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  1. I replaced my headlights/turn signal last year from a company extreme lighting out of California. Free shipping cost $180.00 for both headlights and turn signals. Mike
  2. Ford/Mercury makes a neutral switch that's installed in the transmission for a lot of their rwd automatic transmission vehicles which allows you to tow 4 down safely. We have 07 Explorer 20,000 later no problems. $800.00 part/install. Mike
  3. We have a 07 Ford Explorer. Ford installed a "neutral switch"in the transmission to allow us to tow 4 down safely 20,000 later we haven't had any problems total cost between part and install $800.00...maybe Mercedes sells something similar?
  4. Back up and running-- getting to head out to Myrtle Beach S.C Thought I would leave the part # just in case someone else comes across the same problem # 3959449S brand fg. Thanks for everyone's help. Mike
  5. @desertdeals69 i was using a wrench and unfortunately that's what cracked for some reason. @DickandLois good news today not Cummins.....but Freightliner parts sells just the cap WOO HOO $26.00 that includes tax and shipping. Mike
  6. The bowl is metal but the cap is plastic.When I went to change the filter I cracked the cap by accident.Their is a 14 mm square in the center of the cap that cracked as was trying to loosen it.
  7. I have a crack in the plastic cap and nobody seems to sell the cap only they only want to sell the unit anybody know where I could find just the cap? 2000 5.9 24 valve turbo
  8. From the album Our Time

  9. From the album Our Time

  10. From the album Our Time

  11. We have a dp holiday rambler endeavor towing a 2007 ford explorer 4×4.Ford did lose their supplier for a short period of time but are carrying them again we had ours installed last year for 800.00 dollars 295 for the switch + 500 for labor.We also us blue ox towing package.Haven't had any problems at all you don't even know its behind you. Happy rving Michael