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  1. Sealant options

    I used these products on the last coach, everything except the roof, which had the tape and Dicor. Side windows and seams were all redone by me with these products; https://usa.sika.com/industry/en/industry-markets/transportation/bus-coach/01a601/01a601sa02/01a601sa0202.html By poor design of the exterior trim if traveling in the rain it would wick its way under the seam trim and lighting (especially the bunk area) and delaminate. All I have to say is I feel bad for the next guy that has to remove anything on that coaches body, that stuff was so strong you could remove screws after it set up and it wasn't budging.
  2. Sealant options

    Roger, is your roof rubber or fiberglass? I was told silicone products are harmful to the rubber membrane of a RV roof, thus requiring Dicor. Flex Seal I am not familiar with whats in it and if it would be the same as silicone.
  3. Kiley Mold Company - Product Question

    Jerry, Welcome to the FMCA forum! Kiley is no longer supplying the brackets per this post and if you scroll through there is information on how to order them.
  4. Replacing Eternabond Tape on Fiberglass Roof

    I will.... GOOD LUCK! Sounds like you can handle it armed with information and proper materials. Please take photos it might help the next guy with their project.
  5. Maintenance and repair

    Thank you for reporting back, glad you found a good shop!

    YUP, do it often, restroom break, cold drink and beef Jerky, i'm good
  7. Tornado Warnings

    I saw this on Facebook yesterday. In a coach of your size, pull the slides in, head over to shelter just in case. Trailers tend to flip with non tornado winds for some reason (must be weight to wind sail ratio), you see it often especially campgrounds close to water over here on the east coast. Stay safe my friend!
  8. Onan 4000 fault codes

    Nancy, when it was serviced do you know if the following were addressed? Spark Arrestor cleaned Spark plug replaced Air filter replaced Oil changed Fuel filter replaced Is yours fueled by gasoline or LPG? If you have the paperwork it might help to look down the parts list to see what was done when it was serviced, it could help narrow down the possible culprit.
  9. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    Wayne that MPG is good, probably get better as it breaks in. coach is beautiful, love the property also.
  10. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    I don't believe so Wayne. TPMS would be the best choice. Dbenoit, you'll be fine. Hit the road and enjoy that coach. I am very familiar with your area of travel, should you have anymore questions fire away.
  11. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    It is still there, I rode it in 2013, only available in CA, no longer in FL.
  12. Freightliner Oasis

    Careful, this is kind of like the food service industry, one has to have the certification, doesn't mean its the same guy working on your coach or the one prepping your food . You will often find there is one person in the shop carrying the weight of the place with certifications, might not be a technician, could be the service manager. On the back end they fudge the paper work so "Master Tech" works on all work requiring certifications and to carry the sign on the poll out front, often times this person hasn't picked up a tool in years. Very crooked industry. I can remember one time I worked for a large dealer, went on vacation, returned, two weeks later I get a comeback repair, for the life of me I didn't remember this truck... (good vacation huh??) the history on the work order was dated the week I was on vacation. They tagged my ID to it to submit for warranty as I was the only one carrying the certification to make that repair on that engine. Joe, its a dice roll, you locate a place that does well for you, stick with it, if you have an opportunity to meet the tech, get to know him or her. Build a name/face relationship, it goes along way! If like most....move onto the next one and roll the dice again. Forums like this and social media might help you eliminate some if not most headaches. I had many customers that would actually call me and avoid the service desk, didn't want the hassle, politics and to be treated like a number.
  13. never met him, seems like a "know it all"
  14. Freightliner Oasis

    Sad to say but the industry is headed into a downward spiral all over the USA. Few years back everyone was preaching you must go to college, most that could handle it followed. Of the remaining percentile less than 1% has the intelligence to process this advanced technology, while another portion of this 1% is bailing out of the industry as it typically lacks benefits, retirement or decent pay and the hours can be terrible. Unfortunately you don't get it all in most cases which is all contributing to the shortage of good mechanic's and its extremely difficult to find a good Technician. Unless something changes its only going to get worse.
  15. Campers With Children Under 20-- Check In!

    Same here, even statues . just might have you on this one...this is our dining room chandelier
  16. Humor for those waiting for spring

    LOL, sounds like mine
  17. Campers With Children Under 20-- Check In!

    We also love our Disney Vacations, DVC members, love Disney Cruise Lines, next April we are going to Fort Wilderness. So we do a lot of variety for our vacations DVC also? Us too! Ha I knew I liked you
  18. Cajun Food

    What an amazing place, thank you for sharing the photos!
  19. Cummins ISL 400hp

    Brian, not your fault, sounds like the clamp failed. Pretty common, if you bring the clamp and bellows to a truck parts store replace both clamps and the bellows. You should immediately notice the replacement clamps are much more robust that what it came with from the factory. I usually wipe the inside of the rubber bellows and outside of the tube with a rag and with brake cleaner on it, helps it to stay put.

    WOW is that nice
  21. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    Great advice!
  22. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    Great song by the way!
  23. Tools Needed for Full-Timing

    You can do it, i ditched mine in 2014 it went with the last coach, they matched stripes and decals anyway.
  24. Simple Tires Online

    I buy all of my tires from these people on the east coast. Pricing is great and you have options from the top tier one tires down to cheap no name tires. Phil they have locations in NJ, I use their Millville NJ location often for work. https://www.sttc.com/