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  1. Cold Weather Camping

    I agree with everyone else, make sure your propane is full and run the propane heat system. Been traveling in Colorado a few times in temps in the 20s. Our system continued to work fine, but one time got an ice blockage in the water pump. Next time I will have some type of small heat source in that area. Chris G. Westminster, CO.
  2. Camping Without A Toad

    Actually, we have had two class A coaches (32' ad 33') since the mid-1990s, and never had a towed. We do take the coach to town to do shopping, and take it sightseeing and most destinations. We might consider it, if/when we full-time, but not on our current week-long, and weekend trips. Chris G. F3508s
  3. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    That was a good post from fagnaml! A couple things to add to the selling point for FMCA: the magazine does contain good knowledgeable info for motorhome owners on proper care and maintenance. Also, Sam's club members get either $10.00 or $30.00 back when they renew. Minor issues, to be sure, but I always like to ask a motorhome owner when was the last time they weighed their coach. Most have never done so, and I point out (nicely), that their tires may not be inflated to the correct pressure, and I learned that from FMCA. Chris G.
  4. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    I save them so I can take them to the doctors office and leave them for others to read. They seem to get snapped up pretty quickly. Wish the vote tally was higher!
  5. Campers With Children Under 20-- Check In!

    Travel with our boys, 21 year old "kid", and 16 year old. Mostly western states, Oklahoma, Texas, colo., And west. Chris G. F3508s
  6. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Occasionally I get emails from FMCA in regards to upcoming reunions or advertisements for resorts or caravans. Can FMCA send out an email asking "Have you voted yet?". With info on the vote? Any other out of the box ideas on getting more votes? Chris G. F3508s
  7. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Fyi, answering my own question, I called MANDEL AND ASSOCIATES, and asked them about the envelopes. They said they are accepting ALL ballots, no matter if the envelope is noted with the f# and/or stating it contains a ballot. That's good to know. Chris G.
  8. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    "2. Ballots shall be mailed to FMCA’s certified public accountant in an envelope on which thevoting member has signed his or her name and FMCA membership number indicating that theenvelope contains a ballot from a voting member" This is what is concerning me. Does this mean, any ballots that were sent in a plain envelope, without the FMCA # and an indication that it's a ballot from a voting member are just being thrown out? Chris G. f3508s
  9. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Actually, if the new member fills out the application form online, there is a box that asks "how did you hear about FMCA?". One of the options us "RVIllage". Why ask this question if we can't track the responses?
  10. FMCA Allowing Towables: Survey On: RV TRAVEL Website

    Fyi, currently tied, with 30% each. The NO votes have 2 more votes, 288-286.
  11. Winter RV Use

    Not sure how much snow you will encounter in that area of the country, but you may want to purchase a set of chains for your rig and familiarize yourself on installation. I have some for my southwind here in Colorado, but haven't had to use them yet, thankfully. Chris G. F3508s.
  12. Hurricanes/Hurricane Damage & Insurance

    Wayne, I'm in the restoration industry where we have to restore homes and businesses from fires, floods, etc. These are my thoughts, but you insurance may see it differently: The flood water is called "category 3" water, so essentially sewage. Everything it touched that can't be washed down is totaled. Also anything that has rust, even if it still works is totaled. Remember, your personal items must be in the same condition as they were before the loss. All soft goods such as blankets and carpeting is totaled. If the subfloor in the motorhome got wet, I would say the coach is totaled, since this subfloor should be replaced, or sealed. If the humidity was high in the living quarters, look for secondary damage from mold or condensation. You will need to list and photograph any damaged contents, but check with your insurance to see if they want to look them over as well. Good luck. Chris G-F3508s
  13. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Not only arranging the rallies so families with kids can attend, but also make the activities more appealing to kids. Less poker nights, and wine tastings, and more visits to amusement parks, rafting trips, physical activities like basketball, volleyball, putt-putt golf, movie nights, ziplining. Chris G. F3508s
  14. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Dp26, also check out FMCA Energized,either on this forum or on Facebook. This is geared toward members that are under 60. Chris G. F3508s
  15. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Since the initial rush of votes have probably been received, is there anyway we can ask the company tallying the votes how many ballots they have recieved? Not the results, just the # recieved.