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  1. We have seven cats that go with us. Litter box is in the shower when parked. I scoop at least twice a day or more often depending on a "sniff" test! Here are three of ours. These are Japanese Bobtails, the one on the right at the windshield is on her first trip in the MH.
  2. Our Magna had over 60 of the halogen puck lights, they had a heavy metal heat sink/reflector. The bulbs themselves carry halogen numbers, the owners manual says they were halogen, the dealer said they were halogen and they even melted into what little vinyl headliner we have as well as melting the plastic bezel. The lenses had to be glass too.
  3. Bought our '09 Magna last late Feb. Engine blew up on the way back from the first trip out, cost us $22,000. Wife was terminated from her job on April 30th for health reasons. On June 7th they diagnosed her with inoperable liver cancer. Only "cure" is a transplant and the chances are 6% of that happening in time. BUT we're going the opposite way and keeping the MH. Hopefully we can get out a few times this summer! Good luck with your sale! OH yes, keep the FMCA membership, well worth the money.
  4. Does anyone know what's going on with them? Tried to order new FMCA decals, no way to do it on their website (and the website says it was last updated in 2005) so I sent an order and check in on about Aug 26th. Check is uncashed. Have sent several emails with no answer yet.
  5. I have a picture of a liner pitted all the way through. Actually I have two pictures one from a local shop and another from a retired Fleetguard engineer. this is the one from the Fleetguard engineer.
  6. Brett: Maybe some but I have my doubts with the ISX!
  7. Cummins called today, said it wouldn't be ready on Friday the 10th as they needed to run it on the dyno and no one was available to do it till Monday. They also found a cracked DPF and that's going to add over $2,000. I need to find the Federal MH warranty info as I think that's covered for 8 years but not totally sure on a motorhome.
  8. Our new, to us, 2009 Magna with Cummins ISX 650 shows 7.1 mpg going from OR to AZ and almost home to WA. That's also the mileage that showed on the VMS when we did the PDI.That includes Tehachapi, the Grapevine and several hours stuck in traffic with the Odysssey in tow. Max speed is supposed to be 65 due to the Odyssey limits. That's not much worse than our much lighter Dutch Star with ISC 350 and the Magna weighs some 46,500 empty and the Ody is 4,400 at least.
  9. Gary has the correct answer. Some states, like WA and OR have a requirement for being able to stop in XX feet from XX mph with a "combination vehicle". If you can meet that then supplemental braking is not required. BUT then WA also requires that there be a breakaway that can hold the unhitched vehicle on any normal highway grade for 15 min. I know of no way to do that without a braking setup on the towed. Our Magna has disk brakes all the way around and a three way engine brake. Due to time constraints we did tow it 2,600 miles with no brakes on the Odyssey and I never really noticed any need for more braking. HOWEVER, as soon as it gets back from Cummins after the engine rebuild I have all the parts to hook up to the air lines for the braking system already in the van. You must comply with every states braking requirements that you travel in, not just your home state
  10. The Magna we just purchased has 4 - 8D AGM's and four 1000 CCA sealed no maintenance batteries. The charger can only have one setting so, as I understand it, they co-exist just fine although they are the OEM batteries and are 2009 era and might need replacing soon as they seem to be weak, but, until we get it back from Cummins I really don't know.
  11. Our, new to us, Magna is 45' and weighs about 49,000#'s towing a Honda Odyssey so figure 53,000#'s or so. VMS shows 7.1 mpg for the only trip we've taken with it. That includes the Grapevine, Tehachapi and being stuck in traffic after an accident. Stay away from the Cummins ISX 650 as it's not reliable unless rebuilt with the new parts, estimate was $29,000, but Cummins is kicking in $10,000 so we only owe $19,000 for 3,000 miles of use!
  12. Previous two MH's were Dutch Stars, then we bought the Magna because we wanted it (well, actuall I wanted it). Found out the Cummins ISX 650 is NOT reliable and it cost us big time after only 3,000 miles. Look, ask questioins and decide on what matters. We had a '98 Santara and had to repair the cabinets almost every time out. They were made of a pressed cardboad with a vinyl overlay and the screws just wouldn't hold. When we ordered the Dutch Stars we paid for the hard wood cabinets just to get away from the problems with the Santara.
  13. It was rebuilt at a Cummins dealer, came with the, not friendly for RV'ers, standard Cummins truck warranty of 1 yr or 100,000 miles. They really need to go to a 4 or 5 yr, 50,000 mile warranty on the rebuild since the failure came at 4 yrs and 25,000 miles. They found that it needs new liners in 4, 5, & 6, new head, new valves, new turbo and cleaning out everything as metal pieces passed through. They also found water stains in #4, possibly from the previous repair. Cummins did decide to kick in $10,000 or so. Went to our broker today to close out an IRA to pay for the remaining $19,000. And yes, I did join the Power Club, the $19,000 includes the discount. Cummins admits that there is a problem with this engine at the 650 rating and opened a study on it. The "fix" is a new head and valves. Still don't understand why they won't stand behind a known problem engine though. Sure has ruined the good feelings I had about Cummins. Our previous Dutch Star had the ISC 350 with a Banks on it and I never had a bit of trouble with anything engine related. Anyway, Cummins NW was supposed to start on it today, depending on parts availability. Sure has thrown a wrench into everything too! Need to do a brake job on the Civic and guess where my tools are? Need to fix a faucet in the stick house and guess where the tools are? Waiting for the speeding ticket I picked up just before I got to the OR border. Just wasn't used to the "feel" of it and let the speed going down a hill get too high. First ticket in about 25 years!!
  14. Bought it Feb 19th, went to the GS rally in Phoenix (actually Avondale). On the way back we got 40 miles from home the engine blew up. Estimate is right at $29,000 to fix and we only drove it 3,000 miles or so, as is sale and didn't have time to purchase a service contract. The engine ate the valves in #6, which took out 5 and 4. This is the second failure for this with this engine. Engine failed at 19,032 and was rebuilt under warranty. About 1,000 miles later the turbo went out again, and now the third engine failure at about 44,000 miles. Cummins admits there is a problem with the ISX 650's and the have new heads and valves in the supply line. But, when it's running its a real rocket! Usualy don't have to use all the acceleration lane and overall average was 7.1 mpg including the Grapevine and Tehachapi passes plus sitting in a traffic jam for overn an hour, just barely moving.
  15. We're in the process of buying a 2009 Magna from Premier RV in Junction City with the 650 ISX and 47,000 miles. I've seen several reports on the Internet from people who have had a valve drop! Makes me wonder.....