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  1. Welcome to the forum. When was the last time you purged the air tanks, and dryer? May not be the culprit, but a good starting point.
  2. I'm wondering how many of you use camping exchange cards as a means of sharing with new friends met at camp grounds.
  3. Ernie will probably chime in, hope so, but I will not use anything other than engineered flooring, that is like plywood planks, all wood, no fiber backing, interlocking is ok, but I use urethane glue under it to keep in place.
  4. Halley's comet is not due back till year 2061, hope we are still around to see it again! How's that for a comment Herman? Yes I'm simple also, ebay is my goto source, there is several pages there to choose from.
  5. This in noway indicates that I endorse this product, but is the best example of my next statement. In late 60's and early 70's I ran a service station, a weekly routine was to stick the fuel tanks for water, nothing but using the measuring stick and smearing paste at the bottom of the stick, the paste was a brown color and any water at the bottom of the tank would cause the paste to turn red, letting me know if any and how much water had accumulated at the bottom of each tank. The web site here http://www.diesel-fuels.com/fuel-maintenance/kolor-kut-paste.php will describe the process. Of course checking the filter is a must, but sticking as I do on my rig about twice a year will also help in deciding if a problem is about to rise. I have a filter screen in the tank on my coach but a 36 inch brass welding rod will fit through the screen and the paste will adhere to it as well as wood. as Brett said shake the filter contents into a bucket, but I then pour the fuel into a clear canning jar and let it sit overnight, then inspect for water and other contaminants, looking for water beads at the bottom of the jar, and also black contaminates that will either float or fall to the bottom.
  6. Trying to back a car on a tow dolly, is like trying to back tandem (two) trailers, almost impossible even for the experts.
  7. I must admit that I hardly ever read it, but my DW can't wait for the mail to run when it is due in the mailbox. She stays up till way after midnight reading it, so here is 50%, just from my household alone.
  8. Well the socalled unlimited data from Verizon turned out to be a joke, the 22 gig is 4g service really fast speed, and for the first two months it cruised well at 17 to 35 mbs and when reached the 22 gig threshold didn't seem to slow down that bad. But after the first 2 months my one hotspot reached 10 gig and then 3g kicked in. Well I called Verizon to complain, I thought that I had 22 g on 4g, no only 10 gig per hotspot, then 3g, and 3g really is bad here, I'm on the same hilltop as the Verizon tower 300 yards away (900 feet), so I ordered a second hotspot, whoopee, 4g on it, I streamed for 15 minutes and I got a text that my 10 gig was almost used up on the new hotspot, down on 3g after only two days with no appreciable up or downloads. My cycle renews at midnight tonight and I will be able to surf again. I ran an Ookla speed test 10 minutes ago, and .4 mps down (that is 4/100 of a mps) and upload would not even run, errors out. Lewisedge, I was typing while you were, I wish the Verizon on this side of the Rockies were as forgiving as yours,. And I never went over 12 gig before the Unlimited plan, I'm not doing anything different now than before, but since I topped out two months ago, they claim that my bucket has a hole in it. Here is a copy and paste of the Verizon notification. Sorry but the date did not show with the C&P, but this was on July 28/ 2017. Oh yes, please be aware that all that 3g "super slow" data that you are using on a single hotspot that is limited to 10 gig counts against the 22 gig Unlimited, before slowing down to 3g on all hotspots. Update about your 10 GB 4G LTE data allowance Mobile number ending in #6838 Hi Kay, Your 4G Internet with mobile number ending in #6838 has reached its 4G LTE data allowance. Your monthly data allowance will reset on the 13th with your next bill cycle. What happens next? Your 4G Internet will be switched from 4G LTE speed to 3G speed for the rest of your bill cycle. For more information, visit our FAQs. Thanks for choosing Verizon Wireless.
  9. Welcome to the forum, I bought mine on ebay, you may be able to find what you are looking for there, hope so and good luck. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xrv+sink+cover.TRS0&_nkw=rv+sink+cover&_sacat=0 just click on the link.
  10. I'm sure glad that you are going to a driving school, especially if you have never driven a big rig. Make sure that the instructor is aware that you plan to use a tow dolly, and ask for advice from that person. If there is a business close to your residence that is closed on Sunday, ask for permission to practice on a large parking lot. While practicing in such an environment, take along something that can be placed as obstacles, (cones, buckets, barrels) work well for this. Make sure that you have another person, wife, friend, along to watch and offer suggestions as to how well you are doing. Practice turning as close to your obstacle as possible without hitting it. Remember that the rear view mirrors are on the coach for being able watch what is going on behind you, practice watching where your coach is at all times, this means constant moving your eyes from the path your going, then right, then left mirror to see where you currently are. Good luck with your new endeavor, and welcome to the forum.
  11. If one goes to a football game and the ticket cost $100.00, there is no appreciation, if you purchase the ticket for $100.00 and then don't show for the game, your $100.00 is lost, unless you sell the ticket to someone else before the game. If you hold the ticket till after the game, then try to sell, that would be a loss. Now if you go to the game, $100.00 is now spent, and if you enjoyed the game, you would probably say money well spent, if you didn't enjoy it, you would probably say, that was a poorly spent $100.00. RV'ing is of the same mindset, if one enjoys it, then he/she can only think of that money as being well spent. If they don't enjoy it, then they need to get out before it costs too much more. No there is very little chance of appreciation in this hobby, same for boating, hunting, or football games for that matter I personally enjoy mine, and think of it in those terms. If I want to spend less money for fuel, I have a very nice park less than 15 miles away and I can enjoy that, but if I have a mindset to take off for the Grand Canyon, I know that it will cost me much more than going to the local park, so if I want to enjoy the Grand Canyon, I know that my children will just not have quiet as large of an inheritance, I raised them to take care of their own selves, and they do very well, for this reason, I don't mind spending the money that they didn't earn anyway. So the moral to my story is, I intend to enjoy myself as long as I can, and all others need to learn to take care theirs.
  12. I would recommend brakes of your choosing, but never no brakes. Some states allow 3000 down, some 2000 down, and some 1500 down, Canada requires brakes on anything towed. Also safety demands that you need brakes on anything towed, this is the main reason for my recommendation. Welcome to the forum.
  13. My old wore out coach is now showing 2,252,338 miles currently, hoping it will last as long as me. Like DD69, it's a hobby, I'm not in to make money, just for fun. First MH when purchased was a fixer upper, that I completely refurbished the inside, second was a delaminating sportscoach, completely reskinned her outside and in, plus roof rebuild, she has a Cummings bt6c with Allison ht740 trans. Have converted two complete busses, and now working on my first schoolie.
  14. Hmmm, Hymer, Hummer, I'll take the latter, more room for four yorkies. It's a must for a six sleeper for us. LOL! Poorer fuel mileage also.