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  1. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    I would believe that a 2004 HR Endeavor has two sets of batteries, one, the chassis battery bank, probably 2 12 volt in parallel for starting the coach, and the other set is house batteries, 4 6 volt in series/parallel for house usage. A dedicated generator battery for me is a great idea, could still be hooked to the existing wires to the house batteries, with an isolation circuit to keep the house batteries from pulling away from the generator battery. A good three stage charger can also be added to make sure the gen battery is always up, but probably not needed if an isolation circuit is used. I pulled up a 2003 manual, could not find a 2004 for your unit, which describes both battery banks.
  2. Engine Braking

    Urea 32% on the feet helps cure dry and cracked feet, maybe it will work equally well on the dry and cracked hoses. Makes about as much sense as using engine braking causing extra pressure on the engine causing the hoses to blow. I know that using urea does what it is supposed to for the feet, but I don't believe the engine braking line yet. Just saying.
  3. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    I think all land should be retired in Maine. 80 degrees here in Birmingham today.
  4. Hello Brett, hope it's not too chilly in Chile this time of year.
  5. Engine Braking

    Ehh what did you say Carl, my hearing aids don't work well for print!
  6. Storing 2015 DS 6h/d power

    For those without beepers, you can still have envious neighbors, every time you put the coach into reverse, remember three long blasts with the air horn, for safety sake.
  7. Storing 2015 DS 6h/d power

    My wager is that it is a 2015 Dutch Star! Anybody else want 2 cents worth of this wager?
  8. Verizon Mifi

    I have the Verizon Unlimited plan, mine is not with FMCA, but the so called cut back on my plan is at 22 gb, with 15 gb per hotspot. I have maxed out several times, and the cap on my plan is 70 kb until the month's end. Yep, it creeps and crawls, but the web pages will usually fill, if there is enough coffee left in the pot. I have been unable to get broadband at my home in the past, but fortunately ATT finally came through in mid January. Uverse is now putting through 5 mbps with a terabyte monthly gap, I doubt that will happen soon. My Verizon mifi will both down and upload at 30 to mbps before the data cap hits, so I am installing a load sharing router to get a fast enough speed to be able to stream if HD, and hoping that this will stop my Verizon Mifi from reaching it's data limit too soon each month in the future.
  9. Where to stay?

    One should ask for 75% discount since it's only 25% of a class A. Especially since it is all about economics.
  10. Time for Safety Features on Motor Homes?

    Helium filled deployment would be great, a big helium filled balloon with a body harness attached to the body of the rider, when it goes off, balloon fills with helium which in turn lifts the rider up and safely deflates allowing the rider to escape without a scratch.
  11. Time for Safety Features on Motor Homes?

    Since the Subaru has been mentioned, my daughter bought a Subaru several years ago, and the spare tire was mounted above the motor, up front of course. I questioned quite often, why was the spare tire mounted where it was. I finally found out that it was the only way that car could survive the crash test. Lesson here is, if the spare tire is up front, don't throw it in the trunk, and think everything is OK. By the way, for keeping this post on topic, my bus has the spare tire that is mounted on a rim and fully aired, behind the front bumper, which is hinged at the bottom for access to the spare, what a coincidence. LOL
  12. Pet Discrimination

    We have four yorkies that go almost every place that we go. These are the hardest dogs to train, I helped train service animals while we lived in Florida, and these are not well trained, but they all know where the line is and will not cross that. We have one CG that is close to where we live and use that one often. A couple years ago this CG had hired a new security officer that obviously does not like dogs. We have a small portable fence, and when a lot of people with other dogs are present, we put a drape over the fence wire to keep ours from seeing those while approaching, because they will yap if they see strangers with dogs. The new security officer put his head and arms over the fence and my yorkies barked at him, he then demanded that I take them inside the coach. I asked if they barked before he started poking at them, he said no, I told him that he needed to go to his coach and stay there. I will gladly put mine up if they are fault, but sometimes there are stupid people also.
  13. Backing up 26' motorhome without a spotter

    All good suggestions, I would not attach anything to my coach, learning the mirror technique and possibly how to properly use a backup camera if you have one. Collapsible cones are available, or simply make some markers that are very visible, and place them where you would like to stop can be helpful. Here is a pretty good youtube video describing backing an rv.
  14. He says he's 75, most of his sayings sounds 12, does that mean that he is in his second puberty?
  15. Here is another work around https://www.vpnuniversity.com/tutorial/how-to-share-unlimited-4g-data-with-your-router.