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  1. Leveling pad replacement

    If bolts are holding it on try an impact wrench.
  2. 2005 Fleetwood Excursion slide issue

    I had a slide that stopped moving a couple of years ago and I took a wrench and turned the driveshaft a couple of turns and it work ever since. Must of been cobwebs in the motor.
  3. Leaking Dometic Toilet Valve

    This looks like it will fit.
  4. Coach EMS Saves The Day

    Thatt EMS sure paid for itself today.
  5. I stopped into a Sprint store today because DW old Galaxy 4 quit. While she was getting a new phone I check with them about wifi through FMCA. While checking it out they found my unlimited phone plan already included 10 GB of data per month with Hulu. They asked to see my FMCA card and told me that it included $5.00 per month off my monthly bill for being a FMCA member. This is a benefit I didn't know exist.
  6. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Advertising is correct with the one I took off. It flashed HR Holiday Rambler in polished stainless steel to all that drove behind me.
  7. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    I took a picture of the replacement rock guard. This one is supposed to cut down on the dirt and splashes to the tow vehicle. It supposed to allow plenty of air flow under the coach. We will see how well it works. The old rock guard didn't do what it was supposed to do and is easily damaged.
  8. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    To answer both of your questions, please check the above post. I do use the spray white on the gears I can get to.
  9. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Below is a picture of the coupler that listed as driveshaft. Because the shaft hole was elongated, I install a bolt tight to the transmission shaft and that was part of the problem. If you look at the picture you can see its a adjustable shaft with a 1/4 inch bolt on each end. There is suppose to be a little slack on both bolts inside that driveshaft with a locknut to prevent over tighten. Otherwise it will work the bolt until it breaks. They could be shear pins to protect the transmission and gear shafts. I would not try to drill the hole larger in the shaft as it would make them weaker. The driveshafts is not available but the good news is I can fix the old one. I will cut off about a inch to remove the damage part of the shaft and redrill he hole. The drive shave is adjustable from 15 to 28 inches long and the length I need is about 18 inches. I have to wait until I get home so I can use a vice and drill press so everything is straight.
  10. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Update now that I got some wifi. We arrived to Davis Monthan AFB on the 17th and dry camped until yesterday. Finally into much warmer weather. Last cold we had was in a I-10 rest stop in Texas just east of El Paso, TX. It was in the 20 F overnight but somehow the basement heat work so no frozen pump lines. While dry camping here I installed a Rock Solid rock guard off the rear bumper. I feel it will do a better job than the factory one that folds up hits the frame on bumps and dips. I haven't taken the old one off yet. I don't think it will be a good thing to throw it in the dumpster on the base. We are having trouble with one slide breaking a bolt with nut, washers and bolt all grade 8. The connector from the motor gearbox to the rear gear is a square slip tube with one bolt hole on each end. One hole on that tube is elongated appears to work the bolt till it breaks. Maybe I can spray the gears and tracks to help it along. Maybe call HR tech support whoever the heck they are now. Maybe they have a solution or a better connector. When dry camping I had problems with the generator stalling. That is not a problem I had before. Each time I had to prime to restart. When I had the coach serviced by Freightliner on 11/29 I had the generator serviced with oil and both filters. I got under the coach and found the fitting from the fuel pump on the fuel filter not tight enough. The fitting, bottom of the filter and access door was wet with diesel fuel. I tighten down that fitting to solve the problem which it did. So far no major problem that I can't handle on my own. Next big stop will be Seabreeze Navy Seals Beach in CA on the 30th of this month. We have a pull through site reserved there.
  11. U.S. Hwy 2 Between Leavenworth WA & Everett WA

    I have taken that route many times with my coach as most visitors to our home want to visit Leavenworth. When you get to Leavenworth look for a large parking lot on the left and you can park and explore the town without paying for parking. There are some nice German Bavarian-style restaurants there and I recommend you explore them also.
  12. Dead Starting Batteries

    Holiday Rambler came equipped with a digital echo charger. Mine was in the battery compartment and got wet over and needed replacement. I moved it to a dry location when I replaced it. Check yours-- it should have a green light. If it doesn't, it will need to be replaced. Check link below to see what it looks like.
  13. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Front only, HD with GPS data. Easy to download to computer and software to show street data if needed.
  14. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    A sports cam don't necessary have gps date to show speed and location of your vehicle. There is also software that has something like google maps to show where you are on the map if there is any question in court.
  15. Measure skid marks from a coach that has ABS. No marks to measure.