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  1. You might try ACME Compressors they supplied the compressor for my Safari Zanzabar and work great Michael
  2. I just found and repaired one that I had and it was a leak at the uline ice machine water supply . Also when we had a 99 Safari Zanzibar I had the fresh water lines under the cabinets would loosen at the flex connector hooked to the sink. You can find it by taking out the cabinet drawers below the microwave and looking at the lines where they come through the wall to the rear under cabinet compartment. Hope this helps. Michael
  3. I keep ours in the bedroom and also use arm and hammer to help with the smell . Clean smelling
  4. Thanks Wayne
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies. We were taking 59 across to 77 then down and 59 goes through Livingston, so we were stopping for the night . Michael
  6. Thanks Brett I was wondering about there . Michael
  7. Going to be passing through Livingston next Tue May 9 going to Port Aransas need a decent campground to stay overnight . Any suggestions greatly appreciated Regards, Michael
  8. Did this trip last year on 160 going to Creede and learned real fast you will have to down shift on the La Vita pass to keep from overheating . Beautiful scenery but a long climb if overheating . Had to stop twice before reaching the summit . Bogged down when following a trailer that had slowed down . 160 is a beautiful smooth highway and after La Vita is great , Michael
  9. Once you smell ammonia that's the end of the unit . It has ruptured and will not work anymore , sorry for the bad news . Time for a new one or a rebuilt system such as the Amish as described. Michael
  10. Welcome to the forum , are y'all members of FMCA if so have you visited any local chapters ? If not I would suggest that you do . It makes traveling much more fun and the companionship is Priceless . Good luck with your purchase and future retirement . Michael
  11. Thanks for your reply Herman , I appreciate all the help I can get Regards , Michael
  12. Thanks Jaime I appreciate the info will contact them Tomorrow
  13. That would be a fine location for our Out of area Rally usually held in May , Thanks for the info. Michael
  14. Thanks Carl , I've spoken with Tyler and they only offered 25 , doesn't do any good for 40+ but I always try
  15. As the Wagon master with the Red River Rovers I am having trouble finding RV Parks that will reserve 35 to 40 Sites for a future rally . We have the problem that we have grown too large and I need any suggestions as to Parks that will have room for 35 to 40+ sites for future Rallies in the Six State Area . You can contact me by email @ michaelhillhouse@msn.com so we don't take up too much space on the forum. I would appreciate and help from Current or former Wagon Master or anyone who could help , Six State consists of TX, AR , LA, KS , MO , OK Regards Michael