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    Enjoying this beautiful country and I have seen a lot of it. I was raised in a career military family. My Dad was a veteran of WWII , Korea and Vietnam. He retired in 1965 as a Lt. Col. always a pilot for his entire career. We were vagabonds. Always on the move. I especially love mountains. Colorado is my favorite.

    I do fish but I have done it so seldom recently that I am not very good at it. Kind of like golf/ to be good - regularly is the word.

    Obed is Old Testament . Son of Ruth and Boaz. King David's Grandfather. I am Obed ByronOglesby III. It is a family thing.
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  1. Knew an eccentric local small truck fleet owner that always changed steer tires in his shop that way. Swore by it. The method I have seen many times in fleet tire shops, that always kept me at a distance, was getting the tire in place, air chuck on the stem with air pressure wide open, ether (yes explosive ether) sprayed into and around the tire, and a brave mechanic lighting it with his cigarette lighter. Worked every time it was tried. Cheaper than all of that expensive equipment. πŸ˜„πŸ˜³
  2. Rhodesia/ an interesting moniker. Story there??
  3. I wish that I could help you. We took an introductory airline trip from Baltimore to Reno in the mid eighties. El Cheapo. Eight days. Rented a car for the stay, and found our way to Virginia City along with a lot of other neat places. Don't remember the route, but really enjoyed the town. If ever in the area we would go back. Hope you get there.
  4. Today, reporting points along I-40 to Kingman Az and I-10 to Tuscon Az indicate that the southern route is a shade cooler. Granted/ spending the night in Flagstaff would be pleasant, but about a 400 mile day to get there from Victorville. I would take I-10 . It is a shorter drive and if memory serves, fewer pulls.
  5. Joe/ with all of your contacts, can't you find a metal shop to make you a couple? Bill Edwards is a body and fender guy. Maybe he could do it for you.πŸ˜‰
  6. Agree with Joe about the danger of running a tire if it was run at that pressure. Our 2003 Phaeton has a chuck for an air hose in the compartment directly under the driver's seat. If you can get enough air in the low tire to drive to a nearby tire facility, I would take that chance, but at a slow speed.
  7. I found an AC thermostat on EBay. Might be worth a try for the motor.
  8. My justification doesn't require a spreadsheet. I found the desire to own one in a bucket full of things I wanted to do before advancing years took over.πŸ˜‰
  9. ARP unit. What is that? Vaguely remember reading about some gizmo that reduces the chance of a fire.
  10. I guess rust is not an issue in arid Lake Havasu City, AZ. Took (95) south off of I-40 a time or two. Looked nice from the distance I had to observe at 71 feet in length. Did not want to explore. Just didn't feel like putting up with the AZ scales and the CA bug station. I also have always enjoyed CA 62. With the broken field running I have been known to do, I missed the entire LA megalopolis and joined I-5 atop Grapevine Pass. Would do it a motorhome if I felt the need to visit the pleasant weather in Santa Maria to Pismo Beach. Central Coast. One of the destinations in CA that I do miss.
  11. DD/ Spend a little more and get chromed plastic nut covers. No rust. They last a very long time or until stolen😎. There is a galvanized gripper inside the cover, but it holds up very well.
  12. I use an iPad/ no trouble at all from me. Use Windows on rare occasions.