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  1. Allied (Nationwide) Insurance

    I have had Allied for many years on everything. Never a problem.
  2. DISH TV

    The first year we used it (2011) that happened over the winter. When I called the second time to get it fixed I wouldn't even tell the person my problem I simply asked for the person that specializes in RV accounts. After a moment of silence she transferred me. I was told that the $5 per month fee is for people that are under a contract. You have to make it clear to the person that takes your call that you are an RVer not under contract and the $5 monthly fee does not apply to you. They have been putting you in the wrong category when they shut it down. The caveat is if you are leasing equipment from them it may still apply. We haven't had a problem since when we shut it down during the off season.
  3. Brake System For The Toad

    X whatever we are at for the ReadyBrute Elite.
  4. Yellowstone RV Camping

    We used West Yellowstone as our base for the park many years. The drive from the west gate to Madison Junction is beautiful and has a great deal of wild life. The park is laid out in a figure 8. Once you hit Madison Junction you are just about in the center of the figure 8. Just pick the half of the park you want to see that day.
  5. All American Direct Ends Dish DNS

    We have never used DNS. We just call and have our service area changed and get the new locals within 10 minutes. Once in a great while we get a call taker that can't spell RV much less understand what you want to do. We just ask for another representative and it takes 15 minutes instead of 10 minutes. And there is no additional fee.
  6. I have to ask - why is it the "dreaded" PEX. It is mostly bullet proof and simple to work with. PEX joints and lines are way more forgiving to elements and bouncing down the road than PVC joints and pipes. You can always use an air compressor to pressurize (at low pressure) the holding tank and see if you have a leak. Spritz it with soapy water and see if you get any bubbles. That way if/when you find a leak you don't have gallons of water draining to a level below the breach.
  7. Anyone Familiar With The ReadyBrute™ Elite RV Tow Bar

    Have it, love it, never an issue. Very low maintenance. We have it hooked up and we are able to drive away in less than 5 minutes. While I have seen naysayers beating it up - I have yet to see a post where the person writing it had one and returned it because it didn't function as designed. With many naysayer's postings it is a second cousin's next door neighbor's meter reader's ex-wife's attorneys paralegal's boyfriend's brother-in-law who had a problem.
  8. Satellite TV: Paying for Unused DirecTV Service

    They wanted a "home" address when I activated my receiver but did not require a home system setup. If you got that information from Dish network I'd call back and get someone who can help with an RV activation. If you got it from someone else I suspect they have no first hand knowledge. The ViP211k is a fairly inexpensive receiver and has served us well on the road and was HD ready. To record you attach a external hard drive to the receiver. There was a one time fee for the recording setup.
  9. Adding Hydralic Jjacks To 2014 Class C

    We have Bigfoot levelers on our MH. Each leveler has its own pump so they are relatively simple to install. The support has been great even on an older rig. If you are close to them they install as well. A few years back I helped a friend install theirs and we were done in a day except for finishing the wiring in the cab and control pad install. The only downside I have found is one of the four levelers is a bear to get at to do any work on. There is always one no matter what you are working on. So far I have only had to replace one hose (on the bear to get to leveler of course) and two limit switches. All in all they have been very dependable.
  10. Satellite TV: Paying for Unused DirecTV Service

    Also, with DISH get "snowbird" status and when you get at a stopping point a phone call will get the local channels changed to your new area. Sometimes you have to get a human that understands RV living. I have only had to do that twice in all the times I have called them. The only problem I have ever had was when my receivers wasn't putting the signal out to the TV. I was told they had to send a technician out. I asked why and was told so they could aim my dish. I asked if they missed the part about my having an automatic dish. She said she had no clue as to what I meant. I asked for another customer service rep and the problem was fixed in about 5 minutes. The second customer service rep said they would "educate" the first rep about RVs, automatic dishes & how to force an update.
  11. Looking At Surge Brake- What About Break-away Switch?

    We have used the Readybrake with the break away with no issues. It is pretty easy to install. Theoretically, if the tow bar is rated for the weight you are towing it shouldn't have a failure, if you installed the pins correctly the towed vehicle shouldn't separate and if you don't drive on a crazy road (bump wise) you shouldn't really need a breakaway. BUT - Murphy's law says it will be needed. There surely is a sinking feeling to see your towed vehicle pass you!
  12. Beware Of Van Horn, Texas

    Parking on public property is one issue. Doesn't Van Horn's ordinance deal with parking on any private property other than campgrounds? Could you provide a link that says over 92 percent of local jurisdictions have anti RV ordinances? I did a search and it only showed specific rules here and there. There are many out there, of course, but they simply do without RVer's money. You state it doesn't just target RVs. Are OTR trucks ticketed at the Pilot? It doesn't hurt RVers to stay away from Van Horn. But one would think with local jurisdiction having trouble finding revenue streams every customer dollar spent on food and fuel would help.
  13. Indiana County Excise Tax Credit

    Years back IN took the property tax on RVs (like sticks and bricks), added it to the license plate side and called it excise tax. When the revolt over license plate costs gained strength the political giants used lottery proceeds to cut the amounts. Apparently, the RV voices weren't as loud as the car & truck driver's voices when the change was made and Rvs didn't make the cut. You can root around on mybmv within the website and find the sliding scale. You may want to make sure the model entered into the system is the one you actually have. Two incorrect digits on my model had my rates a great deal higher than they should have been. I am not a tax expert but I have a great deal of common sense & logic. I just call it the way I see it...
  14. I get the same thing if I try to sign on while on the forum page. I go to the FMCA main page and log on there and don't get the "invalid token" message.
  15. Generally, when a business demands something from me and quotes any law I ask exactly what law and to see the part that verifies what they are saying. Many times that takes the wind out of sales. The worker bees are told to say the ________________ law requires it. That is not the case in many instances. The Patriot Act and HIPAA are two prime examples of over-quoted and improperly quoted laws. I am not saying this is the case here but one never knows unless you ask.