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  1. How To Improve E450 Ride

    Had a 2002 26' class C on an E450 chassis. Put on Bilstein shocks and Rear Hellwig stabilizer bars and had immediate improvement in handling Still had the banging noise and swaying on really rough roads and when turning into a parking lot. Significantly better handling when being passed by a tractor trailer or encountering a cross wind. Sold that coach and bought a 27' 2015 Class on an E450 chassis with Liquid Springs. The ride difference is incredible. No handling issues. Rarely feel the effects of a cross wind. no banging noise unless I hit an extreme bump. No swaying when turning. I can raise or lower the rear of coach 6 inches which means no tail dragging when entering a gas station and when I park the coach on a slanted surface, front to back, I can usually level it out. The ride is very smooth, almost like a high end car. Had this coach for almost 3 years and have had no maintenance issues with the Liquid Springs. Only downside of them is that they are expensive. They can be retrofitted to an older coach.
  2. Camping Without A Toad

    We have a 27' Born Free Class C. No slides and it is 96" wide. We do not use a toad. If we are staying in 1 spot for some time we rent a car or can use Uber if in an urban area. Do not mind unhooking only takes a few minutes. I usually leave the water hookup at the campsite and take the electric cord with me. Electric cord is expensive to replace the hose is quite cheap. We generally do not hookup the sewer hose unless we are dumping. Have regretted not having a toad a few times like this past summer in Glacier NP. Would have liked to have driven on the going to the sun road but our coach is too big. Just about any coach is too big. Took a tour bus instead and had a great time. There have been a few cities that we couldn't park in over the years but can count those on 1 hand.
  3. Towing 2012 Ford Focus

    If accalex is still following this post would you please comment on your experience with the installation. Hopefully you've towed the Focus since the install. Have you had any problems especially with the disconnect being at the positive terminal? I have just purchased a Focus and my Service Manager also did not see any issues using the positive terminal.