
  21. Battery Boost Solenoid

    Merv, Help me out here, Your battery boost solenoid should have 4 wires going to it. one each about O gage from each battery bank then 2 about 10-12 gage wires to the control post. Where are you getting the 6V reading? What do you mean at both ends of the wire? Bill
  22. Brand Of Engine Oil For Onan 7500 Watt Generator

    Nothing wrong with the Shell Rotella 15w-40. I think it is better than some of the other 15-40 oils out there. I have been using Shell Rotella T6 5w-40 in both the coach and generator. Bill
  23. I do know on my coach I have to use the front jacks enough to allow the body to move. The rear jacks can be lowered individually but the front jacks are on one button. So you move the front up off the stops and use the rear jacks to level side to side. I have read some where in my documentation that not doing it this way can cause body twisting. Bill
  24. Chrome Rocker Panels

    You might look here. http://www.rvstainless.com/Home/tabid/36/Default.aspx Bill
  25. Alternator & A/C Pulley Not Lining Up After Replacing Brushes

    Did you happen to take the mount off the block? Could it be turned 180 from original position? Bill