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  1. Dish vs Streaming

    I have Dish with a Wineguard Trav’ler. I would like to hear any experiences using the Hopper and Joeys instead of trying to run HDMI cables. I am replacing TVs in 3 locations.
  2. Has anyone recently got their California Non Commercial Class B license? Did you have someone with proper license drive your motorhome? Where did you take the exam?
  3. Yosemite and 40ft MH

    We went to Yosemite early August. We were Extremely disappointed. Nothing but a traffic jam. No parking was available. We stayed at Bass Lake RV park. It was great.
  4. Sealant Around Wires

    I just replaced my original Xantrex inverter with a Magnum 2012 PSW invereter. To do this I had to cut away the rubberized sealant around the wires coming in to the compartment where my inverter is located. Now that it is installed, I need to reseal around the wires to prevent water entering the compartment. I have a 2004 Newmar Mountain Aire Diesel. Does anyone know the brand of rubberized sealant used by Newmar to seal wires entering compartments? It was brushed on originally.