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  1. Surge Brakes In Mountains?

    Wow both good ideas. I have never seen an air over hydraulic master cylinder but I will be looking at this for an option.
  2. Surge Brakes In Mountains?

    Thanks for all the input and sorry I have not responded until now. The "Back up" solenoid lock out seems to be the most practical answer. I think setting it up as a manual lock out with a dashboard switch is the direction I will try. Buy doing this in the event of a break away the master cylinder would still lock due to the power being disconnected. I'm afraid that changing the spring tension would drastically reduce the braking ability when needed. As I stated in my original post I have no problems other than the long mountain grades which are a very small percent of my driving. And I am with you all the way Herman an Air Brake cylinder would solve a lot of problems! Again thanks all for your input. That's why I just love this forum, I can get ideas from people that have a tremendous amount of knowledge that can't be found in books! Bret
  3. I have towed with a tow bar in the past but changed to a car that could not be towed 4 down. So I bought a Car Caddy dolly with surge brakes. I have pulled it about 5,000 miles and really like it. However I just got back from a trip to Colorado and had a little problem in the mountians. I could not keep the brakes cool on the dolly. (Because when the dolly is pushing the motorhome "you can't just turn off the brakes"). No problems at with the motorhome, I have an engine brake so I hardly touched the air brakes. Any ideas (Other than changing it to electric brakes) ? Bret
  4. Caterpillar Coolant Treatment

    Even though I do my own work the 6 yr life sound good. That's what I'll do.Thanks so much for the advice.
  5. Caterpillar Coolant Treatment

    Thanks Brett, I plan on changing it just to be sure. You confirm what I have read-- that the new coolants with the SCA added would give sufficient protection.
  6. Caterpillar Coolant Treatment

    I recently bought a Diesel Pusher with a 3126 Cat (1999). I see that it has no water filter. Being in the trucking business for over 30 years I'm aware that the 3406 engines of that time had a water filter to dispence a DCA treatment to prevent electrolysis from pitting the liners . I have not been able to get a good answer as to add treatment such as Nalcool or add a water filter. Any advice would be good.