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  1. My First Experience With SafeRide

    No GS is not infalable, was let twice and most know that three strikes your out, well quess what, GS is now completely out of my life.
  2. Connect On The Go - Round 2

    Is the I-phones and the mini I pad on a Verizon plan, or are you using another service? The Mifi is a wireless router which you can actually with you, in a purse or pocket or even in a case that one could wear on the belt. I works just like any home router except that it receives over the air with the cell phone service. So in answer to your question no you can not be five miles away and expect to use the mifi. But if you already have data service for your Mac devices, and do not disconnect from that service, then you will still have service from that source.
  3. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    Here is a 7.0 cf model 12/120 volts. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/norcold--de-0061-ac-dc-refrigerator-freezer-right-hinge--5388699?cm_mmc=PS-_-Google-_-GSC%20-%20Vendors-_-5388699&product_id=5388699&adpos=1o2&creative=108421556644&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&mrkgadid=3076579023&mrkgcl=481&rkg_id=h-8764752a9641d2adeef123c827a70d3b_t-1512843651&gclid=Cj0KCQiAsK7RBRDzARIsAM2pTZ-HjJeItKi0hZN5-pgU8MTjdqBNvdYOfJzEUm1s2putvpt5OKMkV88aAm1KEALw_wcB
  4. Exterior Sealers: 1999 Fleetwood

    Google Sikaflex sealant, the aircraft and trucking industry have used it for years, I use it also and have had no issues over the past ten years.
  5. This is a little unusual for December in central Alabama.
  6. How Low Can You Go (With A Drop Hitch)?

    In most places of reasonable travel you should be fine, just remember when entering driveways and the like you will need to be mindful of the fact that the receiver is down pretty low. Best to go to some of these types of places without the toad and have the wife or friend to watch for you as you slowly make an approach to these types of dips, if it is going to bottom out, don't force yourself to drive on. Just a couple of these attempts will let you know what to avoid while on your journeys. You will also find that the angle that you make these approaches is also helpful in avoiding a situation. Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your new endeavors.
  7. Using RV Park Cable TV

    Yep! When you remove power from the power supply, the amplifier does go off.
  8. How Do MH Engine Batteries Receive Their Charge?

    Staying above 12 volts in most cases kindly eliminates a bad cell in one of the batteries, but a bad cable or corrosion on the terminal end (or ends) can cause the lower voltage or even a poor ground to the frame (chassis) can cause a lower voltage. The cable that crosses from positive to negative could be either corroded or even too small to properly carry current from battery to battery. There are many scenarios that may or may not be a factor. You stated that you checked the battery terminals and the reading went from 12.04 to 12.41 on that bank, so there is progress there, maybe recharge then recheck, if no better, then look for more terminal corrosion, and check the copper wires right where the terminals are connected for that green colored corrosion, if this has occurred, then the cable needs to be replaced.
  9. Where is the Fuse??

    Blake has already stated to use a fused wire for testing, I was only adding that the jump starters work great for testing. Fused wires can be obtained at most auto parts stores and most hardware stores. Happy holidays to all.
  10. Where is the Fuse??

    Those small jump start units work great for this, use them very often.
  11. How Do MH Engine Batteries Receive Their Charge?

    Your inverter/charger is working as Brett just said, if you have a bad cell in any one of your batteries, the charger may be overcharging because of this condition, ie. staying in bulk mode because of the bad or weaker battery.
  12. Cummins Onan Exhaust Tip

    If I were Carl, I'd stay with pork chops in the fridge, and don't quit your day job.
  13. How Do MH Engine Batteries Receive Their Charge?

    If there was nothing pulling any power from the house batteries, the drop should be almost none. But you must factor in any posiblity of a parasitic drain. Best way to test is use the disconnect switch after a full charge. Then you can watch for the drop, as stated earlier by others, 13.2 to 13.5 should be available on both banks immediately after unplugging. If the drop happens within 30 minute to close to 12 volts, then that could be the sign of a bad battery in the bank, that's why a good current test device needs to happen right after the batteries have been completely charged.
  14. FMCA Website

    This can also be caused by an incorrect entry in your browser cache, try clearing cookies and website history in your browser settings. Just be aware that some websites will ask for user and passwords after you do this, so be sure that you have that info handy. No your computer does not store this info for many sites, but rather installs cookies on your computer to remember whether a particular pc has visited their website before, and if the info matches, then it will let you re-enter.
  15. How Do MH Engine Batteries Receive Their Charge?

    The giver must shop at one of those dollar stores where everything is $1.. I have used one in the past while in a bind for lack of my tool bag one that cost less than $6.00 that read in tenths. Hope you get this resolved soon, the repairman stated that the batteries were being overcharged, the alternator on the coach may have been charging in bulk mode to try to overcome the weak battery situation, or may mean that the voltage regulator on the coach system has gone bad, it may be built into the alternator or an external depending on make and model.