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  1. Howdy All, The better half and I are looking down the barrel of retirement in the next year or two. We are looking at the Waco, TX area as a possibility. We are currently in Northern VA and are tired of the cold and paying taxes on everything. So I hope some of you out there may have some close to first hand info on the Waco, TX area. I know it's not too far from Ft Hood. Can any one tell me or recommend any of the small surrounding communities. We want to look at getting a small house with enough room for the RV and use it for our base when we hit the road semi-full time. Also can anyone tell me if there are any oriental markets in or around Waco.
  2. Howdy All, The better half and I are a couple years from retiring. We have looked around the country and saw a few mentions about Yuma, AZ. Can some one out there give me some first hand info on Yuma. We would probably want to buy (low cost) where we would be around like minded folks and have room for our coach. .
  3. Howdy All. I know we all like to save money on our energy costs on the road and at home. I can recommend a way to save on your energy cost when at the homestead. AMBIT energy gives you an option to what your local power company force feeds you. Please check them out at the following link. http://agconsult.myambit.com/
  4. Hello all. I replaced my NORCOLD fridge with a residential one. I have been trying to figure out how to close off the exterior vent door for the fridge. The AC escapes out the vent part of the panel.I tried spray foam but that just made a mess. Anyone out there figure out a good way to seal it off?
  5. Video Monitoring Of Motorhome

    Any recommended products that works with Apple products? cameras or apps?
  6. Microwave Replacement Question

    Howdy All. Just finished the replacement of our Sharp microwave. It had intermittent difficulties working and all the metal trim fell off. Replaced it with a Whirlpool microwave. The one thing I found out during this evolution was that the Sharp's door actually did not go from side to side. It actually had a fixed section on the left side of about 2 inches. That enabled the door to open with out hitting the left side cabinet panel. All the new ones I looked at in Lowes and HD and online all had full width doors. So I had to extend the bracing outward about 2 or 3 inches. Also the standard rear mounting panel is extremely flimsy. I still need to install the vent from the back to the RV skin. I can do that from the outside. Have to extend that about the same as the bracing. I added a stiffener angle behind it. I'm pretty comfortable with it staying in place as we go down the road the way I have it braced but definitely a lesson learned about trying to look a little harder to find a better match for what is being replaced. I'll post a couple pics tomorrow
  7. Microwave Replacement Question

    Update: Called Winnebago. They informed me there is a 3' wide piece of aluminum plate in the ceiling that the mounting angle bracket in the ceiling is attached to. So probably the best solution is to make a new metal angle bracket that will extend back to where the original is mounted to the ceiling and also extends out the extra 2 or so inches I need due to the mounting difference in the two units. I'll post some pictures later.
  8. Howdy All. I started replacing my old Sharp Microwave yesterday. It came out with out much difficulty. The replacement microwave is almost exact in size. The snag I hit is that the door is a full side to side door. The Sharp door stopped a couple inches from the left side. So the front of the microwave has to stick out about 2 inches so the door can open. That makes the top mounting bolts where you attach the mounting plate about 2.5 inches too far forward of where the mounting plate it attaches to is secured to the roof. I have checked every diagram I can find and don't see any special plate that the ceiling bracket is screwed into. Does anyone know if I can move that ceiling plate and have the same fastening strength or if that will weaken the mounting.
  9. Oldgrape's Mods

    Picture of modifications to our coach
  10. Well the new residential Fridge is in. I had it done at RV Services in Ashland, VA. They did a great job. They were able to take the old one out and move the new one in though the passenger side window over the couch. They had to trim the fridge space opening frame just a small bit. They widened the front frame by about an inch and the height by about 3 - 4 inches. I will add a piece of quarter round trip on the right side but overall it's a done deal. Wife loves it. Definitely won't have any problem keeping the beer and soda cold. Also had the oil changed, fuel filter changed, and chassis lubricated. .
  11. Carpet vs Laminate?

    We swapped out our carpet with Laminate. Love it. We do use throw rugs cause my Lab mix has a hard time with slick floors. She slips and slides all over the place.
  12. Oldgrape's Trips

  13. Just a House with Wheels

    So as time passes with RV ownership I find it really is like a house, projects never end. We have barely owned our 06 Tour for two years and the wife's list has not gotten any smaller. So far we have had the flooring replaced with laminate, both dash and outside radios replaced, 2 of the 3 TVs replaced with LCD/LED TVs, replace cloth couch with leather one, and found a remnant piece of Corian for the table that matched the counter top exactly. I installed a WIFI antenna on my TV antenna and had the front end, front cap, and the side gutter areas repainted due to the clear coat peeling off. I just finished installing a LED flat rope light on slide awning cover on the passenger side. Snaked the wires through the Microwave vent opening. Also slowly replacing all of my interior and porch lights with LEDs. The next items on the list are replacing the Norcold with a residential refrigerator (this week) and two new captain's chairs for the front. We'll be doing that in 2 or 3 weeks. We also want to re-upholster the window trim boxes. I can't remember what they are called . We plan to move the TV in the bedroom and use the space to add a separate, stacked, washer and dryer.
  14. The Beginning

    Our RV lifestyle began just about 2 years ago. For a few years my wife and I would see RVs pass us on the roads and we'd both say that we ill do that when I retire. Then about two and a half years ago we went to an RV show in Hampton, VA. That put a bug in our ears that we could not shake. Also the more we thought about it we realized waiting till I retired was not a very good plan. My Dad's health deteriorated very quickly after he retired when he was 65. He was a heavy smoker, drinker, and pretty much that is what really got him. But you just don't know what will happen and waiting for a pie in the eventual sky was not a plan the wife and I wanted to follow any longer. So we started looking. We test drove a class C and A. We decide a class A was for us. So I scoured the internet. Came close to a deal a couple times but just did not close the deal. I searched many dealers' websites, EBAY, and Craig's List. We finally saw something down in Florida at Lazy Days. After a week or so of phone calls and emails we hit the road to Florida and to buy a RV. The RV was a Class A 2005 Damon Day Break 35 footer with a gas engine. The interior was immaculate. They showed us how to work everything, The deal was done and we hit the road. Now that coach was an "As is" coach and my salesman (sold insurance previously) was almost as new to the industry as we were. So we made it back to VA with no problems. Took it into the local RV dealer to get the safety inspection and a complete once over. That is when the other shoe hit the ground. The frame under the coach was severely rusted. The leveling jacks were barely still attached. The generator mounting frame was so rusted that the mechanic warned us to not use the generator cause the vibration would probably cause it to fall off the coach. The coach did not pass the safety inspection. Technically there was no one to blame but myself for not requiring a complete check out by a third party down in Florida before I actually signed on the dotted line. To say the least we were heart broken and very upset. I contacted the dealer in Florida and informed them of the issues. We were greatly surprised when Lazy Days told us to bring it back and they would basically cancel the deal. They would also help us to find another coach in better condition. So the end result was we ended up with our 2006 Winnebago Tour 40KD diesel pusher. We love it. And that is how we began. We have been down to Kitty Hawk and the NC Outer Banks, Lake Gaston, a couple camp grounds in Florida, and a couple here in VA with our granddaughters. That has been worth all the ups and downs. They are both at the age that they may want to go with us one or two more times but not sure. But we have the last two years of them going with us that they will remember and so will we!
  15. Additional Inverter for Residential Refrigerator

    Howdy All. Thanks for the great information. I will take the advice of "wait and see" if it handles it or not. We basically do about the same as jleamont stated that they do.