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  1. Verizon Mifi

    As with American Pie, that'll be the "DAY-AY-AY".
  2. Wrangler Toad owners

    Honda is the only brand that I have heard of that requires stopping and shifting. My buddy that lives near Mobile Al. burnt up a transmission several years back on his Honda because of not adhering to that requirement, it was a Civic, not a CRV.
  3. Glacier Ntl. Park camping

    Almost my next door neighbor, just 240 miles north of you, Hueytown, Al. Welcome to the forum, I'll be fishing for redfish in Apalachicola Fl., May 29 unless feds open snapper a few days early. Have some good camper friends that live about 7 miles south of you.
  4. Door won’t open at times

    Welcome to the forum Flboatmech168. Does the handle indicate that you are a boat mechanic from or in Florida? If so, what part? Oh yes for the OP, maybe a little of the right kind of lubricant in addition to the other attention mentioned above.
  5. New Guy

    Welcome to the forum Billy, glad that you dropped by, hope you enjoy joining us.
  6. Wrangler Toad owners

    I would think that stopping and shifting gears would be an easier solution than using a manual transmission if I had had knee replacement, but that's just a personal opinion. I've had knee surgery but not replacement, and it does bother me a little using a clutch, although I can use it successfully. Also the manual tranny is at a premium in my part of the country for a used Wrangler.
  7. 2K-3K Inverter recommendations

    Ditto, X2 from my perspective also. Make sure that the PSW inverter is a converter/inverter. You will get about the same run time from either unit as long as you do not add any additional load. One caution though, make sure that the Aims brand is a 3 or 4 stage converter, if only 2 stage, back away.
  8. Transfer Switch

    With your added information, on a 50 amp service, the power incoming to the coach it the pedestal is properly wired, power is 240 volts, 120 volts powered from L1, and 120 volts powered from L2. Yes a 50 amp transfer switch also incorporates L1 and L2 also. Inside the transfer switch there is two sets of contact switches, one from shore power, the other from the generator power. Both sets of contact switches have two contacts one for L1 and the other from L2. Next question for you is does this also happen when running on the generator? If so, then next place to check is the main circuit breaker panel inside the coach, you could have a loose connection there, this has happened to me in the past, turned out to be a faulty breaker. If the problem does go away while on the generator, then I would concur that the problem probably lies within the transfer switch. I looked up your inverter model #ME2012 up, and the transfer of 120 volts input to 120 inverted 120 volts is within the inverter. Best test for the internal transfer switch is to bypass the inverter with the same circuit that the inverter is on, straight to your microwave to see if the problem goes away. Also are the inverters both on the same, or separate battery banks, and have you load tested those batteries?
  9. Transfer Switch

    The nature of this is a little confusing, please bear with me on trying to give an answer. Assuming that there is a transfer switch between shore power/generator and the inverters, it would be much like a transfer switch between generator and shore power, it would look for 120 volts from either source and stay switched to which ever is present unless in the case of a regular switch, the generator when is cranked the switch will move to generator power, usually with a delay. Burnt points on a transfer could possibly cause fluctuating power but usually just fail. In the case of a transfer switch between shore/generator and inverter, that switch is usually built into the inverter itself. It will be helpful to know the model number of your Magnum inverters to give a better answer. Also will be helpful to know when the fluctuation occurs, when on shore power, generator, or inverter. Faulty neutral connections can be very annoying and should always be checked for tightness to assure that is not where the problem lies, if you are uncomfortable working with electricity, please have someone that does this type work for a living, check all electrical connections in the coach. If this problem has just started, plug into another CG source to see if the problem goes away.
  10. Verizon Mifi

    I have been with Verizon for several years, have never seen above 700 kbs after throttling begins, until of course the new bill cycle begins. I might add that I live within 300 yards of the Verizon tower and on the same mountain top, signal strength is 100%.
  11. Best Fish Fry

    Mullet is only good when fresh out of the water, if they are iced more than two hours, forget it for anything other than bait, even in Florida. I almost forgot to mention that the only water that Floridians eat mullet from is the St Johns river. St Johns is the only river in the U.S. that flows its entire course northwards, and is salt water at the head of the river, it has few fresh water tributaries making for the fish in it do not live in true brackish water, as they would if they lived in a bay that is fed by a large fresh water river.
  12. Best Fish Fry

    When I lived in Lake City Florida, one of the local farm supply stores put on a fish fry every year on December 24. It was their Christmas gift to the community, all the fish, grits, "yes grits is a specialty, especially with cheese" in that area, coleslaw, and Mullet fish. Shame that the old family members have died out now. that was a lot of comradery at those gatherings. Always was some really good bands to attend.
  13. Engine Muffler

    Carl, I aint French, and since Pots passed, I haven't had another "Snail" since. Ok I got it escargot? I hope no one else knows the difference.
  14. Engine Muffler

    Well Carl, maybe just a slight detour on his way to Florida. Pots Vance was a very dear friend from Canada, he used to rent my brothers condo during the winter months, his wife prepared Escardo for us on many occasions, normally YUK, but hers was very tasty. If you don't remember him, he was an accomplished hockey player from one of the Canadian teams, I collected his signature for several hockey fans in this area. Leroy, I PM'ed you a more detailed set of instructions on how to PM, if any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
  15. Good Drive Tire

    And now, we know the rest of the story! Thanks for reporting back bm02tj.