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  1. Yeah, I saw it inside/outside when it came of line...retro is a good description! I did not know of Bob's passing...sad.
  2. Bob Lee and wife are traveling the country in their 2016 Allure, the first and last CC built since 2008 that came out in 2010 with the Veranda! RIP.
  3. 2005 Monaco Stairwell Cover

    Basically, like the step. In your owners manual it should list the manufacturer of your cover, if it's a Kwiki, it's now by Lipper industries! On the internet you can look it up by model number and you'll find a parts list and schematic for electrical & mechanical operation of your unit. If you don't have anything showing your step, then call Monaco at REV ask for Tech dept. and have your VIN# handy. Hope this will help you!
  4. Boise To Las Vegas: Early December

    US 93, is the second loneliest Hwy. in the US! However, there are some RV parks now, between Idaho and Las Vegas! ObedB was looking at that Mountain in his OTR when Moses was parting the Sea!
  5. 2005 Monaco Stairwell Cover

    The 4, I have had (including my current coach) where/are Electric!
  6. A demise for certain and a the best State to Title the same ghostly thing? I would suggest Oregon as a final R.I.P.!
  7. Under 50

    Send a PM to Joe Leamound, he's 45 with 3 women! You only have 2. Joe lives in PA., close to you.
  8. New to FMCA

    Reeltachy. Welcome to the Forum! Feel free to repeat yourself, we do! It's when your daily new friends, where over for dinner last night, that your in real trouble! Paint job on your rig is nice, I'm partial to blue. Safe travels!
  9. Body Side Trim

    Joe, think closet is an easier way....hope it's not delamination! It may be tightly sealed to you, water goes to strange areas by capillary action and makes it hard to track down!
  10. 2017 Thor 35SD

    Rich, what make is your fridge? Also, how many house batteries do you have?
  11. New Spell Checker

    You should reward her with a docen flours for being a non-squaking femal quetly reding a bok! Dats amasing!!!
  12. Camping Without A Toad

    RedLdr1. Welcome! Understand your situation, been there and got the T-shirt...18 years of Class A's less than 30 feet, 96 inches wide and we had no problem with rigging down and being gone all day, then rigging back up! That's the way most everyone did it. 1967 - 1985! We did not know anything else! Yes, we did rent cars for extended stays, or in cities on the West coast (California) that did not then and still does not allow RV's in their city' Santa Monica! You have my best wishes for your future travels....enjoy!
  13. Golf Cart 6 Volt Battery

    Also, care and maintenance goes a long ways for life expectancy on any battery, especially if it's acid. I am like FIVE, been there and learned !
  14. FIVE. Your State is where? Other than somewhere in the USA !
  15. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    I'm happy, your happy! I'm happiest here...I also belong to the two other groups and yes, they do have their own purpose for me!