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  1. Sound deadening

    Or ask Mark Weiner on this Forum. He has a MB Sprinter Roadtreck!
  2. First Time Buying New RV Tires

    bevnicka1. Welcome to the FMCA Forum! I will be going with Goodrich on my 45 foot coach in 2020 !
  3. Engine Braking

    Don. We aim to please! To ere is human. Kay. You'll not get an argument from me about that. Agree 100%! OP did ask about "What is an omission engine"? He's got a 2009, so DEF does not apply! Only Particulate filter during re-generation. My #! &2 exhaust's goes to way over 1.300 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes, about every 3,000 miles! Thankfully I can continue driving, while some are set for you to find a place to park the coach, while degen is going on! If that is what OP does, then yes, it can get brittle and break down over time.
  4. First RVs

    That looks like a nasty pot hole in the street... Nice looking TT and neighborhood.
  5. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Bill. I was told L.L. Bean did not have a store in Main, just mail order. DBenoit. I take it, your currently on Lake W (can't spell that one), you should be out ice fishing. In a warm hut!! My departed DW, was from Lebanon, NH. I can honestly say, your the second person, I have heard from, that is going further North, to retire! Geez.
  6. Fifth Wheelers With Computerized Jacks

    Byron. In ref. to the Ford, I would guess 350 or 250...Landmarks are heavier than most 5'rs and I notice the dip in rear. A good friend from South Texas has that leveling system...he learned in Colorado, a couple of years ago, to pull the pin and leave truck in place, until jacks where down! Not a pretty sight, when they fail...You know how reliable Lipper is! trickflyer. Welcome to the Forum! Are you riding a HD or other brand? We got quite a few trick owners on this Forum! Mine is a 2007 HD, Classic Cruiser Ultra, after market in Troop, TX. It has 2,997 miles on it.
  7. Excessive weight on front axles

    Allison is right down the block from Freightliner. Red bay is not as nice as they used to be....there is a whole tread on them from last year and 2016!
  8. Yep! Mine is a 2013 Wrangler Sport, Automatic. Main selector in N, Transfer case from 2 wheel drive to N and then main transfer in P, shut of engine, take out key and tow! Same in revers order to drive away when unhooked ! Couple of minutes.
  9. Hydraulic fluid capacity?

    The pump is HWH, The whole system is, why not the call?
  10. Who said the Amish, don't have a sense of humor!!!
  11. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Dave. Sorry, I looked for it and drew a blank! Think it was one about 2 years ago, probably followed all the others South! No pun intended. End of March may be a little wishful thinking, if this crazy Texas weather is a indication of things to come! Today in Burnet, TX., it's 36 and feels 27, rain, sleet and gusty winds to 30mph! I have Spring flowers that came out this past, frozen and gone!
  12. Excessive weight on front axles

    ctammyh. Welcome to FMCA and the Forum! Freightliner is also able to work on the PG chassis...They are located close to South Plains Cummins. Give them a call. They are very good, I used them for my PG when I had my 2011 Bus! Everything else, went to Cummins and 17,800 miles in 3 years, to Red Bay! POS.
  13. Where To Boondock On The East Coast?

    Keon. We last heard from OP, when he posted back in May 2017...You might be able to reach out by PM, but I doubt it.
  14. Masseys landing RV Resort

    Yep. You can pick your DW, but not the in-laws !
  15. Hydraulic fluid capacity?

    I would wait until May!