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  1. Tire Shelf-Life and Life-Cycle Concerns

    Go to any OTR truck stop that sells tires, get the registration form, back date it with all the info including the DOT an mail it in! End story.
  2. Class A. Gas or DP, economics was never, nor is it now, part of the equation! It was back 50 years ago and still now: Comfort, Safety and the ability to sleep anywhere, at any time and see the whole USA and Canada! Nothing against Class C or B, just never felt comfortable in one...
  3. 2011 American Coach Eagle: HDMI Routing

    I had the same, with Hooper, until I changed to DIRECTV. I still have everything in the barn storage, just not the WT 1000.
  4. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    Your right, you can also get them that fold in on itself (like the old 1' stiff, 6' rulers), same with the cones! Hard to beat $300 a month anywhere & not be in the hood.
  5. Anybody Going To QuartzFest?

    We will also be in WY. Think I'll pass on Wall Mart.. Good Luck with your Rally & Kathie's "Swan Song"!
  6. RV Tire Recommendation

    That's the biggest problem as I see it. You can feel your tires on the outside, look at your tread (Looks brand new when you change them out), but you have no idea how that tire looks on the inside, until it either goes bang or you look (which 99.9% don't) inside, when it's replaced. Since I started doing DP's, lot heavier than gas A's, I have used Michelins, Maybe wrong, but I feel more secure! Have seen what others look like inside, including mine. Yes, you can save a ton of cash, by getting other brands! What's the value of you & your loved ones?
  7. Rewillia. That's a slick idea! Also the cleanest undercarriage I have seen in a long time! Good work. Joe. I'm going to Perry Rally in March and have Boogie lights put on, if I don't get a new Newmar while there!
  8. Jeff. What do you propose to do with the Canadian's and all other truly International members? FMCA is not limited to the Lower 48 ! Everything that I so far have read, seems to me to be rather exclusive to the 60 and under, domestic group...I wonder what the real percentage is as to who have kids and who does not? I know of another "Political" group, that also wanted to throw those over a certain age, under the bus! Isaaac1. Don't forget, that 9 years ago, your generation and the one after you, wanted change, you threw me and my generation, under the bus!
  9. I have no more issues, reception is great, I get all HD channels that are available and my TV is HD K4.
  10. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    Joe. Have you looked at KOA in Milton, Fl., on I-10 Exit 31. Looooong pull thru and they have a lot of long term parking...don't know their monthly rates!
  11. Air Compressor

    lcartur. Welcome! Even a rechargeable battery, has got to be plugged in sometime to be recharged !
  12. Silverado

    Ronnie. Welcome to the Forum! If you need brakes, Google M & G air brakes in Athens, Texas.
  13. Air Bags Replacement

    I had the same gauge problem and was replaced twice on my 2007 WB Tour 40 KD. After the third time in that many years, I had after market gauges installed.
  14. Bedroom TV Upgrade

    Makes a great place for a .38, 1911 or a 9mm!
  15. Air Bags Replacement

    Wayne. Was that on your current coach or the one that drowned?