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  1. Front Axle Weight Way Different Side To Side

    Hi all thanks for all the great replies on this . Al,the smart weigh tech double checked the front weights, and when finished his thought was that the air bags were out of balance. Don’t know what that means as if the air bags inflate and don’t leak air how can they be out of kilter. Also the back axle weights are within 450 LBS of one another, 8550LBS. On back right and 8050 LBS on back left. The GAWR on front is 12,000LBS the rear being 19,000LBS. The weights are within these limits. If ya’ll have any other thoughts please don’t hesitate to reply. Also this proves not to just weigh the axles as one weight. Weigh them on the wheel points. We are heading to Marco Island for the Christmas vacation so please all drive careful if driving today.
  2. Hi ya’ll Happy New Year to all. We are at Sumter Oaks in Bushnell Florida and got Smart weighed today. We have a 2012 Newmar Ventana LE. When weighed the front driver axle weighed 5700 LBS. The front passenger axle weighed 3770 LBS. Has any one had this much difference in weight from one side to another? Could this be an air bag issue? The coach rides and steers fine. I carry 110 LBS of air in the tires. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Cheers to all.
  3. Onan 7.5K Generator Won't Start

    Thanks fellows yes it is back in the battery compartment. One for the house batteries and one for the chassis batteries. They look original to me. Thanks for your replies!
  4. Onan 7.5K Generator Won't Start

    OK fellows here's the rub. Yesterday I disconnected the battery disconnect switch and just wired it straight through and bypassed it. I let it sit all night with no shore power to see if the voltage dropped any. It did not drop but a few hundredths. So I went to the front and tried to start the generator , and what do you know, it started. So my thought is that the battery disconnect switch is worn out, not making good contact through the system. Thank you for all your input on this trouble. I will keep on monitoring this and get back if this does not solve the problem. I am looking for a better disconnect switch that is on the coach, any suggestions?
  5. Onan 7.5K Generator Won't Start

    That's what I thought. What do you think would cause it to not even turn over and bump off the 12VDC circuit? It also won't start from the generator switch. Even though the batteries check OK, could they be that weak to not turn over the generator? All the house lights work fine. Thanks, Kurt
  6. Onan 7.5K Generator Won't Start

    Thanks for the reply, any question not asked is not dumb, so here goes, does the generator have it's own battery, or does it start off the house batteries? Thanks
  7. Onan 7.5K Generator Won't Start

    Hi folks, we just got back from Stone Mountain Ga. this weekend what a nice place to camp. Well my problem, the generator won't start on our 2004 Holiday Rambler Ambassador. When I engage the start switch it clicks as usual for 5 or 10 seconds then I loose the 12VDC system. I checked the batteries and they checked OK. I have to disengage the 12VDC house switch and reset it to get the 12VDC back up. It had been working on our last trip out. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Dometic Penguin II Heat Pump

    Hi all, I would like to thank all that replied to this topic. With the help from another blog rv'er we solved this mystery. I was going way overboard on this installation. When I removed the old Dometic unit it had a control unit in the ceiling where the return filter is located. I figured I would need a new control unit with the new heat pump system, wrong. Since there were no installation instructions included, I had no idea that the Penguin II units have a control board built in up top on the roof. I disconnected the new control board in the return air down in the coach and wired the unit to the control board on the roof. It has six wires, red and black for the 12VDC, two blue that go to the furnace thermostat wires and 2 yellow that go to the Energy Management For power shed and that is it. I wired her up with the new CCC2 thermostat and flipped the breaker on. Guess what, we have cold air. All is well in the kingdom. A great learning experience!
  9. Dometic Penguin II Heat Pump

    Hi there thanks for the reply. We have a 2004 Holiday Rambler Ambassador with two 13,500 BTU heat pumps on the roof. 2 weeks ago the front unit compressor locked up so I installed a new Penguin II 15,000BTU on the front. The back unit is completely out of the loop. I installed a multizone module to the unit so when we get another new unit for the rear I can just plug the phone cord into the module to control the rear unit. Both the T-stat and the multizone module are Dometic components. All I get is heat when I flip the breaker. Kurt
  10. Hi all again, well I just finished changing out my old Dometic 13,500BTU with a new Dometic Penguin II heat pump. All went well till I powered up the unit. The unit has power to it and so does the multi zone module with the new CCC2 T-stat. All have power. when I flip the breaker on , the unit starts and blows hot air like the heat pump is on. The unit will not turn off when the T-stat is set to off. I went up on the roof and checked the freon lines and one is cold and one is warm and the compressor is running. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the reply, with everything off but the front HVAC, again the unit tries to start but compressor shuts off after about 10 seconds. The unit is isolated by itself, I just don't know what else to test. Am I looking at a new unit? You know they don't make them like they use to!
  12. The rear unit is off when I run the front unit. The voltage is 120VAC at the front unit . All other items are off and it is on a 30 amp circuit at my home.Thanks for the replies.
  13. Hi all, Maybe a HVAC repairman can give me some advice on this. We have a 2004 Holiday Rambler Ambassador diesel pusher. It has two A/C Heat Pumps on the roof. They are Dometic 13,500 BTU. The rear unit works great. The front unit has a problem. The problem is that when I run the front unit, it cuts off after about 10 seconds. Let me explain. First the fan comes on for about 5 seconds, then the compressor comes on and stays for about 10 seconds then cuts off. Now I changed the Caps on the unit to no avail. Still cuts off. The amps on the smart board show in the forties then it shuts itself off. I know that is high on amperage so do you think it could be the compressor struggling or maybe the control board in the unit? The fan motor runs great, but the compressor is struggling. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Happy Camping Everyone!