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  1. New Spell Checker

    Brett. A little of both, Bill. Hang in there and try one from Nort Korea...they welly good.
  2. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    Benefit? Low cost, but to me it equals taking a high risk...I suspect that if "your coach is chosen to test a prototype", your making $$$ and your engine is covered 100%! Mine would be and then some!!!
  3. Jacks

    Hi. What system do you have?
  4. 2017 Thor 35SD

    Rich. What happens when you turn your generator on? What king of batteries do you have, acid or AGM...can you look at water level in batteries? Have you looked at voltage on each of your batteries with a voltmeter? Make sure that all grounds are tight and making good contact, including inverter! Carl C.
  5. Tom. When Monaco went, so did all the other brands they owned...Beaver, CC, Safari, HR. I'm missing one.
  6. New Spell Checker

    See, it don't have to be spelled right for the brain to read it....I'll take a red wine, Blake!
  7. That is why they have fines! If there is a spot check station set up, for any reason...I'm OK and on my way. Had a bunch in and around Houston, TX. a couple of years ago and all traffic was pulled in, including me on 3 occasions. They where checking tires, license plates and inspection stickers...with me, they asked to see my DL with A or B endorsement. I have a B and a MC. Good to go!
  8. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Neither Escapees or GS have a Forum as informative as FMCA! Rally's are good, Chapters are better and the individual is the best.
  9. New Spell Checker

    That Wayne means that Jim and I don't have Alzheimer!
  10. New Spell Checker

    Mine is from China also!
  11. Tandem Dolly

    Welcome! I sent you a PM.
  12. Bill E. We have been down the LLC before this and it depends on where you travel the most. East Coast seem to be the most problematic, in regards to being stopped, for not stopping at the weight stations, as a Commercial vehicle & the fine can run into the thousands! The Law is not Stupid. There are 1million people living in Montana, as of 2016....The Lawmen of the other States are not going to believe that 7-10% of the population of Montana has Motorhomes! It worked 15/20 years ago, but I think now, it has started to reach the Saturation point. Lawmen also have RV's today & get the same advertisement we do! I don't like paying $800 a year, but I adopted Texas!
  13. Final Decision On Mail Forwarding Service

    Joe. The UPS works fine for Passport, DL, Voting, etc. Checked with a friend who is full time in coach, but he's on cruises 4 to 5 months a year. That's what he has in Winterhaven, FL.
  14. Ft. Myers CG's - Got Lucky

    Congratulation on getting a winter slot this late! Especially in the Ft. Myers area. Hope all things work out for you, it's been a very stormy year!
  15. Sway Bar Bushings

    Bill. Don't forget the "Marine Green" grease for your rear bushings!
  16. Piperfrank1. I take it your not going full time, so I suspect your making a property move as well as your new coach(it really does not matter what coach you have). Lowest property tax State that I know. Is LA., Insurance....I have Progressive now, have had All State, they cost about the same and pay quickly! Title is bad in Texas, it's by the weight of the coach. Mine is $811 per year! Unfortunately, I have found no place that all 3 gel. I think Montana is the closest to perfect you can get for all 3 questions.
  17. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    I have a Spartan chassis, so I get mine from Cummins!
  18. Sway Bar Bushings

    Nice Link, I'll look at mine tomorrow after I thaw out.
  19. American Guardian

    Ditto to all above! It's a hard lesson learned...Like most here, I self insure. Yes, I have taken some hits, but in the course of 17 coaches, I'm way ahead of the game!
  20. CarlAda. Your correct and I think it was an Allure, the only thing I don' remember (It was in FMCA magazine) is the year...I want to say 2015, before WB bought the rights! Also, feel that it was For Sale!
  21. Michigan to Arizona

    X2 ! I-40 or I-30 can easily become a nightmare that time of year...we don't get many inches of snow in Texas, but we do get white outs a lot and on I-30/20 we make up for the lack of snow by having ICE RAIN...nasty stuff ! Going thru Texas is 50% of your journey!
  22. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    Wonder what the cost of a re built 425 CAT or 400 ISL is? Bet it's more than $180.00 !
  23. Herman, back when I was 6' 9" (You shrink with age) I had a VW Bug and a Porsche, lots of leg room! I have, in 50 years, never found a need to move my drivers seat in a Class A ! Got to be an obstruction. Have had busted wires in the swivel.
  24. Final Decision On Mail Forwarding Service

    I would think you can use any service you want, including FMCA or Escapees...just make sure it's not set up as a legal add. change. I used to have a cabin, some time ago, and would spend 4 months a year there, it had a P.O.Box and I would receive all my mail there, then I just filled out the form when I left and it would revert back to my house in Texas. Don't know if it's different now!
  25. Your guess is as good as any!