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  1. Montana LLC RV Titling: Tax avoidance or Tax Evasion?

    The confusion here is easy to understand. But one needs to remember, LLC's are PEOPLE... a legal person so "you" don't own squat, whoever owns the corporation does. You cant get pulled over and say "yea, some guy told me I could beat taxes this way"... you say "Hey, this isn't my couach, I just have the right to use it / rent it from tbe company that owns it" period. If you act like it is some big scam, dont be suprised you get treated that way. It is a legal maneuver ... in fact your LLC can be owned by anyone including another LLC. Think of something you like to do... blogging about RVing, then have "RV News.LLC" "hire" you to go blog about RV's... this isn't hard unless you don't own the reality that the LLC is just another human.