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    Enjoying this beautiful country and I have seen a lot of it. I was raised in a career military family. My Dad was a veteran of WWII , Korea and Vietnam. He retired in 1965 as a Lt. Col. always a pilot for his entire career. We were vagabonds. Always on the move. I especially love mountains. Colorado is my favorite.

    I do fish but I have done it so seldom recently that I am not very good at it. Kind of like golf/ to be good - regularly is the word.

    Obed is Old Testament . Son of Ruth and Boaz. King David's Grandfather. I am Obed ByronOglesby III. It is a family thing.
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  1. Boise To Las Vegas: Early December

    As an aside/ southbound on US93 will offer you an opportunity to pull into the Flying J in Wells for some rest. I always went to the back parking row and drove into the spot I wanted. The view from my windshield was a favorite of mine, especially in the winter. High plains, US93 heading south with little traffic, and snow on the " Hole in the Mountains Peak" is quite picturesque. Not something you normally see in arid Nevada's east. Will always remember it. 11, 306 ft. of snow covered beauty.
  2. Tire Air Pumps

    I also use the Porter Cable six gallon compressor to top off my tires, but I did not mention it because I got yelled at by the guys that live in the sub tropical coastal humid portions of Texas. Brett being one😎. Oh well. Time out. πŸ˜‰
  3. Boise To Las Vegas: Early December

    Have run US93 south through Jackpot NV, Wells NV, Ely NV and onto Vegas as a trucker. There is a possibility of snow along that route, but it usually doesn't last long on the roads. Six to eight inches in the aforementioned towns are average for December. Roads are fine with little traffic, but I don't think you will find RV accomodations. Jackpot has casinos that will be ok to park in for an overnight stay, but no RV accomodations that I remember. Wells has three Truck Stops that you could probably sleep at. The Loves has a dump station. Don't remember one at the Flying J or the Petro. Ely has casinos with parking lots that would be ok for some shut eye. Temps could be cold most of the way. Unless your unit is well insulated for winter travel, don't de-winterize until you get to Vegas. In Ely take US 6 west to NV 318 and then south to rejoin US 93 south to Vegas. Saves maybe 40 or so miles. You will be by yourself a large part of the way in NV, with spotty phone service. Gotta love Vegas in the winter though. Beats the heck out of 106 degrees in August
  4. Tire Air Pumps

    Our Phaeton has a hook up for an air line in the compartment under the driver's seat. Can be used to be towed and to air up tires. Might be able to buy a 50foot version at RV supply houses. Try to get rubber hose because it is more flexible and easier to recoil.
  5. Summer in New Mexico

    Joe/ while delivering at Roswell Harley Davidson, I noticed two little green people standing in the shadows. Quickly snapped a pic with my phone, but they are like ghosts. They don't show in pics. 😎
  6. Summer in New Mexico

    Bill/ Tried to tell Joe quite awhile ago, the same thing. Have delivered in Roswell several times. Boring and way out of the way to view anything that is even remotely pretty. An absolute waste of a short vacation. Sorry but t'is the absolute truth. The only people that live there can't afford to move somewhere else , or are stuck with familia obligations.
  7. Summer in New Mexico

    Rocky Mountain Oysters at the Big Texan are excellent. If you don't like them, I will refund your money.πŸ€‘
  8. There is an alligator farm in the San Luis Valley near Alamosa CO and it gets to 40 below there from time to time. Why not Kodiak?πŸ˜‚ Sorry guys, about Res Fridges being unleveled and no problems. Not true. Looked around on the Internet. Found several critical reasons for keeping the fridge level. Visited a post sent to me by Brett about how to post a hyperlink. Still can't get it done. Dumbass trucker I guess.😎 If we had one, I would still ask Betty to turn the fridge off when we're about about to go into an unleveled situation. Fueling, checking in at a park, stopping for a whiz, etc. Fridge needs to be level from side to side and a 1/4 high in the front to get the door to close at 45degree angle. Observing those parameters allows the fridge to function at top performance. Parking the coach cattywompass with the fridge on is probably not a good thing. I always asked Betty to turn our Dometic off in advance of being off level for whatever reason. Was determined to keep our Dometic level when in a park or in storage for the winter. I think that if we had a Res Fridge, I would still do the same, and I would to like to have one to reduce the danger of a fire. Happy days.
  9. Battery Issues

    You have to set up a SIGNATURE to have the basics plus anything you perceive as clever show up at the bottom of each post. Took me a while how to figure how to do that. With Tom Butler's help, I got it done.
  10. Bruce/ You lost another refrigerator? I remember that the last one was in a different coach, but after a call with a recording to back you up, Lowes replaced it. I am still trying to justify moving everything under our Dometic in order to install a Res fridge. Kinda thinking that even a Res fridge should be turned off if you are parked way off of level, but I am not sure about that.
  11. Monaco Camelot 42PLQ

    Looks like you would lose a lot of potential closet space. The bedroom would be roomier and the back wall could easily accommodate sliding doors and lots of hanging clothes space. Keeps them a lot more wrinkle free. We have a rear closet in our Phaeton and would not give that up for a table and two chairs.
  12. Damaged by Towing

    The Allison Manual is very specific about the drive shaft being dropped (unhooked). Experienced tow truck operators know the rule. Watch them as they prepare the unit to be towed and insist that the drive shaft be be disabled by removing a universal joint and properly cradle the shaft from dragging. There are some lazy ones that don't give a rip about doing a good job.
  13. Recommendation For Diesel Pusher Brands

    It seems to me that there has been a hefty amount of criticism of Thor quality and customer service on this website. If I am wrong, I apologize in advance.πŸ€”
  14. Issues Towing a 24' - 28' Enclosed Trailer

    Knew Bill would offer lots of info. Met him in Gettysburg. Walking encyclopedia.😊
  15. Tires Parked For Months On Cement? Is There A Problem?

    I use wood between tires and gravel and I put jacks down to reduce load on tires. Did it on our first coach and do the same thing with our Phaeton. No problems with jacks on either coach. Done it for years.