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  1. To all who have responded regarding my airbag problem and air pressure gauge reading zero: I finally found the problem, a broken line (red) that was pinched in the channel where ALL the wiring and pressure tubing are feed thru. It was a bugger getting to it but I finally was able to correct the problem. Went to ACE hardware store and bought new 1/4" tigon tubing rated at 150psi working and spliced in a new section. Everything is back to normal and I moved the beast into the new RV garage - YEAH. Thanks again for all your concerns and support.
  2. Rich, Thanks for the response. Since posting my question, I built a new RV garage for the beast. Now all I have to do is get it moving so that I can use it. Yes I have tried many times to cycle the dump valve to raise and lower the coach. There are two gauges on the coach and the front air gauge reads zero while the second gauge will fluctuate between 90 and 120 psi. I now understand that only the front gauge is used to inflate the air bags and the rear gauge is for the brakes. Now neither the front or rear bags will inflate. I'm not sure where the air pump/dump valves are located. I would like to try and fix this myself if possible. It could be the air pump itself, not sure. Could also be the the air pump filter causing the problem? If yes, any recommendations! Don Welcome to FMCA !! Have you cycled the dump valves, to rise and lower the coach? The fact that both front air bags do not inflate narrows down the problem. The rear would not inflate if the air pump had issues. Could be a valve or a manifold problem. Do your air gauges read normal ? 120 psi on both gauges? I'm a little confused in regards to you mentioning front Air Gauge. Most coaches have a primary gauge and a secondary gauge. The primary reads the pressure in the braking system and the secondary reads the pressure in the air ride system. Rich.
  3. I have a 2003 Fleetwood Discovery on a Freightliner chassis and when I tried to lift the unit to move, only the rear bags inflated. The front pressure gauge never moved off of zero. This is the first time I have had this problem. Could this be a control valve or a compressor problem? I did not hear any air leak from under the coach while trying to lift the unit. Any ideas??