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  1. It's still $10.00 Herman, name is now, (SENIOR PASS). In all national parks, gets you and your guests free admittance to the attraction, and in some but not all campgrounds, 50% discount on camping. All of the federal campgrounds in the Smokey Mountain National park, such as Cades Cove, Elkmont, and a few others there are 100% boondocking only. Nearly all Corp of Engineers parks do give the 50% off as well. There are many national attractions that have no campground facilities, but are worthwhile to visit, Mendenhall Glacier at Juno Alaska is one, Fort Pulaski at Savanah Ga., another, many more.
  2. Carl, I have the same service from Verizon, it is a box that receives the wireless signal and has a regular house type RJ11 jack to plug the regular home phone into. I use a 4 line wireless handset device with answering machine from Sams club. I pay $20.00 a month for this service, and can take it every place that we go. Princess phone will work on this device.
  3. I am not advocating no surge protection. Being in the computer/it field for a living, I certainly BELIEVE in surge protection. I was only referring to two of them at the same time is an overkill, as well as actually making a weaker link to the main power. And yes I have seen many circumstances where there is a potential for damage, fortunately I have not been a victim yet.
  4. I don't think Remco has a driveshaft disconnect for the Ford Edge. Hard to find for front wheel drive models. Maybe someone should consider making hub locks for all cars.
  5. I was also going to point out that the diesel/electric train has been around for 80+ years, and look at what a load they carry. For those that do not know, the transition technology of d/e is very reliable. They boast 836 miles per ton (2000#'s) per gallon of fuel, and is a proven fact. Not so sure about a gas turbine engine yet, in the past small gas or diesel turbines have been reliable but were fuel hogs. When I was a small boy, in the 50's, the city buses in B'ham., were all electric trolleys, they had a pole on the back of the bus that made contact with an electric wire overhead that was installed for every bus route. I remember the driver going to the rear of the bus and pulling a rope to change from one grid to another. About 1957 those buses were sold to San francisco, who used them for many more years. MEMORIES!
  6. I second Wayne, and sentiments are with you. I have converted two buses and am working on a schoolie now for my daughter and son inlaw. Many questions come while converting and will be glad in helping with answers. If you don't already have the BUS CONVERTERS BIBLE, you really need one, just search on google for that name. And welcome to the forum.
  7. As Brett said, but be sure to use two wires to your battery as he stated, I emphasized this because many try to use only a hot wire and no good ground from the coach will cause sporadic charging of the toad battery.
  8. Tom, I don't know which Directv remote that you have, mine is white with a black back, I can select tv with the slide switch at the top of the remote, then the receiver is not affected by any function including on/off. In the motorhome, I use only one dvr receiver which is setup for uhf remote, I have 3 different TV's that are all split from the one receiver, bedroom, living room, and outside, with the uhf remote I can be at any of the sets and control the receiver.
  9. He could add a remote controlled blinder over the IR eye on each TV, simply open the blind on the one that he wants to change,LOL. Shame that the remotes aren't UHF, one could simply change frequencies on the two sets.,
  10. I don't think that it will hinder or hurt your unit. Good side of owning a portable unit is that you could plug it in and check before pulling into a space, but I don't think that is a big deal either, I have only experienced a faulty pedestal one time in 30 years, and hundreds of hookups. If the onboard unit does what it is supposed to, then I think were it me, I would opt for a refund, and spend the money on something of more importance to me. Just my humble opion (JUMO). Welcome to the forum, many happy tails, and trails!
  11. I do not fault FMCA either, Verizon has done my company wrong before also, by offering something then decided not to go through with it. But Verizon Unlimited so far is not a lie, I signed up as soon as it was offered, dropped $15.00 off my 12 gig data plan, and have gone over the proverbial 22 Gig threshold three times already and have experienced no noticeable slowdowns yet. Lets please move on, horse is already dead, beating it will NOT REVIVE it.
  12. I wasn't referring to switching light sockets from left to right, there are two wires required for each light, one for dim, the other for bright, these was what need to be reversed to cause dim and bright, in most cases there will also be a negative, usually white in a three wire setup. This may require actually cutting the two positive wires and splicing back in a reversed fashion.
  13. The orange extension cord appears to be #10 solid wire, another "NO-NO" if it is solid. Solid wire tends to loosen at any joint that uses screw down force to keep it in place, causing premature arching that can lead to fire. The breakdown is caused by the fact that while moving and shaking of an rv causes undue stress on the joints. Many RV manufacturers used solid wire in the late 80's and early 90's and found it not a good practice.The reason that I think it is solid is because of the flat appearance. If it is solid, I highly recommend replacing with a stranded cable, the more strands, the better, actually a 10 gauge extension cord would be the best choice. I would almost bet that it terminates into a 30 amp transfer switch.