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  1. Newmar Comfort Drive

    Thank you everyone for your input. I'm hoping to be at a certain price point out the door. I'm not looking for a new one. I use my coach for work, so I'm not looking for a high dollar unit either. Just something that's a lot easier on me to drive and that has a few perks that my last one didn't. I did just learn today about a 2008 Mountain Aire with 107,000. They want $139K (that the asking price). I haven't seen the unit. But wonder does the higher mileage cause anyone any concerns? Says something about road worthiness I suppose to have that many miles on it. Thoughts?
  2. Newmar Comfort Drive

    It sounds like you've already fixed everything... I'm really sorry you've had so many challenges so far. When I bought my last coach (2000 Safari Zanzibar 40' 1 slide), we had very similar challenges. I was fortunate though in that we had an extended warranty. We still have to deal with the challenges, but, after fighting with them for a few days, they would end up paying for MOST of the costs. If you're serious about re-homing it, I might be willing to take a look. Couldn't hurt right?
  3. Newmar Comfort Drive

    Greetings all. I have finally decided that I need to upgrade from my 2000 Safari Zanzibar. I listed it on RV Trader and it sold in 5 days. For asking. Which leads me to believe I probably didn't ask enough. But I digress. So in my journey to find a replacement I've heard a lot about the Newmar Comfort Drive system for it's diesel pushers. I use my coach for my work, and am typically under deadlines to get from point A to point B. As such I tend to pull 12 to 14 hours behind the wheel of my rig to get there. So the comfort drive system is pretty appealing to me. Anyone have any experience with the system? Is it as helpful at reducing driver fatigue as they claim? Also, I'm having a **** of a time finding someone that wants to sell one. I'm looking in the 2007 and up, between 38' - 42'. MUST have a separate washer and dryer. Would love a king bed but will settle for a queen. Need four slides and really want an Aquahot or Oasis water system. Need it to be a four seasons coach as I do use it during inclimate weather. Pulling a full size Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab pick up, so want 350 HP or better and a 3000 series Allison transmission or better. There's other things on the list, but those are the biggies. Very curious to hear other peoples experience with this system. There are a number of other manufacturers out there that have nice rigs, but I'm really stuck on that Comfort Drive.....
  4. Tow Set Up Options

    Any idea what the credit might be? (Roughly)?
  5. Tow Set Up Options

    It is worth having the M&G system for a 2001 Jeep removed (the costs of labor) to get the credit?
  6. Tow Set Up Options

    It does. Confirmed at dealership. It's also listed by FMCA as a 4 wheel down towable.
  7. Greetings Fellow RV'ers! It's been a while since I've posted anything. But wanted to get the learned insights on the latest options for toad set ups. I have a 2009 Dodge Ram 150 4X4. I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I was talked into selling it. (Got a great price for it). The Jeep was my toad. I used the Blue Ox tow plate/bar set up with the M&E Engineering supplemental braking system. Didn't have a great experience with it. But I think it had more to do with who installed it than the system itself. But it is a bit expensive. In Texas we are required to have a supplemental braking system if you are towing with your RV. I already have my Class B license. I tend to end up needing a pick up when I get where I'm going anyway, so I figured it's time to just bite the bullet and start towing the Dodge. Any thoughts or insights on the best options that have the best safety, ease of use and reasonable price is greatly appreciated.
  8. Winegard Satellite Dish Issues

    Hello All! Just going to throw this out there. I'm parked in Strafford, VA, at the Aquia Pines RV resort. I'm here for work through the end of next week. I parked on Saturday evening, called Dish gave them the new service address and fired up my Winegard T 8000T (white dome) satellite. Done it a hundred times. Everything came up and it was hunky dory until two days ago. Suddenly I have partial, then complete signal loss. I've been on the phone with Dish for the last two days (outside of work), and we've tried everything. I ran a new cable directly from the Winegard to the input on the receiver no dice. I replace the receiver (had a spare in the basement, don't ask me why I have no idea), no dice. I have confirmed I'm facing South, I have beautiful vista of a view no obstructions at all. Still no signal. I've called 9 different places, (getting referred from one to another over and over), no one in the area or close to this area will come to the RV park, I have to pack up the coach 40 foo DP Safari Zanzibar, and take it to them. Does anyone know of a technition in the area that I could contact and have them come take a look at it? I just quite smoking three months ago, and if I have to go without TV for the next two weeks.... well... I just can't even think about it! LOL Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Michelin Advantage Program

    We actually just used the Michelin program to put a set of 6 255 70R 22.5 XZR tires on our DP. Retail was about $4,350 with mounting, balance and disposal of the old tires. Out the door we were at $3,900.00. Not a bad savings at all. It was pretty easy to set it up as well. Only thing that I'm concerned about is that the coaches steering now feels "soft" to me. I have noticed a much softer ride for sure. But not sure that's a good thing. But we are leaving from Dallas on the 22nd to Greenville SC then to Frederickburg VA then to Seattle, WA and then back to Dallas, TX. So I didn't want to take the chance on the old set.
  10. Greetings Everyone, As I've mentioned in the past we use our coach for work. Part of that is entertaining our clients at our coach a couple of times while we are wrapping up thier project. We have a 2000 Safari Zanzibar, with one slide. Simply put we don't have enough room inside the coach to host dinner for four adults. As a result we typically prepare and serve dinner under the awning. Well we've quickly learned that this often isn't ideal due to weather conditions. We've tried hanging painting canvas tarps around the awning to block some of the elements. That also hasn't really worked out very well. Not to mention we aren't exactly making an "impression". So we're thinking about purchasing a Carefree Awning room. They are currently on sale on the camping world website. The 19' room is about $700. Has anyone purchased one of these and if so do you think it was worth it? Anything we should be aware of? I've been on the phone with Camping World customer service and I'm being told this will work on our coach. Just curious if anyone has any experience or opinions???
  11. Okay, so we just moved to the Dallas TX area back in November. We use our class A DP for our work/ Business. Turns out I have to get this CDL license as well. I printed off the 155 pg manual yesterday. I don't mind telling you that I am a little intimidated. I've been driving our coach for over 4 years and I'm happy to report I have managed to avoid plowing into the back of every Toyota Prius that has cut me off and then slammed on their brakes! One question I have is this. I'm pretty sure I can pass the written test once I've studied all 155 pgs of the manual. (by the way, there isn't a chapter 15 in my copy, could you tell me the title of the section 15 you mentioned?). So my question is this. Once I get my "learners permit" do I need to have someone that has the appropriate license drive my coach to the driving test? If so, any thoughts on how to go about that? And another question, has anyone ever had to parallel park their coach? Like ever??? Can't believe that is part of the test!