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    Enjoying this beautiful country and I have seen a lot of it. I was raised in a career military family. My Dad was a veteran of WWII , Korea and Vietnam. He retired in 1965 as a Lt. Col. always a pilot for his entire career. We were vagabonds. Always on the move. I especially love mountains. Colorado is my favorite.

    I do fish but I have done it so seldom recently that I am not very good at it. Kind of like golf/ to be good - regularly is the word.

    Obed is Old Testament . Son of Ruth and Boaz. King David's Grandfather. I am Obed ByronOglesby III. It is a family thing.
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  1. Solar energy and wind turbines are heavily subsidized. Be it in the form of tax credits or outright subsidies. If Elon has made a profit on any of his ventures it has been a very small one. I think of him as a "Flim Flam Man." As long as oil and natural gas stay low in price, there is no real incentive to try expensive alternatives. Follow the money. If a local bus company is trying new motive technology, I bet there is a grant at work. Usually with Federal tax dollars. Our county (York in PA) has a refuse collector that is using LNG. That works for them because there rigs are out and back at least daily. Alternative fuels have to be readily available as one incentive to try them. I will stay with diesel for a motorhome. Directly from the Pa Dept of Revenue website. Diesel fuel tax per gallon 74.7 cents per gallon. LNG 38.6 cents per gallon. Almost one half the tax levied on diesel.
  2. Just imagine the weight and size of batteries required to power large equipment? Not happening anytime soon. Elon Musk may figure out a way to get $$$ from the taxpayers for such a project. 😠😡
  3. IMHO/ if you use a portable for protection and it fails, it is very easy to replace. JLeamont even has a link to a small portable circuit analyzer that he uses on checkin. Maybe he will send a link.
  4. Had hydraulic brakes on our Oshkosh chassis. Big rotors all around but do not remember a boost system. Did I miss something? ? We were 16k loaded with waste tanks empty, full water, and full fuel plus all of our stuff.
  5. Or how about a not so nice Good Sam park?😳
  6. Don't know about the construction, but running around the area might take as much time. Do know 96 is marked for big rigs.
  7. Another option would be a motel or hotel that has truck parking. You can park your rig there and stay in a usually pricey room. Running a genset to keep batteries up for your fridge would be ok. Pets/ maybe they are OK with them, or board them. Prior planning prevents......
  8. My Rand McNally works great! It is an atlas. All that I know how to use and all that I need.🙄
  9. The area is quite crowded and with expensive real estate. Even the few truckstops are mobbed. Good luck. If you are retired military, maybe Ft. Lewis might be a possibility. Shoulda stopped short of the area and realized a commute in a rental car or your toad would have to be the best choice. If you find the ideal place, don't tell anyone. It will not last if you do.
  10. KOA in Watkins Glen seems to be well thought of Bill. Re: West Virginia/ stayed in one park. After the experience, we looked at other possibles for the future. Gave up.
  11. I still do not use glasses for distance vision , but I am starting to think about prescription reading glasses. The Walmart Cheaters don't work as well anymore on most maps. Will look for the Walmart Atlas. An FMCA atlas like that might have sold well.
  12. Did not mean that all of Texas is subtropical. I am thinking of Houston south along and near the coast. You live down that way as does Brett ( I think ). Lived in San Angelo twice as a kid. Certainly not subtropical there. Dry and hot mostly.
  13. Where do you find a reliable source of dry air in subtropical Texas? Truck stops or gas stations? I doubt that their air is moisture free. Can a dryer on a diesel coach cope with that moisture? Don't know myself. Just asking. Our tires were mounted by my gold standard for commercial tire service. Service Tire in York, PA. I keep the schrader or valve cores snugged up. After a top off before first use, I check our tires before getting under way, with a quality gauge and seldom add air. If I do it is very little. I never have tropical parts of the US on our travel plans. Dry western air at altitude is our choice. I like my little portable compressor.
  14. This is tire related. I have a six gallon 120vac porter cable compressor to maintain tire pressure. A lot easier than using the onboard air system on our Phaeton. Lowes has them on sale now for $100. Do not know if it is a company wide sale, but I would not be without it.
  15. I checked online. The link that Tom put up looks like what I need to try. Bill, there are a surprising number of versions. If DD reads this maybe he could post the version of 303 that he used