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  1. We intend to write this One Member One Vote proposal and have it ready for signatures next week. It needs to be received by FMCA by January 1. If you are interterested in signing the proposal or circulating it for other members signatures send your: 1) member name 2) member number 3) email address to and we will send you an electronic version for you to print, sign, scan and email to FMCA (email address will be provided). Thank you for your interest.
  2. Since these delegates would come from regions they would get to know people through chapters and area gatherings. Bios would be posted on under Governance. I'm sure many of these national directors will come from chapters; they will just represent up to 500 people instead of as few 15. Since 100% of the members belong to regions and only 30% belong to chapters we propose to elect national directors through regions instead of just by chapters. You do not have to be in a chapter to be a national director nor vote for one. One member = One Vote.
  3. It makes sense it doesn’t matter what area you are from or what area your delegate is from for Conventions and national elections. But it would seem we still need Area national directors to elect Area Association officers? No? How would we handle one member one vote at the Area level if we didn’t have Area national directors?
  4. I like it! As we said; anything that gets us all a vote at conventions and elections is in order. That's the problem we are trying to address after all. I like the rotational national directors you propose. Maybe if a region has 9,000 members and is entitled to 18 delegates the top 1/3 get 3 years, 2/3 two years, bottom third one year (or maybe invert that) and the next 18 would be alternates in order of votes received by members. With 75,000 members and 500 members per national director we would only have 150 national directors. The idea is to stay below 300 national directors (we have 400 today but only about 2/3 showed up at Indianapolis) as we grow but maybe 400 is a better number today? 400 members per delegate would keep us below 300 total delegates up to 120,000 members. We have about 75,000 now The electronic voting is a given for this and that should pass in Gillette. National Directors "elected by each area" allow each area to be represented instead of just the areas with the most members as might be the case under your idea. What do you think? would be used to discuss agenda items and members would be informed who their national director is and the national directors would be given a list of their 500 members by FMCA to facilitate communication. As we said we are not anti chapter we are just looking for voting rights for the 70% of members who do not belong to a chapter and thus have no national director to vote for them. We are drafting proposed changes to the bylaws and membership handbook and want to have this completed by Christmas so it can be timely in its submission required by January 1. Please continue the discussion on this thread or if you are under 60 (or feel like you are) join the discussion on our U60 Task Force/ENERGIZED Facebook Group Page at Thank you very much for contributing to the discussion!
  5. The proposed language is at the top and that’s what we are working through now. The petition will follow shortly. You can “like” the thread on our u60 Task Force/ENERGIZED Facebook group page or when we get the language finalized we will post the file and the instructions to support it here too. Sound reasonable?
  6. Good points too.... I think Areas will be somewhat averaged by full timers and could be skewed by snowbirds. As to addresses....I guess if we have 5000 people registered with fmca in Livingston Texas then their National Director would be elected from that Area. The membership may be in North Dakota in real life but they will know who their national director is and what the issues are. I don't see the address as that big a deal since the issues of convention business and National elections are National?? If it is a big deal we could have a home address and a mailing address with fmca as part of implementation. Regardless of the address the snapshot captures it's still one member one vote and that is the problem we are trying to solve and interested in any solutions that accomplish that. I suppose a different snap shot date (currently Jan 1) could mitigate the snowbird issue)'s just a snapshot to determine how many National Directors each region needs to get....maybe use July of each year for the following year convention. I like that better I think? You?
  7. All the National Directors that currently represent only individual chapters could represent up to 500 dues paying members instead. We are not anti chapter by any means. I added of January 1 of each year in section 1 so the National Office could "snap shot" the membership each year to begin the election process in each area. Many Associations do it this way. Section 1 v101 now reads: Each Area shall be entitled to one national director for every 500 active members in good standing in their respective Area... as of January 1 of each year. As to INTO 4. Subject to Sections 1 through 3 the selection processes of Area National directors and any alternates shall be determined by procedures set forth in each Area’s constitution and bylaws. So I would suggest INTO would decide that and could change it if they wished. They could decide to vote as an INTO Area or their Geographic Area. One member one vote their choice. This decision would have to be in place in time for FMCA Office to know which way to run an AREA or within their Geographic Area. Good questions Carl thank you.
  8. We started another thread on this under FMCA Feedback but it's not a feedback issue so we've moved it here. Since most of our age group do not belong to chapters (only 30% of the membership does) we do not have any representation at the conventions (no chapter no national director under current rules) nor can you cast your vote for elected national officers (only chapters do through their national directors. What we are proposing is a change to National Director positions that are based on all memberships in each area not just chapters. That would provide a voice to all dues paying members not just the chapters. Nothing is wrong with's just they no longer contain the majority of the membership as people have elected not to join or form formal chapters. In a nutshell the National Director positions would change from "one from each chapter" to "one for each 500 dues paying members" in a particular area. We will be seeking at least 20 signatures on a petition to include this new business at the summer convention in Gillette. This needs to be submitted by Jan 1st. Here's a draft of the change from for comments. (The original document is contained under volunteer handbook 3022 at POLICY Area national directors elected from each Area serve on the Governing Board of FMCA. PROCEDURE Responsibilities 1. Each Area shall elect members as national directors to serve on the Governing Board of FMCA, and elect members as alternate national directors to serve on the Governing Board if a national director is unable or unwilling to serve. Only national directors may conduct the business of the Convention. Any member in good standing may attend the Convention and speak on any issue. Each Area shall be entitled to one national director for every 500 active members in good standing in their respective Area as of January 1 of each year. Each national director shall be entitled to cast a number of votes equal to the number of active members in good standing in his or her Area thirty (30) days in advance of the opening of the Convention, divided by the number of national directors representing the Area properly registered and credentialed at the time of the vote. The President shall appoint a Credentials Committee for each National Convention. The Credentials Committee shall be composed of at least three (3) active members in good standing, among whom no two (2) members may be from the same Area. Prior to the start of the Convention, the Credentials Committee shall meet and issue a report listing the names of all eligible national directors and their alternates and the number of votes that each national director is entitled to cast. National directors and any alternates must be members in good standing of the Association and of their respective Areas. An Area national director of the Governing Board is entitled to represent only one Area. A single membership may not hold more than one national director and/or alternate national director position. No paid employee of any Area or of the Association, other than duly elected officials, shall be a national director. 2. The term of office of a newly elected national director or alternate national director begins after the national office receives written notice of said election and has verified that the person is qualified. The term extends for a one- or two-year period. 3. If an Area national director vacancy occurs an alternate national director shall immediately assume the vacated position and this shall be promptly reported in writing to the national office. If an alternate national director is unable to fill this vacancy, the Area is to promptly elect (not appoint) a member to fill the Area national director vacancy and notify the national office. 4. Subject to Sections 1 through 3 the selection processes of Area National directors and any alternates shall be determined by procedures set forth in each Area’s constitution and bylaws. Chapter National Director 1. National directors should keep their Areas informed of items pertaining to the national organization and of the FMCA areas, as well as keeping the national organization appraised of items happening on the Area level. Another important duty is participation in and voting during Governing Board meetings. 2. Chapter Alternate National Director An alternate national director shall serve whenever a national director is unable to attend meetings of the Governing Board or is otherwise unable to serve. An Alternate national director cannot also be the national director.
  9. Thanks and Will do. We have plenty of volunteers on the Energized/u60 Facebook group too but obviously the more signatory’s we have the better.
  10. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    If a dues paying member is in more than one chapter they have one delegate (National Director) voting for each chapter. These multiple delegates vote on issues at the annual conventions and vote for national officers. If a dues paying member is not in a chapter they get no votes.
  11. And The Oscar Goes To—>>>

    Thanks to all the FMCA Office staff for the new look. Nicely done!
  12. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    The accounting firm has the yays nays duplicate votes and voided votes. We have member numbers for chapters yes? So we have the data and I got a gift card with mr smitty on it that says 90% is spot on;). It doesn’t matter if it’s 90% or not though. The issue is 30% of the membership has a vote and some have 5 votes while others none. If that ain’t broken I don’t know what is. Regardjess the gift card is yours at Perry for a job well done. It’s your’s Chris because you were not afraid to take the helm 40’ from the iceberg. Your new teams may very well save the Association. Let’s spend our energy addressing the issue of 70% of the membership do not belong to a Chapter nor do they get to vote for elections of our Association nor are they represented at Our Annual Conventions.... The rest is in my mirror and I can’t hit it;)
  13. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    Brett he needs a warning flag;) Mr Holt Since the “electronic voting option” is a different issue than “one membership=one vote” we started a separate thread. ps we are not your enemy here. We are trying to help.