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  1. Welcome to the Forum! Magnum is on as long as you have power...I have 2 inverter/converters, 2,800 each and the management system is on as long as you have a charge in batteries or until you have batteries disconnected. In your battery bay, you should find 2, 300A disconnect switches. One is for house and one for chassis (starter). You also, might have another switch in engine compartment...mine is behind starter batteries. When all are turned off, your whole coach is dead... Better to get a solar panel with a controller and start your generator once a month to exercise it, take it all the way to full load and run for an hour...that will also charge your system!
  2. My engine is a 2009 and has the Particulate filter, when it goes into regen mode, my # 1 and 2 exhausts heats up to 1,200+ to 1,400 degrees for 15 to 18 minutes and only works while I'm driving at 55 + mph! Therefore I'm a tad concerned about having open LPG.
  3. CHARLIE8210. As on another post. Welcome! Let's hope that this time, more than 1% of the membership will VOTE ! One vote per F#
  4. casuall454. Everyone ages differently. Only difference in travel now as compared to 20 years ago, is the distance I can and will comfortably drive, also speed that I drive has decreased.
  5. That's been around for a long time, Joe. If I remember correctly an inventor in Australia came up with it, but got shot down by big oil and the auto industry. He got an unbelievable mpg and was paid off to quietly go away! RSBill, if you want to go like a bat out of H, use Nitrous Oxide! Kay, right you are! The only problem with ethyl mercaptan is that it leaves a dark oily residue over time. FIVE, I know, you have a all electric coach...not to sure if the LPG system would be compatible with any engine built in 2007 or newer, due to the new EPA standards!
  6. Charlie8210 and dcbudd. Welcome to FMCA and the Forum! Point taken. Carl
  7. I will not spend more than a month in one place, most times it's one week to 10 days. Love the mountains in summer and fall. Michael is right about Texas! Wayne, your right about going back...each time there is something new to see or do.
  8. I just received a mail from FMCA in regards to the digital issue of our magazine , it's being sent out to all members that has a email on record with FMCA. Everyone will also get a hard copy sent to them...both ways will have a ballot. If for some reason you can't down load the digital ballot, or your not able to get at your hard copy, then call 1-800-543-3622 and ask for Membership Department. This is available for September, October and November...Ballot must be mailed to FMCA's audit firm by November 30, 2017 Please make the time to vote!
  9. Well, the eclipse was great for some and a wash out for others! We are in the 70% range and in the monsoon corridor...wrong time for rain, we had sun before and after the event. We had lots of birds walking around, hummers sitting in pine trees. Our dogs, just laid down and went to sleep. No wind, hard rain and 55 degrees, currently 67 sun and SSW wind at 12.
  10. RSBILL. I understand Izuzu and TREK, also 1 gallon per 100 miles! Is that on all Diesel engines, regardless off size or does the amount and psi go up exponentially?
  11. I'm also looking at Newmar, Both Linda and I love the escape door!
  12. Lyle. Did not mean it as a LOL in regards to your harrowing escape and fire. The LOL was in regards to the ridicules codes and bare minimum safety requirements the manufacturers must meet. I totally agree with your assessment of the Industry!
  13. Joe. Part of the potential problem could be solved thru a dedicated filter and line, it would have to be a total system that would not have any possibility of cross over! As Rich said, the bigger problem that I see, is at what temp will the LPG go BOOM and permanently damage the valves? As RSBill said, the military is working on it ! You got to know the air pressure, LPG column pressure, ignition point not only at various psi, but then you also have engine heat and ambient temp and road surface temps to deal with. I would think you would need two separate tanks that would inject the correct mix of LPG and Air....kind of like a DEF system...but the internal temp of the tanks would remain at a constant temp and not be affected by any external heat. Wow! This is a deep subject...a simple answer could make you a bloody fortune!
  14. Bill. Works as long as there is no introduction of oxidant on the upper limit, such as a air leak in a air bag or air brake system or re introduction in a air brake or leveling system in a non leak system! The numbers represented is in a controlled environment...Not in a motorhome application. Like methane, butane, iso butane, I sure would like someone other than our friend RSBILLEDVARDS to be the test dummy!
  15. May the Lord Bless you both! I know, religion...sorry! Felt it had to be said.