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  1. Masseys landing RV Resort

    Mike, Our last coach kept having problems with the clamps and wall when left hooked to the side walls (21' awning, pretty heavy). I called Dometic, they told me that the best practice was to unhook them and put them on the ground, thus taking the load off the side wall and the wall clamps. I broke many leg feet, wall clamps, one time sheared the bolts off the wall, the awning fell and the clamp scratched the wall pretty bad. When the awning is closed it actually rests on the top mounts into a grove, the wall mount clamps are just to hold the legs to the side wall, not carry the load for an extended amount of time. They only take a few seconds to clamp and un-clamp. Little longer when you have to pound tent stakes into the ground, but you don't want them standing up loose without ground securement.
  2. First Time Buying New RV Tires

    Yes, put 6 on our coach March 2017 (different size), ran them last season. No issues and they didn't feel any different than the Michelin XZE2 that came off.
  3. Camping Without A Toad

    You head that way let me know, we often camp in those parts.
  4. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Jim, we were in Maine July 4th 2016, temperatures were low 80's NO humidity. We stayed here http://www.gocamping.com/ Not far from LL Bean. There is also a bunch of breweries in Portland ME just north, that was fun also. Loved it, ate to much lobster that week, but its low calorie.....
  5. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Beautiful country, but I'm not sure any one place is perfect all year. Last time I was in Maine for work was in the middle of June, it was sleeting and mid 30's. I left the 80's in PA with no coat
  6. Brett, someday I hope to meet and the DW's can discuss this trip. We've discussed a trip like this before, but as you probably are aware you never hear much good down there, so it was side tabled.
  7. Excessive weight on front axles

    I have no tag experience in an RV application, but a lot in commercial trucks. So what I'm seeing in this set up it's not adjustable? In a truck you can adjust how much down pressure, now the driver cannot do this but a mechanic can in a few minutes.
  8. Glad you are having a good time! Be safe down there!
  9. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Carl, its 72 here . Don't worry, ill be eating those word when the Blizzard comes along in a few weeks . Not sure if its an early spring or the calm before the storm I get the cabin fever, every year I start some coach project to keep me busy on the weekends.
  10. Excessive weight on front axles

    ctammyh; Welcome the the FMCA Forum! Sounds like there is too much down pressure on the tag, thus transferring weight to the steer axle. I'm not surprised they sent the correction parts for free, they produced a coach unsafe to operate with an overloaded axle, and of all axles the steer . In the end its their responsibility to have it right when it left the factory, they failed and are trying to make it right. I would have it aligned afterwards and a through inspection of the front suspension just to be certain its straight and nothing is worn out from carrying all of that weight on something not designed to do so, also couldn't hurt to have the tires inspected also. Speaking of tires, since the coach is a 2011, any idea how old they are?
  11. Squirrels and wiring

    That and the "harmful to human" decals in some of the newer RV's, HUH?? what do you mean I shouldn't stay inside more than 12 hours a day or it could be harmful to my health? You have to wonder what person sources this stuff and thinks "MEAH, IT ILL BE OK.....GET-R-DONE" .
  12. Engine Braking

  13. Storing 2015 DS 6h/d power

    It must be on older models, we were only shopping 2005 and older. You ever ride the monorail at Disney? it was kind of like that
  14. Storing 2015 DS 6h/d power

    What I always found interesting with Newmar was the slides talk to you when you press the button to deploy them, first one we looked at I got to laughing.