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  1. Itasca Horizon

    Good Looking Coach
  2. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    I'll be with the show coaches looking forward to meeting you Michael
  3. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    As an update I opened the compartment all the way and the box I mentioned turned out to be the ATS with relays . I am hoping that it's the relay but won't find out for sure until I take it to the shop Monday . I learned out the hard way to let the Pro's check out electrical system on the coach when I'm not sure how to check out the problem . Thanks to all who replied Michael
  4. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    Brett . I have checked the cord which has 121 vts to the system I.m afraid I knocked the ATS out on the shore power side , and everything works ok with the Generator it,s just no power from the ATS on shore power Thank You everyone who replied and gave your suggestions i really appreciate the response's Michael
  5. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    Brett , I solved the open problem when I changed to the house plug I now have 3 green leds on the circuit protector but no activation for the system when plugged in. I just don't know where to start with the no power to the plugs or refrig . Is the ATS easily damaged when plugged into an open reversed system . It is a 2003 Dutch Star which had no Inverter / charger installed from the factory and if I damaged the ATS about how much would it cost to replace it ?
  6. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    Jim , I was plugged into the garage power with the ext cord that's where the problem began . I checked the gfci in the bath room and not tripped It also had one in the kitchen also not tripped . I have no power to the plugs to trip anything . .I do have 120 vts going to the system with a new extension cord and plugged into my house . But no power in the coach , what or where is the ATS and could I have possibly knocked it out > I don't have a Inverter / charger on my coach It came with 2 120 vt to 12 vt chargers I can;t go from 12 vt to 120 there fore no house refrigerator .
  7. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    I am on a 20 amp circuit from the house . I have the portable surge Guard on the 50 amp line . I am not hearing the box energize when I plug in the cable the box as I call it used to make a sound when I plugged in a power source . I call it a box for lack of a proper name and no it is not the converter it's in line before the converter supplying power . All the electrical system inside the coach is dead . Plugs , refrig , ect.. What originally happened was I didn't turn the AC's off before I plugged in and now NO power . I checked the circuit breakers in the coach and none are tripped .by plugging in the house 20 amp I now have power to the coach with an extension cord but still nothing .
  8. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    It's 30 amp but I have been plugged in to the house system with power to the refrig and charger with no problem until yesterday and today . I did change to the house 120 vt system and do have 3 green led's but there still isn't any power to the house plugs yes the coach is 50 amp
  9. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    When I plug the motorhome into 120 volt garage plug electrical system I get 2 green leds and 1 Red led with the notice 1 leg open and neutral crossed. There is no power the the system inside the coach. What do I need to do to correct this. I started the generator and the electrical system worked just fine and the coach worked fine last weekend at the campground during a rally ? Michael
  10. Why One Place For A Whole Season?

    Last Year we went to Creede Colorado for the month of Aug. While it was beautiful I actually got bored staying in one place . The cost for the resort was expensive and it was basically the same site all month long. I do think if and when we go again we will spread the love to other areas and do more traveling Just so it's cooler than Texas .Of course just about anywhere is cooler than Texas .
  11. Political Statement By Marcus Lemonis

    If I thought for one minuet that he would purchase FMCA I would cancel my Membership Immediately . He ruined camping World and Good Sam Michael
  12. Time for Safety Features on Motor Homes?

    I hate to say it but in the case of a front end collision air bag doesn't seem that they would help on a class A maybe I'm wrong hope so
  13. Power Electric Cord

    Are you sure that the pedestal is hot there may be an issue there . Do you have a circuit protector with the led lights to show the voltage at each leg ? My mistake didn't read closely about your reel . Michael
  14. New to Us - Tiffin Allegro Bus

    Great Looking Coach and welcome to the forum Hope you enjoy it as much as we do ours Michael
  15. When to Punt

    I had the same problem with a Safari Zanzabar and magnum chassis . Rode like a wagon with steel (no Tread) wheels. I spent way too much money trying to repair the junker to the point my wife finally said no more ! I traded it 2 days later for a Dutch Star used which is a dream to drive and own . Sometimes you get to the point where no matter how much you put in to one it doesn't get any better. Weigh your options which way seems cheaper , maybe it's time to punt , I'm sure glad I did . Hope this helps