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  1. Microwave Repair

    My Sharp MW quits working a few years ago and I found a trouble shooting chart on a GOOGLE search. Found an example of the problem that I was experiencing and orders the parts on line (less than $15) once I had parts in hand I proceed to remove and dismantle MW until I found the parts that matched the parts that I had purchased. The hardest part of the job was getting the MW off the wall. It's still working fine, the repair was made 6 years ago. Jim
  2. Heat Loss In Furnace Exhaust

    We have used our previous MH for snowmobiling for extensively and we always used catalytic a catalytic heater as our primary heating source. We always left a window partially open in each end of the motor home and we also had O2 monitors. We found the heat were comfortable and we could spend day without running the generator. I would install one in our current MH if we had a place to install on. With the four slides there is no wall space to accommodate a catalytic heater. Jim
  3. Generator Problem

    Looks like you dodged one, it's a good lesson for all of us. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. Jim
  4. Generator Problem

    I would put a small heater or light bulbs under the generator over night to help the dry out process before I tried to run the generator. Jim
  5. Wet Bay Heater

    Look like the same relay that is used on Attwood electric/LP hot water heaters, available on Amazon Prime, less that $10 with 2 day delivery. Jim
  6. Value Of Used Norcold 1210 w/icemaker

    I was in the same boat and I finally gave mine away, got tired of seeing it sitting in the garage. Yes, there were lots of good parts, but not many want to take the risk. You can replace with new residential refrigerator for less the replacing the cooling unit. and you can get a good nights sleep not be wondering when the NO COLD will fail. Jim
  7. Monaco Diplomat Slide Wall Leak

    I had the same problem with the seal flipping until I started using LUCAS Slick Mist to clean and protect the MH exterior. The finish is so slick that there is little or no friction on the rubber seal. I apply the Slick Mist monthly on the slide ends. I remember seeing where someone installed some diagonal plastic strips on the slide ends to force the rubber seal to flip when it was opening and closing. Jim
  8. Fuse Keeps Blowing

    I would insist that the drier be changed. Jim
  9. Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine & Refrigerators

    I also have the Samsung RF 18, I also have it plugged in the original ice maker receptacle, I have a modified sine wave inverter and it works fine. Jim
  10. Surge Protector Recommendations

    Carl, You must be parking on the wrong side of the track!!! Jim
  11. Nice looking rig. welcome to the forum. Jim
  12. Help Identifying Front Light Parts

    It not unusual to find that the light assembles on motorhomes are actually parts from cars and light trucks. If you can find a picture of the stolen ones you might be able to find a match on EBay or other online sites. Jim
  13. Spartan Ball Joint Replacement

    There are many posts on other forums on the saga of failed boots and ball joint on Spartan chassis. Most report that special tools are not available for the do-it-yourself mechanics and replace ball joints are also prone to failure. Jim
  14. Receiver Clearance Too Short For Riser

    Seen like the hole location and length of shank differ among manufactures.. I have several different stinger with different heights and shank lengths. I would not be too concerned with using a stinger with a longer shank due to the fact you don't have much tongue weight with a tow bar. Jim
  15. Another Test

    You passed the test, welcome to the forum. Jim