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  1. Well, after much fanfare and searching, my TCM box was on the engine firewall, assessable under the bed/engine compartment and sure enough, two mounting screws had fallen out and the unit was dangling and loose, allowing it to wiggle pretty good. I removed it, opened it up and it looks just fine and is dry and clean. My question is, in regards to the "Cold Solder" issue, What inside might be loose? And, Does anyone with experience with this issue think that just mounting the unit back firmly to the wall, not allowing it to shake and wiggle, that this will cure the erratic air gauge issue to stop. I did notice that the problem occurred more often on bumpy roads and kind of went away on the interstate. Any input or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the help...!!
  2. Is the compartment up under the bus? Is it sealed? Thanks
  3. Does anyone know how to fix the "cold solder" issue on the air brake gauge fluctuation issue? I have a 2000 Fleetwood Discovery. Thanks