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  1. If you are towing a 2014 Jeep Cherokee without the newly issued wiring harness, you are looking for trouble. Having completed a long tour of NorthEast Canada, we had to resort to my wife driving the Jeep to some of our different rv parks. The rough roads up there caused us about 6-8 wobble events. We had to stop on the road way and then start towing again. Once we got back to the States, we though our issues were done with because of the generally smoother roads. Wrong. A badly patched bridge surface on Boston's 295 sent the jeep into a major wobble. We solved the issue by letting the Jeep idle (engaging the power steering unit) for the remainder of the trip back to Indiana. We Checked the engine temps and they seemed to stay in the normal. Good news is that Jeep is going to pay material and labor costs for the wiring harness. They advised me that as the harness drew power from the battery to the elect power steering, we would have to stop every 2-3 hrs to recharge the battery. We feel that the charging line from our coach to the tow braking/light system should keep the battery up. I will be caring a battery charger in addition to my jumper cables.
  2. FMCA's Trip Planning

    Does the online map feature contain a listing of FMCA camping site along the requested route? It lists points of interest and hotels, but no camping sites, or am I overlooking a box to click?