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  1. Was M&G mentioned yet . Sorry....It is a very simple system to install, especially on a Jeep Wrangler. Best bang for the buck as far as in my opinion. A friend purchased another brand and it took him 7 hours to do the install. M&G took me less than an hour.
  2. Good post Five! I the older ones use regular automobile antifreeze. Not sure where they switched over in their models. Ours uses regular green Prestone premixed. But it was made in 01. Rodger is a great resource for advice and parts.
  3. Look like this? These are VDO.
  4. No one knew I could dance
  5. Bill, I had a coworker that did a Hydrogen conversion on a Dodge Ram with a hemi. That was pretty neat, his average mpg was 36 over 40 on the highway. 1500 Ram 4 door 4x4 Big Horn edition. I believe it was distilled water and baking soda reservoirs under the hood that were electrically charged.
  6. Herman, I actually had that happen once, wasn't a pleasant experience, they were red ants
  7. RSBILL, forget the propane, DW ready to slap you yet for tinkering with something else . You met mine, every time I walk outside, I get 50 questions, she can sense it
  8. I don't get that either! DW and I talk about that all the time. We have friends that parked their trailer and skirted the bottom, now they stare at the same stuff all the time, other trailers with skirts . Worse for a motorhome in my opinion, I'm curious also, does it save money, thoughts...why?
  9. Full moon, eclipse and most of you are at high altitudes, explains it all this is why I love you guys. Roger, I had the same HW heater as you on the last coach, one thing I noticed when I removed it, (replaced the entire unit with a tank less) you can never actually drain the tank completely, the plug on the tank is actually a few inches up the side wall, not much but just enough for minerals to collect in the bottom.
  10. RSbill, just thinking about this setup if it were on our coach. Between the turbo and air filter I have a T within the duct work, that is where my air compressor pulls clean air from. Looks like a 2" hose connected. If this only injects at certain boost ranges it should be under heavy suction and pull the propane toward the turbocharger, in theory. But what's going to win the battle, turbocharger or air compressor, assuming the compressor is also on building air? I cant imagine what propane would do if introduced into the compressor and actually compressed, I would think it would explode. Maybe the solution would be to install a dedicated air filter for the compressor and just separate it from the system?
  11. Herman, when I begin planning 18' I will PM you. Usually around the holidays the gears start turning and the smoke comes out of my ears
  12. As Brett mentioned above, I have given this some thought last trip as to why my filters looked horrible in such a short time. My Fass pump moves 85 gallons an hour, just driving I'm polishing my fuel. 150 gallon tank with 134 of useable fuel space. That's a lot of fuel passing through both filters and back to the tank. After the fuel disaster last year I put additives in every tank for several reasons. Lubricant and biocides are my most important, cetane boost is another. Cheap insurance!
  13. While I was never near one that exploded, I was in the room next to it, shook the building. We had a 225/70R19.5 let go on the shop floor, went up and dented the overhead ceiling which was at least an 18' leap. We thought a truck fell off the lift it was so loud. No one was hurt, we had 12' hoses on our tire chucks to keep everyone away, company was too cheap to purchase cages.
  14. Oh I wish I could attend that! Is this a time of year they usually gather together? Maybe I can mark it down for 2018