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  1. Warm Weather

    Wow that sounds just like just what we are looking for. We are in Galveston Tx at the moment to escape the ice up north. Brrr. Really windy too. Will check out some of the Texas places as we have been to Florida many times. Ok off on my search.
  2. Warm Weather

    Looking for a nice resort to sneak away to for a couple months this winter. Would like a place that offers activities. Prefer not to go out west. We live in Indiana. Please send me some suggestions. Thanks, Renee
  3. Hwy 101 Washington

    Whew! Did the redwoods today and Mother Nature knows her stuff. So awe inspiring it made me cry. Took our picture in a chimney tree. Leaving for Yosemite in the morning. Any route suggestions would be great. Can't decide on going down 101 or go back north to get 5.
  4. Branson

    We also stayed at ABC campground too. It was great. Each day they draw a name to win tickets to a show. We won two tickets to the Baldknobbers. Not sure I would have gone to the show on my own. However, we went and it was a great show. Also did Dixie Stampede with the grandkids. ABC. Was a great campground.
  5. Hwy 101 Washington

    We are in Washington and going to visit mt St. Helens, mt Rainer and Olympic national park. Any suggestions on driving down the coast to Oregon then on to California redwoods and Yosemite if it hasn't burned down yet.
  6. Michigan Campground

    We stayed at the Petosky KOA and it was fabulous
  7. Passport America

    Where are you in Indiana?
  8. Passport America

    Thank you so much for all the information. I did some other research on my own and decided for $44, I would take the risk. Huge trip (for us) this fall, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas. Surely, I will find somewhere to stay!
  9. Passport America

    Can anyone give me information on Passport America? My general questions would be: How readily accepted is it in the campgrounds? Do they only accept so many at a time, say the the first ten people for that day? Are there any restrictions? Any drawbacks? The positives look great on their website. Planning a big trip out west this fall and looking to save as many dollars as possible. Thanks for any input. Renee
  10. Suggestions For Campground In Key West, Early March

    Lol, it's now May and just seeing this post again. We ended up staying at Miami Everglades Park and drove in our toad to Key West. Stayed at the Best Western and had a beautiful view of the water. If we go again, we will plan way in advance.
  11. Campground Near Washington DC

    Have narrowed down two campgrounds near Washington DC. The KOA Washington/Capitol or Cherry Hill in Beltsville, MD. Has anyone stayed at either one or have other recommendations?
  12. Hi Everyone. New Here. Just Signed Up For FMCA

    Welcome. You will have a blast. We have a 2005 itasca also. Planning our first big trip to the gulf, down to the keys then up the east coast to Washington, D.C.
  13. Leaving Disney March 4 and heading south, any suggestions for campground in the Keys or before. Perhaps park the motorhome and drive to the Keys? Never been there, true Newbie. 36.5 motorhome with a toad. Thanks
  14. Using Convection Ovens

    I use the silicone bakeware too as described above. I also like to use the nesting pyrex rectangle dishes. You can buy in a set of three and they have the red lids for freezer to oven to table to refrigerator. They are different sizes and for the two of us, works fine.
  15. Indoor Heated Storage - Indianapolis Area

    Thank you for your replies. I will check into them.