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  1. Campers With Children Under 20-- Check In!

    Hi, I,m 51 single dad 2 girls 24 and 19. We are about 30 min. east of you in Manchester,NJ Phil C
  2. DEF Hydrometer

    Jleamont it's a Freightliner chassis. I have to stop at the Freightliner dealer to pick up all the other filters I'll have them look it up.
  3. DEF Hydrometer

    I'm learning something everyday. I had no idea there is a filter on the DEF tank. I'll have to call Cummins and get a part number and keep one on hand. Thanks to everyone for your input. Phil
  4. DEF Hydrometer

    Jleamont I already purchased a hydrometer. In two weeks when I uncover the MH I'll test and evaluate the quality of the DEF. Your thoughts on winter storage makes sense to me,my tank is 3/4 full now so ill make sure I do the same at the end of the season.These engines are so sensitive that any little thing I can do to try and prevent a problem is worth it to me. Phil
  5. DEF Hydrometer

    Bill I haven't checked for a drain but the tank is very accessible and the fill cap is right on top of the tank so I would just siphon it out. Phil
  6. DEF Hydrometer

    If I was to drain my DEF tank and refill it with fresh DEF is there anything I need to be concerned about such as getting air in the system. I would much rather discard any leftover DEF fluid before winter storage and fill it with some fresh fluid in the spring. The price of DEF fluid is minimal compared to trouble on the road. Phil
  7. Garden State Parkway

    On the GSP the weight restrictions are for commercial vehicles. Motorhomes and travel trailers are consider personal use type vehicles and are permitted the full length of the parkway provided you meet the bridge height on the northern part. Also tow dollies are not a permitted use. The few tow dollies I see are empty and I assume someone is following behind the MH in the toad.Unfortunalely the website for the GSP is that easy to get info from but a phone call is the way to go.
  8. Garden State Parkway

    Manholt I edited my original post should have stated that the center lanes are 14+feet. I don't know of many MH taller than 13'6". I think we all have to be well aware of the routes we take when traveling to avoid a catastrophe. I see the big rigs all the time traveling the length of the GSP. Phil
  9. Garden State Parkway

    I travel the GSP regularly. The regulations do not pertain to Motorhomes or travel trailers. I've never had a problem with my motor home. The bridges in Union county are roughly 11'4" in the right and left shoulders so if even you are in the right or left lanes you have 12+ feet of clearance with curve of the arch, middle lanes are obviously the way to go.
  10. Water Leak

    From the picture it appears to be a Moen moentrol shower valve the repair parts are available at almost any plumbing supply. A picture of the handle and plate and I would be able to confirm. If so use genuine Moen replacement parts the aftermarket parts at the home centers just don't seem to last. Moen hasn't changed the design of that valve for years so no need to replace the whole thing. Any water that drips from the handle has the potential to run back inside the wall especially if the coach is leaning in such a direction. Phil
  11. Bedroom Slideout Leak

    Joe that's why I decided to step up to DP so far the only thing I'm impressed with is the fuel mileage 10.5 mpg @ 65 mph. I know I bought an entry level coach and have dealt with all the little gadgets that have had to be repaired but the last thing I ever thought of was how unreliable the Diesel engine has been, every time I start it up it's a different check engine light. Phil
  12. Bedroom Slideout Leak

    I had 2007 Hurricane 34 B that leaked from day one. The front slide would leak right behind the drivers seat. The bedroom slide would leak and run out under the bed. I tried to make it leak with a garden house and even a power washer but no luck. We even tried shining a halogen light around the slide seals at night but nothing . Finally I just gave up and would close the slides when it rained. Then they started leaking even when they were closed. Started noticing delamination of the fiberglass which lead to finally finding out the windows were the culprit. I sealed around the windows with some black silicone solved my problem. I kept the coach until last year and bought the brand new nightmare I own now.
  13. Towing 2004 F-150 Lariat 4x4

    The F 150s with the electronic transfer case cannot be flat towed. The auto locking hubs that are equipped on these trucks require engine vacuum to remain in the unlocked position.The use of a drive shaft disconnect if one can be found won't unlock the front driveshaft. I have towed my 04 F 150 several times by disconnecting both front and rear driveshafts. Which is not a fun thing to do. Only reason I did it that way is I wanted a 4 wheel drive vehicle to use where I was going. Also I have found through experience with auto locking hubs they don't hold a vacuum very well so I wouldn't try pinching of the vacuum lines while engine is running just to get them to free wheel
  14. Flat Towing 2015 Chev Cruze LS Manual Trans.

    I towed my 2012 Cruz Eco manual transmission with a Roadmaster tow bar with EVen brake without any problems. I now tow my 2014 Cruze LTZ automatic with the same setup and the addition of a lube pump. Just follow the owners manual for dinghy towing and make sure you remove the fuses indicated. The only reason I switched to an auto trans is the Eco was my commute to work vehicle and the manual trans got real tiresome in rush hour stop n go traffic everyday. Only thing I miss from the ECO is the 42 MPG. Phil
  15. I've read a lot of negative posts about Kiley Mold and was hesitant to place my order for plates. On October 5th I place and order on their web site and hoped I wouldn't have to ask FMCA for help if I had to wait a long period of time for my order. Today I received my order and am very pleased with the whole transaction. Thanks Kiley Mold for the prompt filling of my order. I think they deserve a thumbs up for a change. Phil