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  1. Some problems don't necessarily show the damage immediately but down the road the life of the component was greatly reduced.
  2. Our coach has one, one of our kids saw it and asked if this was what they used for internet before wifi . I had to explain it was for phone service not a cat 5 for a computer .
  3. https://50amppowerpal.com/ Kay, if you should ever travel up here...you have been warned , bring a volt meter! We have only been RV'ing for 9 years and I have had more than my fair share of tower problems and damage as a result. rsbilledwards had a problem two sites down from myself and Obedb last September, he borrowed my power pal and thought it was neat. Older campgrounds are prone to problems and using circuit breakers as on/off switches amplifies it. Worn out breakers seems to be the bulk of the problems I have encountered causing low voltage or campgrounds having too much draw on the infrastructure. I even got wacked by 220 at a campground when turning on the breakers at a CG in Oklahoma, I had one hand on the tower when I flipped the breakers on... hmmm, that explains a lot also I don't deserve all the credit for the gadget, Brett sent the link a few years ago when I mentioned testing CG towers, and I love gadgets like that.
  4. Herman, next summer we are headed to Texas, when are the Lone Star outings/rallies typically held? If I time it right that might be a great option.
  5. No on Indy. discussed Syracuse with DW the other night. What are those dates?
  6. Thanks Herman, I re-read my post and corrected it, it was misleading. What I meant and what I typed were two different things
  7. I love Cabelas! I have stopped at Bass Pro before and while it wasn't bad there was no staff around to help you locate something. I buy my summer shorts from Cabelas, they are comfortable and priced decent. CW takes over Gander Mtn it over you can bet its going down hill, they have proven that with their CW stores.
  8. Sounds like you are headed down the right path.
  9. I'm betting its this one. That unit looks familiar, my grandfather rigged solar panels on the roof of his house to power one that looks identical to the one in the OP's photo. The one in my photo is a 5000 MSW. This apple didn't fall far from the trees HUH?
  10. BINGO! Spoke to two members last weekend, that was the exact response from both. One told me I was an idiot if I continued to stay a member if towable's were allowed to join. The subject angered him, especially when all of the coaches around us had no desire to join as there are little to no benefits for younger families. His number started with a 160, my guess he has been a member for quite some time.
  11. YUP JUNK, I posted on my dissatisfaction it a few years back on another post. Ours will send you down roads not suited for a 4x4 let alone an RV, then take you miles off course to do so when the simple solution was to stay straight on the Interstate you are on. The final straw is when it couldn't locate Myrtle Beach SC. I use it for a rolling map now and have not replaced it. I have update it numerous times, sent it back to them, nothing fixed it and by the time they were done playing with it I couldn't return it or get a refund. I heard they are no longer making them, not sure if its true but from what I heard there is also class action law suite brewing.
  12. Wingman, keep one thought in mind...all of those particles went into your engine . That could show its ugly face later in life and cause low compression. I'd consider having the Air charge cooler replaced at a minimum, if it were mine it wouldn't be an option. That also looks like you are sucking dirt, what air filter do you have and has the intake system been inspected for unfiltered air entering?
  13. Just a tutorial, I had to tear down a VGT turbocharger today that was stuck. Here is the inside of a Garrett. IMG_3479.MOV
  14. Tomas24, Penn is one of them that is local to me. Curious...what age bracket are you in?