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  1. Bedroom TV Upgrade

    Thanks Wayne and Bill. I think I'm going to do some searching for a suitable replacement. During the 2017 season I found us using the antenna a lot more than ever, not having that TV wasn't terrible but I'd prefer to have it. thanks
  2. Sean, if the fuel cutout switch is tripping on its own you need to look at it, make certain Jayco didn't add something that's resting against it, make certain its fastened property, if all checks out replace it. That is a switch that when it senses a bang/shock/extreme vibration it opens the fuel pump circuit. Very simple design. It's highly unlikely its opening due to anything other than a defective switch. Since the unit is so new I'd take it to a Ford dealer for diagnosis. That is part of the chassis, not Jayco, but that doesn't mean Jayco didn't fuss with it, moved it or has something laying against it.
  3. All Inclusive Motorhome Club (AIM)

    Smithy, congratulations!! Carl you never get use to it, I swear I aged 2-3x faster when they were infants.
  4. Bedroom TV Upgrade

    It works but only on Cable, no antenna since it is an analog TV. I would love to find a converter box and put it up front so it converted the digital signal to analog and sent it back to that TV, but it would need to be a box without a remote, I still need the ability to change the stations at the TV, not up front.
  5. Bedroom TV Upgrade

    Blake, nice work!! Here's my dilemma photo'd below. If I find one that fits the width it will be a small screen. I also love the simplicity of this TV. I will have to shop around and see what my options are. I love the locking swing out mount you installed!
  6. Lippert Travel Trailer Frame

    The gal posted it said they lived in TN (if memory served me right) and this was the first trip, made it as far as TX when they discovered that mess, I'm certain it was fixed in TX.
  7. Lippert Travel Trailer Frame

    Saw this on the web and made me cringe of the quality that is getting pushed out onto the street. They made good on it by repairing their poor quality but this could have turned into a traffic accident. this is a 2016 Travel trailer, for those of you that don't know Lippert makes most frames for travel trailers with either hitch design (ball or King pin)
  8. Lippert Travel Trailer Frame

    Five, I don't remember. From what I learned Lippert builds them for 95% of the RV trailer industry.
  9. Rick, we have discussed doing it before, usually every time DW sees it at a campground she reminds me that she wants them. I found this company for the lights; https://www.boogeylights.com/led-lights-for-rv-campers-trailers/ They have a bunch of options, one being you can control the lights via an APP on your phone . The last time I priced it out $500.00 comes to mind , that was where my planning fell to the side. I have a friend with a custom chopper that he takes to shows with this companies lighting all over the motorcycle, they have held up well and look nice.
  10. Blue Ox Light Kit

    When we ran the Patriot on the floor I had to pull the stop lamp fuse on the jeep so the toad lighting only saw the coach signal.
  11. Using RV Park Cable TV

    Pazahora, when connected to the park cable you will need to have each TV search (within the TV menu) for local channels, make sure they are set to Cable not antenna and if you have a switch box, make sure each TV is switched to Cable, not antenna. Mike, we have the original TV in the bedroom still, I don't want to pull it as the replacement TV of today will not fit correctly. I would much rather have a box that would convert the signal to analog for that TV for when we are using the antenna. If someone can provide a link for a gadget like that please do so.
  12. Motorhome Parking At A NYC Airport

    Jim, people are tough up in those parts. We stayed there and were pleasantly surprised, if going to NYC that is a great place. Going to bed at night in the coach and looking out the window at the Manhattan lights took some getting used to but was fun. Taking a coach over the George Washington bridge unless the middle of the night Absolutely NOT. Jersey City is simple. It was also nice waking up looking out the windshield at Lady Liberty. Personally I have always wanted to go to Coney Island, due to its location NO WAY! Long Island is not an option. I spent three days last week commuting to the Bronx from PA, that was an experience that would keep some up at night . It was like I fell into an episode of Welcome Back Kotter
  13. Motorhome Parking At A NYC Airport

    Jim, you sound bitter, I take it you have stayed there before ?
  14. Motorhome Parking At A NYC Airport

    If you are looking for a place to park it, maybe leave it plugged in I would try here; They might offer a discount since it will be basically stored there, worth a call anyway. http://www.libertyharborrv.com/
  15. 10 Year Age Rule In RV Campgrounds

    Twice I have been asked, both times they hesitated, I offered to email a photo, photo emailed and to date have not been turned down. I am all for it and I can understand why they do it. The more experienced we get with this lifestyle the more I get it!
  16. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Yeah, I am in the same situation
  17. Cummins Onan Exhaust Tip

    Deep breaths Carl....calm down
  18. Washington DC

  19. Washington DC

    OH BOY!! I can only imagine ... 3rd or 4th Cherry Hill! Went there twice, loved it both times!
  20. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Puff, if you are headed to here to visit your brother let me know, perhaps a dinner meet up is in order. Ill grab Keon and we can hang out talking coach RV stuff . Ill PM you my cell number again just incase you do not have it anymore. Joe
  21. Cummins Onan Exhaust Tip

    Thanks for the idea, I just might do this
  22. Cummins Onan Exhaust Tip

    Good to know!! My Aqua Hot tip is rust covered, looks like an antique with patina.
  23. Just following.... no comments from this peanut gallery.
  24. Finally Got The Coach Weight

    Although not a 4 corner weight it's a place to start. I'm certain the drivers side is heavier as it houses both slides and the kitchen. Here is the weight slip and And a snap shot of the tires we have now. Any recommended pressures to set these at?