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  1. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Glad to know we are not alone and have the exact conversation as you did up here in the North East on a regular basis.
  2. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    OH YEA!! That's also the reason I only run Fleetgard filters, the aftermarket are slightly less $$ also slightly different spec, just not worth the risk!
  3. The reason I will not spin our backwards!
  4. RV Antifreeze Color Pink or Blue?

    Be careful if you have Aqua Hot, blowing air through one will not remove all water (I actually read this in the manual ). I use the pink RV antifreeze, just cheap insurance if you live in a climate that drops below freezing. One of the only manuals I have read front to back, didn't retain much but I remember that part
  5. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    Mine also, its $180.00 for a new one. I change it every other year regardless of mileage. Replaced the filter minder this year, kept sucking closed even with a new filter, just worn out.
  6. Do you have a wall slide behind the driver? It could be blocked off i.e. a bolt installed on the seat track to stop it from going back farther to prevent an error while closing the slide with the seat all the way back. I would take a peek under the seat, maybe snap a photo or two and post them on here.
  7. 2006 National RV Sea Breeze Tail Light Assembly

    Post a photo of the light in question, most are bought from the automotive world and put on RV's. Perhaps someone could identify it?
  8. Summer in New Mexico

    Brett, thank you! anyone have experienced off of I40 onto TX60 to 84 to NM70 into Roswell NM. GS trip planner is routing us that way
  9. Summer in New Mexico

    Thank you!
  10. Summer in New Mexico

    Blake, never heard of the caverns. Just passed that onto my DW, thanks!! We detoured to San Antonio in December 2013 spent a few days there while Dallas was under ice. We had a good time touring the area.
  11. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Interesting, when most RV dealers and over 90% of the campgrounds I have been to have no idea what family motorcoach is I beg to differ. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where the problem resides. Mentioned on one of the other posts regarding this ludicrous proposal..when I book a reservation I ask if Family Motorcoach members get a discount, only two times in 8 years I was told yes, the other times, I either get silence then NO or I have never heard of that...we do except Good Sam. The other problem, the FMCA commercial Campgrounds we have been through (never stayed) are run down dumps, that in of itself will tarnish the name. Being a part time RV family I have only toured 4, all in the North East and they were scary. Recap and let this sink in.. if RV dealers and Campgrounds haven't heard of the organization how is prospective members ever going to?? Yea, I know Ross speak to people while camping, I do it and I went as far as day one I always where my FMCA polo shirt. One person here and there isn't the impact needed. It just scratches the surface. I have to agree with Smitty, Rvillage was a shot to get the name out there, better gamble then doing nothing. Personally I think knocking on campground and dealer doors would be more beneficial but the unfortunate part of that, they won't promote it without something for them, it's the world today
  12. Convection/Microwave Ovens

    Now you have sparked my interest. I might have to buy some and give it a try. We only use butter EVO and coconut oil for cooking, crisco for baking. No fake butter in this house. If I can't interpret the indgredients it doesn't come home, I read every label.
  13. Convection/Microwave Ovens

    See, you should have come up here..there is a farm near Dougs house that sells it. You get too low let me know, I'll bring some next June
  14. FR3 Cable Slide Problems

    Gasser, ok...cable slides NOT on my coach
  15. Convection/Microwave Ovens

    Herman, biscuits in a tube/box, shaking my head . I make them from scratch, Carl I use shortening and real butter, roll them up and put in the refrigerator in the coach for trips....well haven't made any since last Christmas