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  1. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    The comments about how the ballot is to be submitted are concerning. I went to the pages in the October magazine looking for reference to the procedure described and found nothing so indicated. While this may be in the current constitution most members are unaware and if this is required it should be somewhere in the article. while this may be an unintended error it could throw the ballot process into question no matter which way the results go.
  2. Brett, in response to your suggestion, the fact that so many have expressed an opinion is of itself telling of the importance of the subject. If we close this thread we may loose the history of the discussion. Future comments may look to be out of context. Also as long as this continues there will be no appearance of interference in the conversation as there was earlier this year. I know that e all want the process to be open, or in current PC transparent. Please do not suggest anything that would open the door to the type of comments that suggest interference The best interest of the membership is served by all urging that everyone vote their belief and that we all remind our fellow members of that need.
  3. At this point in time the important thing is to vote, and urge all members to do the same. Not all may agree but all can agree that not voting is letting someone else make the choice for you.
  4. Screen Shade or Screen Room Recommendations

    the part you zip on reaches the ground if straight down, when sloped away from coach can still come close. when rolling up only need to make sure it is centered on awning roll. If wind is blowing sometimes it will try to fold over while you are rolling in but easily dealt with
  5. Screen Shade or Screen Room Recommendations

    We picked-up a shade pro a couple of years back with a 4 ft drop that stays on the awning with the rest being zipped on when needed, Lots of times the drop is enough to make the patio area comfortable. We also have a vacationer[2011]
  6. Toll Road EZ Pass

    Just did a quick search on e-z pass and found that at least in the northeast it is universal in 1 states. Wickapedia has a list. Maybe you can check WA website and get a feel for where their pass is accepted.
  7. In what world does the main office live? In todays world a soft rollout as they tried is just not going to happen, the leakage is a result of modern communications not some sinister plot. We as members see this as an opportunity to grow our ranks and sharing the information is a natural result " good news travels" and any way we can save money is looked to as good news.
  8. On FMCA home site and not finding any reference to this benefit. It would seem that a member benefit as welcome as this should be listed. So maybe some of the earlier posts asking about the secret password were not so far off. We need to treat our current members at least as well as potential new members . I have a Verizon 4G jet pack and would welcome unlimited data for these prices. Do not need another device?
  9. Ross, while your post indicates your personal feelings on this issue, the true question for a national director is what your chapter has indicated as their wish as to how you should vote.
  10. Carl, today most seek that type of info on electronic sources and prefer that over phone calls. also the general membership probably does not know that you could call the main office for that. if we are honest many do their info seeking at what would not be considered normal business hours. anything the association can do to make access easier will aid our growth.
  11. Sources: Air Bags For 1999 Freightliner XC Chassis

    Look for a heavy duty truck parts supplier. NAPA does have some airbags available, in the east Fleetpride is a large source. Possible google hd truck parts in your area for others.
  12. Coach Net Or FMCA Roadside Assistance?

    I have had both Good Sam and Coach Net. Used GS twice, once with less than stellar success and once with what could be called very good response. When I considered to use CN found that they would only tow to nearest facility capable not to preferred. sometimes you know that a provider is better able to do work in a timely manner something a dispatcher could have no knowledge of. Just went back to GS as coach net was way to expensive and at least at this point GS was way less than FMCA. Available services are comparable and your chances of using for tire service is the greatest area of need. With reasonable preventive maintenance on road breakdown is not near as big a factor. Many concerns center around tires and a good idea may be to carry at least a bare tire when doing long distance or extended travels. This will lessen the supply problems many encounter. We all need to remember the laws of supply and demand, you need a tire and supply is limited price is probably higher than what you would pay if time was on your side..
  13. Starting Up RV During Winterization

    Word of caution. 12 volt charging systems need to see battery storage for output control. Lacking a battery the system may go to max output and that can cause charging system failure. Lacking a better resource contact a reliable vender and get the opinion in writing to give yourself a margin of confidence. If the vender is willing to put it in writing then the are real sure of their answer.
  14. Rally Attendance and Vendors

    Read with interest the comments about getting involved. I have found that even when you offer to help many times you are bypassed even when the leadership is saying no one is stepping up.. I have offered several times and offered suggestions for some adjustments in how things are done and it seems to fall on deaf ears.. Leadership talks a good game to your face but goes home and seems to forget the conversation. I suggest that they need to make that follow-up call as those who offer have put the ball in their hands and only need a little encouragement to jump in.
  15. Rally Attendance and Vendors

    There have been many good points made about rallies in general , and the reductions in numbers but the real issue is people today want value for their dollar, When planning to attend we look at what is included and what is planned as extras. Many times the cost for theses extras is more that just going by ourselves and not being on someone else's time plan. When volunteering if the event planners schedule events for the volunteers then they need to follow though, canceling as was done at W.Springfield is not a good way to keep your help. Parking large groups can be a big challenge but when making plans to control traffic the real secret is keep people moving and make them feel progress is being made. On site transportation is another area, if the hosts are paying for golf carts, and they all do, then those paying rally fees are the real people paying users need to be told that they Must at least offer to help move attendees. While I know that many use their personal carts those attending cannot tell the difference. Where and when you chose a venue is not only based on size but also the chance of weather impacts. High or low temps can be offset by mechanical means if not too extreme but these chance for violent storms rise in some areas at the times when national rallies are normally planned. Trying to avoid these is more a safety item than we all might like to admit. Picture Kansas in tornado season. Central locations on normal travel routes make the most of members normal migrations and summer exploring adventures. Most of us would probably avoid Montana in winter.