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  1. Last Year we went to Creede Colorado for the month of Aug. While it was beautiful I actually got bored staying in one place . The cost for the resort was expensive and it was basically the same site all month long. I do think if and when we go again we will spread the love to other areas and do more traveling Just so it's cooler than Texas .Of course just about anywhere is cooler than Texas .
  2. If I thought for one minuet that he would purchase FMCA I would cancel my Membership Immediately . He ruined camping World and Good Sam Michael
  3. I hate to say it but in the case of a front end collision air bag doesn't seem that they would help on a class A maybe I'm wrong hope so
  4. Are you sure that the pedestal is hot there may be an issue there . Do you have a circuit protector with the led lights to show the voltage at each leg ? My mistake didn't read closely about your reel . Michael
  5. Great Looking Coach and welcome to the forum Hope you enjoy it as much as we do ours Michael
  6. I had the same problem with a Safari Zanzabar and magnum chassis . Rode like a wagon with steel (no Tread) wheels. I spent way too much money trying to repair the junker to the point my wife finally said no more ! I traded it 2 days later for a Dutch Star used which is a dream to drive and own . Sometimes you get to the point where no matter how much you put in to one it doesn't get any better. Weigh your options which way seems cheaper , maybe it's time to punt , I'm sure glad I did . Hope this helps
  7. In 2013 we purchased a 2003 Dutch Star 4005 and that was the best purchase we've ever made . After suffering thru 4 Years of a Safari Zanzabar we finally bought the right coach and wouldn't change it for anything . The ride quality and workmanship of the coach is far superior than anything we've owned in the past including an American Eagle we bought in 2001 .
  8. A word from the Dumb . Always remember if you make a claim it will cost you more next year when you renew . Weigh the cost factor
  9. I went to National General this year after Allied (Nationwide) charged me over $2000.00 increase for having one claim last year . Not only was National General cheaper the coverage was better and they have a storage policy where if you don't use the coach all the time you receive a discount for the months you have the coach in storage . By the way they were over a thousand dollars cheaper than the cheapest quote received . Micchael
  10. You might try ACME Compressors they supplied the compressor for my Safari Zanzabar and work great Michael
  11. I just found and repaired one that I had and it was a leak at the uline ice machine water supply . Also when we had a 99 Safari Zanzibar I had the fresh water lines under the cabinets would loosen at the flex connector hooked to the sink. You can find it by taking out the cabinet drawers below the microwave and looking at the lines where they come through the wall to the rear under cabinet compartment. Hope this helps. Michael
  12. I keep ours in the bedroom and also use arm and hammer to help with the smell . Clean smelling
  13. Thanks Wayne
  14. Thanks everyone for the replies. We were taking 59 across to 77 then down and 59 goes through Livingston, so we were stopping for the night . Michael
  15. Thanks Brett I was wondering about there . Michael