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  1. You need to remove the panel again! Why did you put the panel back on, before making connection?
  2. The amount of tax, wins every time...then there is the engine manufacturers and lobbyists and what our Government officials are invested in! Oil. gas, coal and the big one...trains!
  3. Beth. Welcome to the Forum! You do know that the last answer was a year ago?
  4. Joe. I know your coming in July, take the North part first, then drop to the coast (it blow's off the gulf), Temp is about the same all over...85 feel like 107, 100 feel like 107! That's why I do 7,000+ feet or Scandinavia in July!
  5. Log Splitters are dangerous! A friend stores his track hoe, grader and track dozer on my property. Got the first section in 1999, no the dozer went first, followed by the hoe dragging a single wide mobil home, followed by me. My land went up $40 an ac by the time I got another section next to me in 2009! Now it's all the way to $140
  6. Bill. The "Real Land Rover", can not be sold new in America...the one's that are here, was brought in as a used, non compliant vehicle. Range Rover and it's different models are sold new in America as a compliant (EPA) vehicle...They, to my knowledge, have to be trailered.
  7. Bill. Correction, Liberty started using the Volta Power System in 2010. A very interesting read, especially the part about the EPA mandates!
  8. REV or Allied is not cheap...they wanted $1250 + S & H and 4-6 week delivery time for a bay door! Got it done in a day at a Plasma Shop in San Antonio $432 !
  9. I don't see where $104 for a $60 system, is such a "great deal"!
  10. Herman. Mine was also $10 and it includes all BLM areas! Barkly, one thing we have is plenty of room to roam! A lot of city's have free campgrounds, with water & electric! All US Intracostal water ways have campgrounds. Electric & Water, common dump station.
  11. I take it that your on shore power...are you getting the same results on generator? 123V in will on occasion trip my surge protector. Did any of the kids, turn on the "salesman switch"?
  12. Bill. Look up Volta. Liberty Coach started using the system 2 years ago. Time will tell if Liberty is thinking ahead of the norm!
  13. Nice, clean rig! Hope it don't rain!
  14. If you look under my name...Carl C. You will see what I'm towing with what ! I have only done Toads, since 1985 & Motorhomes since 1967.
  15. Just being human ! Brett is problem is a good "Who dun it" on a rainy day, not the Generator Manual !!