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  1. Hazardous /Propane and RVs

    YUP, that's the way we run to New England. Any other route south of that can and will probably ruin the entire trip, unless you run it at 3am on a Sunday night .
  2. I am over my MAD

    Blake, I'll still be on the Forums. I have always been one to help another when I can, that wont change. We have made some good friends on here alone, sadly none have been made other than on the forums as the current FMCA footprint and chapter footprint isn't geared toward working folks let alone families. The chapter concept really left a bad taste in my mouth a few years ago that almost made us walkaway then. I am hoping that the change in residency in a few years will shine some new light on those.
  3. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    With most if not all roadside assistance plans, they seek out the lowest bidder, which could mean you sitting on the side of the road for hours while they hash out who is going to respond for the cheapest rate, not necessarily who can help NOW or who is equipped to properly help you.
  4. I am over my MAD

    Mike, well written. We weren't mad, just disappointed. No longer members either as a result of that and the lack of benefits (including chapters) or better suited benefits for part time travelers, working full time with a family. We don't have any chapters that are a good fit for us in PA, if that were the case we would probably stay onboard. Saddened by this as we truly believed in the organization and what it stood for. We are planning to relocate residence in a few years, I will revisit chapters in that area then (as long as the organization didn't turn into a mess with the trailers on board and still has focus on both lines), if there is a fit then we will renew, fingers crossed.
  5. Hazardous /Propane and RVs

    We run those tunnels often in Baltimore, the bigger frustration for us is the lack of EZ pass technology. Maryland must have got their scanners for free from the trash that other states tossed out, they almost never work when crossing and there are no high speed lanes. You have to slow down to a crawl and squeeze through tight lanes for over 5T EZ pass. We have crossed many, many times, have seen a countless number of LEO's parked after the tolls, never been pulled over even after the alarm goes off because their antique scanners cannot see our EZ pass.
  6. Bedroom TV Upgrade

    Thanks Wayne and Bill. I think I'm going to do some searching for a suitable replacement. During the 2017 season I found us using the antenna a lot more than ever, not having that TV wasn't terrible but I'd prefer to have it. thanks
  7. Sean, if the fuel cutout switch is tripping on its own you need to look at it, make certain Jayco didn't add something that's resting against it, make certain its fastened property, if all checks out replace it. That is a switch that when it senses a bang/shock/extreme vibration it opens the fuel pump circuit. Very simple design. It's highly unlikely its opening due to anything other than a defective switch. Since the unit is so new I'd take it to a Ford dealer for diagnosis. That is part of the chassis, not Jayco, but that doesn't mean Jayco didn't fuss with it, moved it or has something laying against it.
  8. All Inclusive Motorhome Club (AIM)

    Smithy, congratulations!! Carl you never get use to it, I swear I aged 2-3x faster when they were infants.
  9. Bedroom TV Upgrade

    It works but only on Cable, no antenna since it is an analog TV. I would love to find a converter box and put it up front so it converted the digital signal to analog and sent it back to that TV, but it would need to be a box without a remote, I still need the ability to change the stations at the TV, not up front.
  10. Bedroom TV Upgrade

    Blake, nice work!! Here's my dilemma photo'd below. If I find one that fits the width it will be a small screen. I also love the simplicity of this TV. I will have to shop around and see what my options are. I love the locking swing out mount you installed!
  11. Lippert Travel Trailer Frame

    The gal posted it said they lived in TN (if memory served me right) and this was the first trip, made it as far as TX when they discovered that mess, I'm certain it was fixed in TX.
  12. Lippert Travel Trailer Frame

    Five, I don't remember. From what I learned Lippert builds them for 95% of the RV trailer industry.
  13. Rick, we have discussed doing it before, usually every time DW sees it at a campground she reminds me that she wants them. I found this company for the lights; https://www.boogeylights.com/led-lights-for-rv-campers-trailers/ They have a bunch of options, one being you can control the lights via an APP on your phone . The last time I priced it out $500.00 comes to mind , that was where my planning fell to the side. I have a friend with a custom chopper that he takes to shows with this companies lighting all over the motorcycle, they have held up well and look nice.
  14. Blue Ox Light Kit

    When we ran the Patriot on the floor I had to pull the stop lamp fuse on the jeep so the toad lighting only saw the coach signal.
  15. Lippert Travel Trailer Frame

    Saw this on the web and made me cringe of the quality that is getting pushed out onto the street. They made good on it by repairing their poor quality but this could have turned into a traffic accident. this is a 2016 Travel trailer, for those of you that don't know Lippert makes most frames for travel trailers with either hitch design (ball or King pin)