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  1. FMCA Road Side Rescue Program

    I moved to FMCA from Good Sam due to the pricing. I also had issues at Camping World and want try someone else. I also switched to FMCA (Nationwide) for our coach insurance. Progressive kept going up on price. About a $400/yr savings.
  2. Shock Absorbers

    I had excellent service from Shock Warehouse. They also had the best pricing for my needs.
  3. Firearms

    In my 35 years as a firefighter and 15+ as an EMT and my wife as an life long RN, we have seen the results of someones bad behavior way too much. We both now carry and also avoid anything that looks questionable. My advice is if you carry, get training (never stop training), practice, learn what your weapon will do and always, always know what is behind the threat. By the way, you will get arrested and held until things are sorted out. It is so sad we have to be prepared like this now days, but it is the current reality.
  4. Monaco Diplomat Slide Wall Leak

    Yes, All older Monaco, Holiday Ramblers had a poor lower corner design for slides. If you go to, Chris Throgmortin has done a lot of research into the problem (owns a Holiday Rambler) and has a fix. Go watch his videos and you’ll get an understanding of the problem. He also sells replacement corner plates to correct the problem. I did all my slides before I had issues. Did the work myself using his kits.
  5. Installed Bilsteins and it was not the worst job. 3 hours for the front, 4 hours for rear and the ride is excellent from a 2 hour test drive! No more banging over pavement patches or uneven pavement. Best $650 spent (SHOCK WAREHOUSE). That is for 8 shocks. Tip for anyone deciding to tackle it themselves and have the stud top: mount get a nut splitter and just crease the nut, you don't need to split it. Every top stud nut spun right off with my short handle rachet. Also it is tight under there! I am only 160# and found that I just don't bend as well as I use to!
  6. Last year I had Chris T. of Talin Mfg measure our coach for some replacement awnings while at the Rambli'n Pushers MS rally in 2016. He also inspected our slides. The bedroom slide was in need of some recaulking, but otherwise in good shape. We did discuss the Guardian Plates being something for the future. I did order and install them late summer 2016 for the Bedroom slide. I had Chris measure the living room slide at the 2017 MS rally as well as the bedroom slide for the plates for the rollers since there was signs of some wear from the rollers. I also wanted to be proactive and prevent problems. I put about 8 hours into the work over 2 days. I finished installing everything last week and was an fairly simple job if you have good mechanical skills. Key things: This will eliminate any chance of slide floor rot that Monaco products are susceptible to. They look very good and give things a fresh updated look. The slides are actually quieter with the Guardian plates when moving in or out! They also run much smoother and sound as if the motor is having an easier time moving things. I highly recommend them! I also found out as I worked on the install that I have one of the Monaco experimental flush floor slides with rollers after the lift blocks instead of a glide bar.
  7. Gander Mountain was always higher priced than Cabella's or Bass Pro when I went there. Been a few years since I last went in one, same thing for Camping World.
  8. jwj14, is it an AWD Edge? We tow our 2007 AWD Edge without any issues at all. Our procedure is the same as the above "Start the engine and allow it to run for five minutes at the beginning of each day and every six hours thereafter. With the engine running and your foot on the brake, shift into position D and then into position R before shifting back into position N." I do know that some of the front wheel drive Edges were not flat towable because they had a different transmission that the AWD ones.
  9. It's a perfect fit! I have found Gander overpriced and their service sucked on a Warranty issue. I'll take Bass Pro or Cabellas any day!
  10. Update On My No-Cold Norcold

    You'll love the ARP control. Works very well and I am glad I put it in.
  11. Running Into Things

    This one was all mine and I am still kicking myself! I should have kept my focus. She has been great about it and keeps telling me to forget it.
  12. Running Into Things

    I have driven Fire trucks (including a 95' ladder) for 33+ years as a volunteer and never had an incident or put a scratch in one. That said, all it takes is a distraction/loss of concentration and ooops! This fall when backing the coach into the backyard as we have done for 15 years I bumped a utility pole with the front corner. Was watching my wife in the mirror and kept losing sight of her. I asked her to stay where I could see her and plain flat out didn't check my right mirror as I should have. My fault any way you cut it. Stuff happens. Wife keeps telling to stop beating myself up over it. I think my pride was wounded worse than the coach! We have discussed and used it as a way to plan on how to avoid something in the future where ever we are. At least insurance covers stupidity! The truck repair shop that did the body repairs was absolutely wonderful! A lot of companies could take customer service lessons from these folks. I did review them on RV Service Reviews.
  13. We've used a Demco Excalibar for 12 years now. Have not had any problems with it and it is a 7,000# rated. Easy to use. We have used nothing but their baseplates and I installed all my own. Instructions are very good and they were fairly easy to do. Last year I put new seals and dust boots on it. Cost around $50 for the parts.
  14. Cummins Lift Pump

    Found I had the dreaded leaking lift pump on my ISC350. Tightening the bolts did not work, so I went and picked up a new lift pump from the Coach Care center. This is the new style pump since the original is discontinued. One of the mechanics there told me that it was designed to be universal in application and the bracket/top had additional places for fittings. They also changed the fuel inlet and outlet holes to make more gasket surface. You also need to get 2 plugs for it to close the unused holes. I also got a gasket for the new pump as a spare. Saturday I went to swap it out. Holy cow is that thing in a miserable spot! Raised her with the levelers and then cribbed it with 4x4's. Dropped the starter so I could get at everything since I couldn't get at a lot for the top. I had one of the fuel lines that would not come loose (fitting kept turning in the pump housing) and was having a devil of a time trying to get at the top lines. Finally decided to drop just the pump and look at the gasket and assess the situation. I finally went to NAPA and got sheet gasket compatible with diesel. I cut a new gasket, put it all together, cleaned all of the fuel off everything and cycled the pump 5 times without starting the coach. Perfectly dry! Took it for an hour drive on the interstate. Same results! If it need the new pump in the future, I'll let the coach care center do it or I'll build an adapter plate that allows me to use the new pump on the old bracket. That would not be too hard to do since I have the old pump gasket and the new spare. There is a difference in the inlet and outlet hole sizes (smaller) and all the mounting holes are the same.
  15. Medico, You were only ripped off if you took their deal. They failed to honor a verbal deal. I would have walked out. I've had that game played on car trades and I have walked out. They changed the deal. You were under no obligation at that point to accept it.