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  1. Fuel stop Tx rt 90

    Are you talking about US 90? Or TX90. If US 90 there are plenty of stops but they may be miles apart once you pass Del Rio so don't let it get too low. Lenp
  2. Chattanooga Area?

    http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/tennessee/hixson/chester-frost-park-2619 Stayed there last fall and thought it was a nice park. Lenp
  3. Class B only RV park, getting ideas.

    Probably only get 8-10 sites squeezed into that small space and still keep a little space between each camper. Take a look at Grand Isle State Park, LA with Google Earth. They have 70+ foot pull threw sites but you could shorten them considerably and still get some larger rigs and no backing involved. Friend has a small (140x140) campground that he squeezed nine campers AND his 1600 SqFt house on. It is tight but it works and we just spent three months there this winter. Lenp
  4. My ISL has the dip stick like yours but also has a fill point mounted on the side of the engine. Lenp
  5. Inverter Recommendations

    1000 watts will not run your micro. Even it it would batteries will drain fast due to high current draw. I would recommend at least a 2000w inverter so you have some margin for later additions. And solar would certainly reduce generator run time. Lenp

    Mine is a few years older and has only lights, wipers and cruise buttons. It failed last year and I found (with manufacturer help) a connection at the bottom of the steering column had the wires pulled out of the connector. Spliced things back together and all is well. The connector was located right above the brake pedal and my big foot hit the wires every time I braked. Surprised it lasted this long. Lenp
  7. 2005 Fleetwood Excursion slide issue

    Do you operate the slides with the engine running or engine off? The slide motors will have less voltage available when the engine is off than when it is running. With engine off the motors will draw more current and run hotter. Many manufacturers recommend extending and retracting slides with engine running. Jacks also when engine running. If your operating with engine off this could explain why three motors have failed. Lenp
  8. Squirrels and wiring

    Have you checked with your insurance company to see if they cover damage due to natural causes? I know multiple people who have had their cars damaged by squirrels and insurance paid for repairs (less their deductible). Lenp
  9. Balance Beads In 22.5" tires

    Have the beads in current front tires - eight months and 6100 miles later no issues. Have used centramatics on previous MDT truck with good results. Would not hesitate to use centramitics again but beads are MUCH cheaper. Lenp
  10. 50 Amps Is Not Really 50 Amps

    Five, All I am saying is there is more then the invertor connected to L1. I suspect at least one of your AC units (and maybe some other "appliance") also runs on L1 it is not going via the invertor. If/when your connected to 30 amp service, a whole new scenario presents when your EMS takes over and load shedding starts. But that is not the subject here. If yours is like mine, all of your invertor supplied circuits are run via a sub panel. But the main panel has a few other circuits such as a washer/dryer or ??? that is ran direct from shore power or generator. These would ADD to the 30 amps your invertor is drawing. Yours may be different than mine (and probably is) but I still suspect your capable of more like 45 on each leg but limited on the invertor controlled circuits. Lenp
  11. 50 Amps Is Not Really 50 Amps

    Five, I think your 30 amp limit is due to your invertor. I have much the same with my rig. I DO get more than 30 amps (and I suspect you do also) from both L1 and L2. I have three outlet circuits in my coach each on its own breaker. All three of these are supplied by either shore power, invertor or generator via a sub-panel. ALL go through the inverter/charger which limits total draw for these three circuits to 30 amps. Do these three circuits come from L1 or L2 - I do not know and don't care. There are also other items items (hot water heater, frig, heat pump, etc.) that DO NOT go via the invertor and are not subject to the 30 amp limit. If/when all of these other items are drawing power I am sure I am drawing much more than 30 amps on both L1 and L2. Thus, I believe your statement "50 amps is not really 50 amps" is not true. I would guess your rig is capable of much closer to 45 and 45 on each leg. I do, however, feel your frustration. I have the same problem if I try to run too much. Not fun running outside to push a breaker button on the invertor when it is COLD outside and your trying to heat the coach AND brew a pot of coffee. This winter I had the need to run two portable heaters and all was fine until 7:00am when the coffee pot turned itself on. No more heat (or coffee). I solved the problem by switching one of the three outlet circuits to a breaker in the main panel (versus the sub-panel). I used the breaker for the washer/dryer which we never use at night so now I can run both heaters AND make coffee AND run the microwave at the same time. Lenp
  12. Basement Air Conditioner Problem

    My coach has the same unit as the OP and it WILL run fine with 30 amp service. There may be some load shed if I exceed 30 amps but it will run fine with only one compressor - it just does not heat (or cool) as well when only one compressor is running. Compressor #2 will shut down if the load shed kicks in but as long as you keep other loads to a minimum it will run both compressors fine on 30 amp service. Lenp
  13. Atwood Water Heater Dead

    Perhaps this will help: http://manuals.adventurerv.net/Atwood-Water-Heater-Service.pdf Does your unit have a thermal cutoff device that looks like the photo between the circuit board and one of the thermostats? If so, it could be blown (it is really a thermal fuse that opens if it gets too hot). Best bet is to check for 12 volts on the two button (like) thermostats and then at the board itself. Lenp
  14. Diesel Block Heater

    Depends on the motorhome. Please tell us what brand, year, model of your coach and, hopefully, someone else has one and can tell you. On my rig the block heater cord and the wall outlet to plug it into are located in the same bay as the shore power connector and main transfer switch. There is also a wall switch in the kitchen area to energize the outlet. Lenp
  15. Basement Air Conditioner Problem

    Contact Airxcel at (316) 832-4357 They have been VERY helpful for me. Lenp