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    I do fish but I have done it so seldom recently that I am not very good at it. Kind of like golf/ to be good - regularly is the word.

    Obed is Old Testament . Son of Ruth and Boaz. King David's Grandfather. I am Obed ByronOglesby III. It is a family thing.
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  1. Fifth Wheelers With Computerized Jacks

    Carl/ Knew a teacher that retired and he and his wife bought a very big fiver (3 axles) and a Ford diesel 450 model. Ramsey's truck just looks more powerful than a 250 . I am a Ford truck enthusiast and I live in pickup truck country. Rural PA. If I was younger I would sell our Phaeton and buy in to the Fiver lifestyle. We both have some health issues going on. So we will stick with our unit.
  2. Hydraulic fluid capacity?

    I have used a Lucas Power Steering additive that claims to stop leaks. In my case it worked. If it is still available, it might work in your level system if you add the correct amount.
  3. Fifth Wheelers With Computerized Jacks

    What a sharp looking rig. Is the pickup a 450 or bigger?
  4. Engine Braking

    Knew a fellow trucker that used his Jake Brake so religiously that he exceeded 400,000 miles between brake jobs. Annoying to run with though.
  5. Oh! By the way. RV owners in the Amarillo area store there units in non temp controlled facilities that have an aluminum awning over the unit. The humidity is quite low there so there is no worry about mold or algae. Some car dealers park there inventory under shelter. Oh? Forgot! Hail Storms can be a problem there. Tons of big rigs trucks run through Amarillo in both directions every day. Gotta be a way with your skills to find employment, and you would be very close to Colorado and northern New Mexico in your attempt to find perfect conditions for RV storage.
  6. PacBrake

    Have you considered the possible failure of the on/off switch for the PacBrake? Our's would require a small Phillips screwdriver to be able to lift the switch panel to check the circuit.
  7. Joe/ You will still be a young guy as you look for proper storage for your coach. Job opportunities in the fourth largest metro area (Houston Texas) will probably give you the ability to store your RV under shelter and out of the flood plain. If you desire lower humidity and less mold, consider the DFW area in your search for the perfect storage facility. Good luck.
  8. New Mexico I-10 to San Jose, CA

    OK I will try to help. The previous poster is dead on accurate. Unless you have to go through the LA Megaopolis to meet someone or you ar a masochist, leave I-10 in the Palms Springs area and exit north onto CA 62. Turn north in Yucca Valley onto CA 247. Follow that route to Barstow. It makes a hard right in Lucerne Valley north to Barstow. Run I-15 south a couple of exits and exit onto CA58. Take that route west through Bakersfield. If you are one that can follow Highway signs (there are some that depend on GPS systems because they really do not like maps) follow 58 as it exits CA 99. Proceed to I-5 North on your way to San Jose.. By the way, I love maps. Will probably never have a GPS unit before I leave earth. They can get large vehicles into trouble.
  9. New Mexico I-10 to San Jose, CA

    I am sorry that I missed this. There are two very good ways to completely avoid the LA area that I have used as a trucker numerous times, but you may already be underway.
  10. Bad Loves Fuel Stop

    As an RV owner I frequently estimate my fuel needs and pay cash at the fuel desk.I have to hurry to the pump before it times out. I usually get a discount for cash. I never had a problem when fueling as a Trucker. Swipe my fuel card along with my rewards card and the pump is on.Could usually go in, find my receipt on a carousel , remove it, and leave without talking to any one or waiting in line. Do miss that convenience, but I will deal with it. After all, I don't use anywhere near the amount I did in an 18 wheeler.
  11. Bonneville Speed Week

    Yes, there a lot of soft spots because of winter rains and I guess seepage. Wendover NV right on the state line has gambling and maybe a park or two. Not far from all of the high speed fun.
  12. In Quartzsite, AZ

    Have been through Quartzite many times and the California dunes along I-8 as well. Mostly in the winter. Could see RV's of all types in both places. We have RV'ed since 1986. Neither area looked inviting to me but "one man's trash can be another man's treasure." The photos of the solar panel installation are very good though. Ideal place to have them.
  13. With our first coach, we dry camped probably 80% of the time. Dumped and refilled the fresh water tank for an acceptable price and then headed on to our next remote site. As Rich said, the Flying J is a good choice for a dump and fresh water after you buy fuel or propane. If you are looking for something for nothing can't help you there.
  14. Basement Air Conditioner Problem

    Basement a/c works well on a Greyhound bus. Not so well on an rv unless it is a really high end unit. Have seen and talked with owners working on theirs.. Not so good