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  1. Air Bags Replacement

    Yes the problem is getting in there & turning,I'll call FREIGHTLINER .... thanks guys
  2. Air Bags Replacement

    Its a saf holland air bag, part # HLD 90557249
  3. Air Bags Replacement

    I have a 2003 Fleetwood Excursion. Changing the front air bags. The bottom nut is in a precarious position, think it's a 1-1/16 or 1-1/8 nut. Wondering exact size and where I can get a special wrench to reach it.
  4. Air Issues On 03 Fleetwood Excursion

    Thanks Wolfe 10, it's the ride hieght valve... I'll replace them .... Thanks again
  5. Air Issues On 03 Fleetwood Excursion

    Seems like I let it bleed a good while though wolfe 10, on one occasion, & it should bleed rather quickly & stop if it's only bringing to right ride hiegh I would say ? But min. I put my finger on it stops... Could the valve have poss. Confused positions cuz it seems like it wants to release pressure for a while?
  6. Air Issues On 03 Fleetwood Excursion

    So do nothing?? Next time I'll see how long it'll relieve itself in that case . As soon as I've heard it before I just remove rubber boot and held pressure firmly on 2 pin holes & if stopped... Thanks Wolfe 10.... I'll keep eye on pressure???
  7. Have 2 small connections on air line on drivers side front & rear , each have 2 small pin holes in them that bleed off air. Normally crank up rig, pressures up then pops off all good ... But recently these 2 small connections I speak of, I can stop pressure by simply applying pressure with a finger then it'll hold the pressure then pop off in a few... Meaning all pressured up... They may be the leveling valves?? Not sure... Jus a small connection on the air line not resembling a valve..would like to know what caused this.??? Sometimes it does it...some times it doesn't....gonna swap them out for sure, just not sure what they are .... And why they both started popping off at same time?? Any thoughts please.
  8. Towing 20ft Car Hauler

    thanks guys for the input......Dwayne
  9. Towing 20ft Car Hauler

    Total weight of trailer & car in it is 7000 lbs, so figure 15% is tongue wt.= 1050 lbs, the rig is 26000 lbs, so thinking an extra 1000 lbs on the lift when cranking rig back up should be of little concern I'm thinking.. just wanted to hear a little input on this scenario?
  10. Towing 20ft Car Hauler

    WAYNE the trailer light is 3500 lbs, 7000 lbs w/ car in it
  11. Towing 20ft Car Hauler

    Will start towing 20 ft enclosed car hauler w/2003.. 39 ft Fleetwood excursion,330 hp cat.. Question is when I get into a pull thru site and want to lower air bags on rig w/trailer still hooked up,when ready to depart,will trailer be to heavy for air comp. to lift rig back up?
  12. Dash A/C On 2003 Fleetwood Excursion

    Hey wanted to say thanks Brett & Rich for the feedback on this post, meant to get back to you guys earlier. I had parked the rig in La. While at work and I had left keys w/friend for when mechanic came to replace ac compressor & belt, but I had turned off switches for both main & aux. batteries, mechanic changed out & cranked up.. Let run about 30 min., but could never get air to blow out ac vents in dash, he didn't want to fool w/much so he called me after the fact. One wk later I stepped in rig & like usual first thing I turn on my battery switches, knew immediately that was the problem. Cranked the beast up, put on air & wa la... Drove to Ga. 10 hr roll, froze me out, no problems whatsoever.... My bad guys. But again thanks!!!! Dwayne
  13. Dash A/C On 2003 Fleetwood Excursion

    Thanks Brett & Rich , I will be back near rig on Friday, gonna check what you guys have mentioned.
  14. Dash A/C On 2003 Fleetwood Excursion

    Have a 2003 Fleetwood Excursion with a 3126b Cat. Recently had the pulley on dash ac compressor freeze up, broke fan belt. so replaced compressor & belt, now dash ac not blowing at all in any of dash vents. Was blowing fine prior. Not currently near rig but will be in a few days. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this? Thanks
  15. LP Tank On 03 Fleetwood Excursion

    OK Bill. You answered 2nd question, that was quick, thanks man. Thanks guys, good night