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  1. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    That is great advice, all debris winds up on the right shoulder, or next to the median.
  2. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    Let me make a suggestion about learning to tow your toad. If you are not traveling alone, have another person drive the toad to the first location that you would feel confortable attaching that toad, of course you pulling the dolly. Now have a communication system between you and the driver of the toad, that person can now tell you if you clear obstacles and how closely. At the first location that you feel safe with that toad attached, probably a rest area on an interstate, put the toad on the dolly and go solo. Within fifty miles you will start to become comfortable with the toad, almost forgetting that it is back there, but do not forget. If you have a rear camera, most newer coaches do, set the camera to stay on while the toad is back there, this will help with getting used to that extra length. All of us was there one day, and will be many more that have to learn someday. Just enjoy the moments as they come, unlike James Bond, (you only live twice), we only live once. "YOU CAN DO IT".
  3. Tools Needed for Full-Timing

    I did a post on this forum about 18 months ago about 12 volt refrigerators, don't know why but can't find it now. Not many manufacturers are producing the 12 volt compressors these days, therefore they are much more expensive than a residual fridge these days. I have also pointed out that when shopping for a residential fridge to always look at the max amperage consumption posted for that fridge, so that one might compare and shop for the lowest number that can be found. Now with the advent of inverter technology in refrigeration, this is the absolute best bang for the buck because of their energy efficiency. With todays technology in inverters, the overhead is so minimal that it almost doesn't need to be added into the equation for converting 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac. I agree that the 12 volt unit would be nice but with the other downfalls, it isn't worth the trouble to try to look for one. I sure hope that your 12 volt last another 44 years, but in the event that it doesn't, you may well want to look at some other alternatives also. I run a 18 cf Samsung three door in my coach, and will not trade for neither the camper style gas/electric or a 12 volt unit.
  4. An inline checkvalve goes after the pump into the fresh water system in the coach. Be sure that the arrow points away from the pump.
  5. I haven't seen this posted on the forum yet, if so I missed it. Mopar is now shipping replacement windshields for their Jeep line made from Gorilla Glass, this is claimed to be the toughest windshield on the market. One can still get regular glass, but if you want the improved ones, they are now available. https://www.mopar.com/en-us/store/parts/gorilla-glass.html
  6. SW Alabama Recommendation

    Thanks for the reccomendation, I have been by that park many times but never checked it out. While there, be sure to try Lamberts restaurant in Foley, and get some thrown rolls.
  7. Humor for those waiting for spring

    Global Warming! I thought Al Gore was from Tennessee.
  8. Humor for those waiting for spring

    Thank goodness, I live in Alabama, you guys can have that beautiful white nasty stuff!
  9. 65 watt Solar Panel

    The mathematics are pretty simple. With 12 volt panels, divide the wattage by 12 to decide what size controller you really need, 1200 watts divided by 12, needs a 100 amp controller to get maximum usage of the solar panels. And as DD69 says, those amps need to feed adequate battery supply, which in turn will power the inverter to convert 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac, the larger the battery bank is, the longer you will be able to draw at 120 volts. Your 65 watt solar panel is producing barely 5 amps to the battery bank, actually a pretty good battery maintainer, but that's all. And the 10 watt is less than an amp, not even a good battery maintainer, but is helpful if there is no parasitic draw. DD has a good system for boondocking, with careful monitoring of electric needs could stay for long periods with no other means of electric supply.
  10. 2018 Ford Edge battery disconnect

    The electronic components in todays vehicles do not like any arc's in the electric system. Disconnecting the negative side does not produce those nasty arc's, positive side will if negative is still hooked up. You can use a short negative cable hooked to the battery, then put any good heavy duty disconnect at a location that is easy to reach, of course hook the present cable to the other side of the switch. One like this can serve very well: https://www.walmart.com/ip/12v-On-off-Battery-Isolator-Kill-Switch-for-Boat-Caravan-Rv-350-Amp-250-Amp-Five-Oceans/472291208?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=6217&adid=22222222227065242106&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=170305372934&wl4=aud-310687321802:pla-276313512130&wl5=9012456&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=114435352&wl11=online&wl12=472291208&wl13=&veh=sem.
  11. Captains chair

    Nothing like them anywhere, especially the bus driver seats. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/air-ride-seat?_trksid=p2045573.m2388
  12. Leveling blocks

    Joe, are you thinking that the outer tires will become "MAYPOPS" overnight?
  13. Another Bad Pet Story

    Makes you want to take a water hose with a high pressure end, one that looks like a fire hose end, and point it directly at the pet owner, then pull the trigger. Hmmm, we would probably land in jail! Wayne, your idea just might work, just place it in a brown paper bag, set it on fire then knock on the door.
  14. Black Tank Pressure Cleaning

    Hot water is your best friend when cleaning the black tank, 1/2 to 3/4 full, use calgon water softener, can be found at Walmart or some other stores in the laundry department, lots of dawn dish detergent, then drive coach to agitate, and as Carl suggest one of those clear fittings to watch what comes out. The ice trick works but is much slower and may take several cleanings to get the results of the HOT WATER. No harsh chemicals in the above fix to agitate the tree huggers, everybody likes soft water and the dish liquid is low foaming.
  15. Leveling blocks

    If you lay concrete blocks sideways while building a swimming pool, the water will only run out the holes, those are called cells. So to build a swimming pool out of concrete blocks then the cells must be placed vertically so that the water will remain within the confines of the pool structure. Also a concrete block will withstand much more load when placed upright "vertically". In other words, they were not designed to be placed sideways.