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  1. Towing Lights

    When I took the diodes to the KIA dealer and asked them to install on my KIA Soul, they said to me, " we will not install, any changes in the wiring harness, even if we do it, will void your warranty for any part connected to the wiring harness". For that reason I did not use the diodes. I work with electronics on a daily basis and have done so for the past 33 years. I know that diodes will not cause a problem, but if the dealer tells me that they will void my warranty, as they did, I will choose not to go that way either. As for the Saturn Vue, there is no factory warranty, so I would definitely use diodes. E-trailer is a good source and so is camping world, just be sure to use the diode assemblies that are designed for this use. When you think about diodes, just think that they are nothing more than a oneway checkvalve for electricity, the only job that the ones used in wiring assemblies is to stop the backward flow of electricity.
  2. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    I agree with you Herman, if the pump works now, don't fix it. If the pump still cycles off and on needlessly, there is a leak after the pump, that's what needs to be fixed.
  3. Best Route Nashville To Tampa

    Beautiful sites on hgy27, this is where a lot of the Kentucky Derby horse owners, winter their thoroughbreds, very expensive barns to stall them in, and most of the owners have their own training tracks there also.
  4. Trip Planning

    I copied this from the other post because of redundency. Posted 10 hours ago Good Evening jbhotaling, Unfortunately, due to increasingly negative feedback it was decided not to renew the Trip Planning service as of December 31, 2017. However, this benefit is now provided by, and is a part of, FMCA Roadside Rescue - www.fmca.com/roadsiderescue. Happy to assist if you have any other questions or concerns. Sincerely, Dan Ball, Director of Membership & Marketing
  5. Ray, thanks for your scientific analysis!
  6. Refrigerator Swap Process

    Lex, I email my pictures from my smart phone, then I can copy and paste from email. You will happy with the Upgrade.
  7. Best Route Nashville To Tampa

    This would be my choice route also. Just before Troy Alabama on hgy 231, there is a very nice CG called Deer Run, very nice CG, no reservations needed, and it is almost the halfway mark for your route. The CG is full service, very clean, and almost all sites are pullthrough.
  8. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    Make sure that the arrow on the checkvalve is pointed away from the pump in the downstream position, if put in reversed, the pump cannot cycle on, because of the pressure against the valve. This type pump is a diaphragm style which means that it will pump air as well as water. If any air is in the system, it will actually pump the air out. This is why it is critical to not have an air leak between the fresh water tank and the pump, so that it does not pump air instead of water, causing the pump to not shut off, or cycle very often. You can test the checkvalve to make sure that it is working correctly by blowing into the checkvalve. If you blow into the end that the arrow is pointed to, no air should pass. If you blow into the end that the arrow is pointed away from, the air flow should be unrestricted. If the valve doesn't work as stated above on both tests, the valve is defective. Make sure that you have 12 volts present to the pump also, just an added thought, someone may have turned the pump off or a fuse could be blown if 12 v is not present.
  9. Frozen LP Tank Leaking??

    I've always used premade hoses for my LP installs in a coach, have never seen any type of certification process here in Alabama. I would check with the LP shop that is working on your tanks your question about the hoses in your state, surely they can give adequate advice for your state.
  10. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    No screen inside of an inline checkvalve. The sediment screen should be placed just before the pump. The OP may want to check this screen for his situation, it is a very likely place for problems for the pump failure, could have frozen and cracked, or just partially stopped up, the bowl may not be secure, allowing for air to leak, with air leak, no way for the pump to prime. Sorry, I am referring to the wrong post for the last part of this post.
  11. Brake Systems For Toad

    Sounds to me like a four wheel alignment may be in order for the Fiat, if towing four down especially.
  12. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    Carl, make sure the arrow is pointed away from the pump.
  13. Frozen LP Tank Leaking??

    In my state recertification is only required every 15 years, and with the simplicity of the mounting, it will not be that difficult to pull and replace, but I would bet that the job can be done by just driving to a qualified to a recertification location, if not deemed a permanent install, although I would bet that it is. Most LP refill stations can do the job of refilling them, especially since they are being brought up to date. Also a wise decision to replace the plumbing while making the system up to date.
  14. Lack Of Air Pressure

    When the purge valve went bad on my coach, no one could hear an air leak until we put a large portable compressor in line just after the governor. The compressor on the coach did not even start to build pressure, crawled under the coach and felt the purge valve, covered the outlet with a finger, pressure started to build, then removed finger to hear the leak. The valve was stuck open of course. I replaced the valve, everything has worked fine since.
  15. Doesn't hybrid incorporate a transmission capable of combining both the power from the gas/diesel engine with the power of an electric motor? And if this is the case, then the transmission will be the key factor in how the power is transferred to the drive wheels. If this is the case then about any size motor can be used to power the rig up the hill, and the electric motor can be a helper when more power is needed and can be phased in on the downhill in order to produce electricity to recharge the batteries. In my understanding, hybrid is in no way the same principal as a diesel/electric locomotive. I like the idea of ideas in the arena for trying to achieve a goal of reducing fossil fuel dependence, but not at the expense of forcing it onto every poor sucker that cannot afford the expense of testing it out.
  16. Upgrading gauges - Fluid Levels

    Mark, I did not look into the Bluetooth model, but if I were in the market, I would look into it. If it will send the readings to a smart phone, that would be a great feature for me.
  17. Tannehill State Park Near Birmingham

    Roland, glad you found it OK. If you don't plan to leave too soon tomorrow, give me a call, would love to share a coffee or a meal with you.
  18. I started out camping many years ago as a boy scout, then as a scout master for 8 years in a pup tent, and never really enjoyed it that way. I then started vacationing by rent a motel room, and hated that because of the fact that I was always sleeping in a bed that I had no clue who had slept there before. I could hardly sleep there because of the eerie feeling that bugs were crawling on me. That's when I told my wife that we were about to own a motorhome. First two were used, we took everything out of them including the mattress's which went directly to the dump then thoroughly disinfected the coaches before putting new mattress's on the bed, and have enjoyed most every minute of camping in my own motorhomes. Now with all that said, why would I rent out my motorhome and begin sleeping on a bed that my wife and I were not the last people to sleep there? No, my motorhome is Not for rent!
  19. Carl, with Jimmy Carter as president and rising interest rates due to inflation, the cost of material was skyrocketing at a faster rate than I could keep up. If I bid on a job, by the time I got an OK to build, the cost of material would be more than I had bid on the job. I saw the writing on the wall, and went to a local junior college at night to take course in electronics, by the time I finished the course, my brother was just starting his computer business, and was begging me to move back to Alabama from Florida. I moved back to Al., was the best move that I ever made. Although I still love cabinet and furniture making, it has only been a hobby since. Eddie, good thinking about using the thinner plywood, hope the project continues to go well, as I feel that it will. An angle drill head and a long extension may come in handy for reaching way back in the cavity to reach those screws, in case you still need to change them.
  20. Upgrading gauges - Fluid Levels

    I have used Accurite brand, I think that Seelevel is just another brand name. This style uses capacitive coupling rather than the sensors inside the tank, making them much more accurate than the metal sensor inside the tank. Mine uses an aluminum foil strip affixed to the outside of the tank to gather its reading, very similar to Carl's method of checking the level of LP gas in a propane tank, except where liquid ends and air begins it uses an electronic measurement. Sorry for a bit of misleading info above, after doing a lot more research on the Seelevel brand, it is not the same as my Accurite brand which does use capacitive coupling, the Seelevel brand uses a series of sensors on the outside of the tank which uses a little different approach than capacitive. The claim is that each measures density of the tank wall, thus letting the control board know where liquid ends and air begins for its "more accurate" reading. I have had zero problems with my installed brand, but cannot attest to the accuracy of the other brand, but in theory, either system will be miles ahead of the old inside the tank system.
  21. Frozen LP Tank Leaking??

    I was going to point this out to Carl, those descriptions are only there so you will know how to read, it does not indicate what is in the tank, only the supplier will know that answer. Or an analysis of the substance.
  22. Frozen LP Tank Leaking??

    Richard, have you filled the tanks since you acquired the coach, or possibly may have been quite a while since it was filled? Reason for asking, butane is / was cheaper to obtain than LP "liquid petroleum" and at one time was sold during the summer months here in the southeast. Problem with butane is that in extreme cold weather, it will freeze, and if read it will show a zero reading due to no pressure. Not saying that is your problem, but in a warmer climate if the gauge starts mysteriously showing a partial tank, then this should help solve the mystery. I had written the above statement after your first post, but did not press the submit button. I used the vertical tanks in my conversion because of the ease of removal for refilling. Also the vertical style are much less expensive than the horizontal. Pressure is about 10# on LP but the regulators are normally preset, natural gas is 4#, this is why the orifice hole is much larger for natural gas.
  23. Refrigerator

    dustyw8lje, First of all, welcome to the forum. Now with that out of the way, a bit more info about your fridge and RV when posting a question such as this will certainly get you better answers. Assuming that the fridge is an absorption type, this is the typical camper style fridge, first of all, I hope that the inside of the RV is now being heated in order for the fridge to start. Now if this the case, what is the inside temp of the fridge? If below the temp that the fridge is set for it will not start until it has been raised to above that level. Place a thermometer inside to verify this. If it is not, you will need to raise that temp before you can expect it to start, and that is assuming that all the lights are working on the fridge control panel and the fridge has been working on the last time that it was supposed to start. You can leave the door of the fridge slightly open to let the warmer air inside the RV enter the cabinet so that it reaches a warmer temperature, or place a low wattage 120volt light bulb inside, but placed so not to be lying on plastic or any other flammable or melting substance. Hope this has answered your question, but if not, please give more info and let us know, others will be around to give good advice.
  24. Paint Checking: 2005 Monaco Executive

    This is why I would install a lexan or stainless steel bra rather than diamond sheild on the front of any coach. I do not like the vinyl bras because they are in direct contact with the paint surface and the movement directly against the surface will have a sandpaper effect on the paint job underneath. Also is why I decided to use vinyl instead of paint, after 7 to 10 years, just use a heat gun to remove, then re-vinyl.