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  1. Thanks for your input, looks like my next stop will be my Ford dealer.
  2. My wife and I have recently become the proud owners of a 41' 2005 Damon motorhome. It has become very obvious that on extended trips, having another vehicle to tow along would be a great asset and we see many other motorhomes on the highway doing just this. We have a 2002 V-8 Ford Explorer 4x4 and would like to make that our toe vehicle. Looking at our owners manual which says we can with a neutral tow kit accessory from Ford and reading all input from others who say this is no longer available, I thought I would ask some seasoned RVer's if anyone has come across this problem and resolved this. Most of the information I have found on this is several years old and I thought maybe there is a new solution for this now. We would appreciate any input you might have. We really don't want to have to trade in our car to have a tow vehicle. We would also like to here any ideas on the various tow systems that have proven to be better than others as that will be our next investment. Thanks for any help you may have, Rich and Pam