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  1. FMCA Hinckley ME Memorial

    Does anyone have a recent photo of the memorial to share?
  2. FMCA Forum "Meet and Greet" In Perry

    Wish I could make it, I am here in Massachusetts. Hope you all enjoy Perry, I am there in spirit.
  3. 1999 Honda Accord

    We have flat towed a 1999 Honda Accord Ex for 6 years behind a 2002 Winnebago. I checked with Honda with the Vin number of the auto to ask if it was towable flat, and mine was... the car did need an additional alignment or two after a towing season. Barbara
  4. Ashville October Eastern Area Rally

    How was it?
  5. Madison U60 Group Check In Here

    Hi Everyone, Barbara Smith checking in. We used our vacation time to go to Madison, so if I go to Asheville, I will fly in. See you all soon.
  6. Any Women Class A Drivers?

    Practice in a parking lot for a beach or one that is a large lot, mostly unoccupied, practice backing up and parking in a measured spot. Pay particular attention to how the back swings out when you make a turn. Good luck.