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  1. Norcold Fridge Door Hinge

    The left side refrigerator door of our four door frig fell off a few days ago, narrowly missing my wife's toes. After reading the many posts of this and other forums, I decided to try and repair the door myself. I used a 3500 psi plastic epoxy to glue back the plastic strip that ripped out of the lower door where the hinge was attached. After letting the epoxy cure for the required period of time, I tried to reattach the hinge only to find the threads had stripped on the upper screw. I bought a tap and recut the threads then screwed in a new bolt. In the process of reattaching the door once all the repairs were completed, I noticed a unused, threaded hole in the bottom hinge. I drilled a small pilot hole into the plastic at the bottom of the door and drove a sheet metal screw (slightly smaller than the hole) into the hole, which now adds an addtiional attachment point for the hinge along with more strength. I did the same with the other door as a preventative measure. The head of the screw may need some filing to keep it from binding as the door opens and closes. So far so good. We are also putting less weight on the door to hopefully get more longevity before it tries to break again.