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  1. Basement Air Conditioner Problem

    Contact Airxcel at (316) 832-4357 They have been VERY helpful for me. Lenp
  2. Where will we be when we get there?
  3. Batteries?? Electrical System Problem

    The voltages you were reading when shore power was on (13-14 volts) is the output from your invertor/charger. When shore power is on it will always try to bring the batteries up to that range. However, a fully charged battery will only read 12.65 when all charging equipment is removed (or turned off or shore power removed) and that is with no load applied. It will read higher than 12.65 immediately after the charge source if turned off but it will soon drop to 12.65 or lower if any load is applied and your coach will ALWAYS have a small load applied. Thus, the 12.3 volts you were reading is probably normal. If your really concerned when it reads 12.3 the next time go to your battery bay and disconnect the battery(ies) negative lead and measure (with a multimeter) the voltage at the battery(ies). This will give you an accurate state of charge (SOC) reading. Here is a chart to show voltage versus SOC: Remove charger and turn on a light for five minutes to remove surface charge before measuring Voltage Charge Remaining 12.66 100% 12.61 95% 12.57 90% 12.53 85% 12.49 80% 12.45 75% 12.41 70% 12.37 65% 12.33 60% 12.29 55% 12.25 50% 12.21 45% 12.17 40% 12.13 35% 12.09 30% 12.05 25% 12.02 20% 11.99 15% 11.96 10% 11.93 5% 11.9 0%
  4. Cost Of Flat Tow Package Installation

    Blue Ox tow hooks installed on my Ford Edge came to $1100 including the parts from Blue Ox. This did not include any wiring - only tow hooks which required replacing the Ford internal "bumper" behind the front facade. They would have wired the lights and the emergency breakaway for another $400. Don't forget you will need an auxiliary braking system in some states. Lenp
  5. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    Sounds like the cooling unit is giving up. Do you see any yellow/green powder residue in the rear (outside) of the frig? If so, cooling unit is in need of replacement. Or just replace the frig with a residential unit. Lenp
  6. RV Navigation App

    I have been using the 770 for about six weeks now between Maine and Mississippi (on mostly secondary roads) and it has proven to work ok. I am a little concerned that it will occasionally display a message saying "Recreational vehicle restriction unknown ahead" (or something like that - not exactly sure of the wording) on a route it has recommended. Kind of makes me worry and wonder a little but, like I said, it has not failed me. Prior (non RV) Garmins got me into several problems with low clearance and weight limits that required turning around. Have not had that problem with the 770. Have I had to unhook the toad an turn around - YES but not the fault of the Garmin. Using it with BaseCamp does work but you will not always get the same route on the device that Basecamp did. Garmin tells me that is due to different parameters between the two - you cannot set weight, height and lengths in BaseCamp like you can on the device. Had a problem in northeast Mississippi where the device wanted to route me about ten miles out of the way on a narrow country road versus half a mile to a major road. Garmin turned the problem over to a "higher level" but admitted it should not have done that. Would I recommend the 770 to other motorhome owners? Not having tried other brands specific to RVs I cannot make a good comparison. Would I buy another? probably Lenp
  7. Ever wonder why aviation gas contains NO ethanol???? There is a good reason! Lenp
  8. Condensation

    While it might not seem to be the brightest idea, keeping a vent open helps to keep the humidity down some. Yes, you will loose some heat, you need to keep the air circulating. Your living in a tin can and we generate a lot of moisture by cooking, showering and breathing. If you are connected to shore power a dehumidifier will certainly help. As Bill said, keeping cabinets open will also help AND if your seeing freezing weather it may help keep the pipes from freezing. Lenp
  9. Dang Rodents

    In addition to mice discussed above, I have had problems with squirrels, chipmunks and pack rats getting in where they are certainly not wanted. This past spring the removed all of the insulation from the cowling on a friends RAM pickup. Another RAM had a nest built in the air intake for the heater. Truck the FS gave us to use had the wiring harness chewed up rendering the truck inoperative. When camp hosting at a Forest Service campground in Eastern Oregon there was (and still is) a problem with all of them. The pack rats and squirrels like to get into your engine compartment and build nests. We found that leaving the hood open a few inches discouraged them - did it let the heat out or let a little moonlight in? I don't know but since then I have seen many people place a light rope under their rigs - lighting up the underside also seems to discourage them. Current MH has LED lights in both the front (generator) and rear (engine) that stay on all the time. Have not had any issues. Lenp
  10. Hazardous /Propane and RVs

    Only times I have had to turn mine off was going on the ferry between Galveston Island and the Bolivar Peninsula. Lenp
  11. Suspect the magnetic switch on the door. Lenp
  12. I (sometimes) tow a 2012 F150 Ecoboost. Can confirm it DOES NOT add miles to the odometer. Only issues I have ever had were (1) switching the transfer case between 2H & 4L too fast when trying to put it in neutral (you have to do it fairly fast but not too fast) and (2) a faint burning smell after towing on occasion. Have the same issue with the 2013 Edge but it is not repeatable. Ford has not identified any issues. The burning smell does not occur all the time and only on the next drive AFTER towing. You didn't indicate what your motorhome is but make sure it is rated to two the F150. Mine weighs in at nearly 7600 pounds. Many motorhomes are only rated for 5000. Lenp
  13. 20 Amp GFCI Tripping at Storage Facility

    Could one of your rigs outlets got a little wet while you were on your trip? An outside outlet with a little moisture will trip a GFI. Lenp
  14. Keep in mind that 70' is not legal in all states. And it does not matter where your registered - each state has it's own rules. Probably never be pulled over but if you are involved in an accident it could become a factor. The stacker may be a better choice. Lenp
  15. Refrigerator Won't Work On Inverter

    Bill (and others), Sorry about the signature - it must have been lost with the latest system upgrade. Should now be there. If not, 2002 Winnebago Ultimate Freedom upgraded to include a Samsung residential, 750 watts of solar, Bogart Panametric battery monitor. Frig and small freezer are powered by a dedicated 2000 watt pure sine invertor. The "stock" invertor never did power the frig - frig only had 120 VAC when on shore power or generator. Lenp