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  1. Replacing Norcold 1210 with Residential Refrigerator

    My wife and I own a 2004 Holiday Rambler 40 foot Endeavor. With my son's help, I have removed the Norcold 1200LR through the front door of the motor home. I plan to purchase a Samsung RF197 residential fridge to replace the Norcold. Size wise, it is a good fit except for the height. To compensate for the extra height, I removed the propane furnace that was sitting under the Norcold. After capping off the gas line, moving the icemaker water line, and slightly modifying the refrigerator cabinet, I am ready to have the Samsung unit delivered. I have two questions: 1. How does one secure the residential refrigerator in place so there is no shifting movement while on the road? 2. How does one secure the refrigerator and freezer doors to keep them shut while on the road?