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  1. 2005 Fleetwood Excursion slide issue

    John. I just remembered. My rear passenger slide motor was under the bottom drawer of the bureau. On my WB 40.
  2. 2005 Fleetwood Excursion slide issue

    lenp. I can and do that with mine. Same, when I had the 2007 WB 40 Tour. My 2011 Allegro Bus, was wired so that I could not, per Tiffin it's a safety issue! My SO, has a Phaethon 40 and she can not run engine and run slides or Jacks!
  3. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Jim. Understood. I thought you went other places than just PNW. With all the moisture there, do you feel kinship to a mushroom? Auto gen for me, is a must have. Dedicated battery for generator is not a bad thought. When it gets cold enough, my generator takes time to start, even with a full battery, it warms up first then kicks in...mine is a 10Kw. Luck to you.
  4. Padre Island

    Yea. They are slowly rebuilding Aransas Pass. Pioneer RV Park is open and so is the golf course next door! Further up in Rockport, the RV Parks are open, including Lagoons. The Oyster Fest for Fulton is on...March 1-4. That's 2 miles from Rockport. What your calling North Padre Island, we call Mustang Island. This has been a Wild Fall and Winter for Texas, I hope this fall/winter of 18/19 will be back to normal, along with temps. Joe, Mike. Your both right as far as the coast goes...there are other as good or better RV parks in Texas! Mike, you don't like Palmetto State Park in LA?
  5. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Jim. When I have to press the start assist, it starts the engine, charges batteries, then I start my Generator...I can't use the assist for generator. The generator only charge the house battery packs, not the 2 start batteries!
  6. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Joe. Jim S. is right, Crawfish/Crayfish/Crawdads/Mudbugs, is known as, "Poor man's lobster", in the South! Jim S. Joe knows what that is, also "a cow Psg on a flat rock"! Mike. The sacrifice, is not meatless Friday. It's the 40 days after Fat Tuesday! Think I'll have a glass of wine now...I'm a Norwegian Lutheran!
  7. Roof A/C compressor not working?

    Crestview RV Service in Buda, Texas, next door to Cabbala's on Service rd off I-35.
  8. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Jim. Since you want to boon dock, do you have any solar panel/panels? If you really want to get expert advise, send a PM to Bill Edwards!
  9. Wash Wax All

    Extension poles can be bought at a paint store for a lot less than with the wash wax system...Linda got the system for her DP at Six State...$200+, she used it once and went back to my way. Lucas slick mist and micro fiber..$15 + pole = $42. It works! I also use it on my 2005 AMG 55 Roadster and 1972 Bentley. This January was Wash the coach, before using Lucas. With all the sleet, snow and rain, between the Hill Country of Texas and Harlingen, coach was gray with road grime. The RV Park gave me an OK to wash both coaches by a bucket and rinse by hose. Took us 3 days!
  10. Trans Temp Sender

    I have Silverleaf in mine, but it also gives me about 2 dozen readouts on what is going on in engine, cooling system, Allison, TPM's, mpg, exhaust system and turbo. Like Joe, it takes a time for my Allison temp to register, same with coolant. My readout is one degree increments, starting at 120.
  11. New tires

    winbett. Morning and welcome! Balancing=what you got, unless your unhappy! What tires you got now? You can stay with same or go one load range up and get Goodrich...that's what I'm doing in 2020 on my 45 foot AC!
  12. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Jim S. On General Discussion, everything is on topic! That[s why Brett told us to use it for rambling! The bugs are allowed and also on my favorite of food list. On the 5th, we will have all we could possibly want off boiled bugs, corn, mushrooms, small onions and the "Pink Sauce"! At a crawfish farm in Kaplan, LA. Then, from the 7th to 11th, we will be in Paterson, LA., with FMCA Cruising Cajun Chapter....guess what's for eats'?
  13. Engine Braking

    Don. You do own a 2009 Newmar 42 foot, Diesel Pusher, right? I'm only guessing, since you did not mention it, that you have a chassis and Cummins engine that is post 2007, right? If you re-read my response to your question, "What is a emission engine?", you will note that I said, any diesel engine built in 2007,8, and 9 have to meet the EPA standards...Just what is your problem, with us answering your question? Your original question had to do with, "what could cause my coolant hose to burst?" and that it was brittle. "Could that be from too much "Engine Braking"? Herman or Brett. Time to close this one! Argumentative and personal, verbal assault. Carl
  14. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Who has good fresh Lobster, fresh Dungeness Crab and fresh King Crab recipes? Also Clams!
  15. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Bill, thanks. I will reprimand my friend who told me! Joe. Lobster is high in cholesterol, and calories, unless, you just like them steamed or boiled, with no butter or mayonnaise! I don't like them with butter! I know of 9 different ways to prepare Lobster.. Something else for Ruidoso!