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  1. Tandem Dolly

    You may want to consider a tandem tow dolly instead of a trailer, there are several companies that offer them, some are expensive and some not so bad. Just Google tandem tow dolly, you might find something that will work for you. I use one that I modified to take care of my needs.
  2. Tire Air Pumps

    I suspect that they are under the bedroom, and there is a lot of hot air above them! LOL
  3. Wayne, you getting old? That's my birthday, Veterans day November 11.
  4. 5th Wheel For Full-timing

    Bring Roger up, makes you Smile?
  5. Convection/Microwave Ovens

    Cinnamon biscuits are pretty good also, just roll the biscuit dough into a long string between your hands, sprinkle the cinnamon/sugar onto parchment paper, I have to use the granulated Splenda because of diabetes, form circles (pin wheels) from the long strings, bake till golden brown, top with cream cheese icing. Carl Crisco, then drizzle with REAL butter when 3/4 done.
  6. Convection/Microwave Ovens

    I have a convection oven in the S&B's, no need for a turn table in it as the fan in the oven takes care of evenly distributing air around the biscuits. Have tried teaching DW to make them for 53 years, I can only eat them if I "knead" the dough myself. LOL I'm always needing the dough due to a nasty MH habit.
  7. Dolly Towing

    I use a 2016 Escape, and dolly tow it. I like the Acme brand also, but Acme requires the steering wheel to be unlocked, meaning that the key must be in accessory mode. One will be OK up to about 4 hours without a charge line. My dolly is a retired United rental that I modified to accept pulling the golf cart while towing the car. If you do not want to use a charge line, be sure to look for a dolly with a swivel for your car. I have no problem towing with a dolly, can load in 7 minutes, unload in 5. Only draw back to dolly towing for me is storing it in some campgrounds. I did add a tongue wheel lift jack due to extra weight of the golf cart add on.
  8. Carl, try Walmart (Bobs Red Mill) brand, can order online if not in stock. Not intended as ad for wally world, just info.
  9. Since food is under this topic, if you like catfish, I use the old yellow mustard, which I hate any other way, mix the mustard 50/50 with water, dip the catfish in this before using corn meal of your favorite batter, then fry. Very interesting and palatable combination.
  10. Surgeguard Model# 40250

    I would suspect that J8 is an electronic voltage, low as -10v dc, or may even be a ground voltage. The manufacturer would not expect you to install a jumper if it were a lethal voltage there without instructions to use an insulated device and a huge warning. Good job Carl.
  11. FR3 Cable Slide Problems

    No I do not have an FR3 but, cable slides are like everything else on a MH, they require routine maintenance. This includes dealer prep, and regular inspections of the working mechanisms, including lubrication, checking for slack in the cable assembly, and always being mindful about any binding and or obstructions that may cause problems. I personally would prefer hydraulics, but cost could easily become a deal breaker. Welcome to the forum, hope you find what you are looking for, and it is good that you are checking systems out before making the plunge, hopefully someone will see the post and have direct info for you.
  12. Uncomfortable Class A Captain Chairs

    Good thing, DW is a wanderer, so I am not inclined to worry so much about her seat being as comfortable as mine. I usually drive 3 to 5 hours non stop, while she will routinely goes to the restroom, or to the fridge for cold drinks, or to the sink to check on the soup, crockpot in the sink for safety, or an occasional nap on the couch. And I left the modesty panel in front of the passenger seat, so no stairwell cover necessary, also no need to add handrails for handicap reasons, they are already there.
  13. Battery Issues

    If this one was ever replaced, whomever replaced it may have used the incorrect one, and probably got rid of the coach because of the mistake. Probably only one number or letter difference in the two. Or it could have been rewired incorrectly to the wrong position. I would suspect that the purple wire should be wired to the key switch, for the purpose of activation for charging house batteries while the coach is running. If wired that way, it would need to be normally open. Need to know what supplies purple wire current for that reason.
  14. Uncomfortable Class A Captain Chairs

    Tom, if you carefully shop, in most cases, you can usually use your same pedestal with very little pedestal modification. The last one that I helped with, only had to use an 11 gage plate of steel, drilled holes to attach the plate to the old pedestal, them drilled to attach the new seat, that ped was a swivel type. Can do the same thing to move a seat position in many cases. Joe, yes the Viking does offer an adjustable lumbar support, I've never seen a power leg rest, may have them, just not saw one yet myself. Sue uses a power leg rest, she has a bean bag that she powers under her legs. LOL
  15. Thanks Chris for the updates, and the good job.