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  1. I have a 2014 Fleetwood Bounder. I keep it stored outdoors in the Chicago area. Preparing for a trip to Yosemite and when I got to lp systèms the shut off valve leaked gas. Tank is horizontal and was filled (75%·)during winterizing in fall. Contacted my dealer and had them order the parts to fix shut off valve. Today after delivering coach for service got a call that tank is venting/draining slowly in 30 to 35 degree temps. Curious on feedback as to slow venting in these conditions. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. To to clarify what I am looking for is should it take days (as per vendor) or hours to drain/vent a full lp tank in 30 to 35 degree weather?
  2. Brake system for 2014 CRV

    I tow same year CRV with a 2014 Bounder. Roadmaster set up with their invisibrake system. 15,000 mile towed and no problems with the invisibrake. Unit is installed under drivers seat and if I sell car would have to have it removed. Pleased with brake system and eas of use.
  3. Chicago to Yosemite

    Spring break is coming. We are headed to Yosemite from Chicago. Plan on taking southern itinerary (primarily I-40) in our 2014 Bounder towing a CRV. We did same route to Grand Canyon last year. Once I get west of Flaggstaff curious for feedback as best route to Yosemite to avoid elevations, planning on working over to Bakersfield before heading north to Fresno.
  4. I will be due intermixing my unit soon. Ideally I would like to being to sanitize water system after flushing antifreeze. Are there any guidelines for time I can leave water tank with bleach mixed in. Could be a week before I get on road to agitate the system. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Upgrading Motorhome - New or Used?

    Bought A 2014 Fleetwood Bounder 35K floor plan. It has a bath and 1/2. Came down to this and Tiffins with a similar floor plan. Bought at year ending model switch over and got a good deal. Both coaches new would be in your price range but agree with a lot of the comments about buying a used one - at your price point should be a lot of options. We are very happy with our Bounder but having a manufacturing background I believe in good engineering and Fleetwood is in middle of pack.
  6. Are there any thoughts on using hitch pins with locks versus clips. Had a clip stolen in a Florida rest area, luckily I ID'ed the problem before hitting the road and had a spare. Worry with locks is keeping lock clean and getting on or off easily. Any feedback greatly appreciated. Phil
  7. I am flying in from Chicago and staying near airport. Curious if there is shuttle or bus service to rally? Phil
  8. Chicago to Grand Canyon

    Bill; Picking up wife and daughter in Albuquerque. Heading to Petrified Forest, then some sights near Flaggstaff. Onto Grand Canyon for three nights then monument valley for three nights. Dropping my family back in Albuquerque and working my way home. We tow so we will be mobile. Figuring 3 to 4 days to New Mexico them high tailing it home. Regards, Phil
  9. Brett: My toad is in storage so I will stop by and test your idea. You helped me when I did my intial post and it eventually lead me back to Roadmaster. The tech I talked with provided the idea of pumping the brake. The installation has been checked and is good. Will be in Chandler (flying out from Chicago) for rally and intend to stop by and chat with Roadmaster. Read many of your posts and ideas so I will follow up. regards, Phil Cowen
  10. Heading west in March. Driving 2014 Bounder (F-53 chassie) and towing a CRV. Based on my research if I stay on I40 west (out of Oklahoma City) I will hit some elevations but nothing serious. Haven't done this drive since my family ventured out west in a 1974 in a 22' Superior coach so I recall some grades around Flagstaff, otherwise hoping it relatively "flatland" driving. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Two years ago I got great feedback from group on ideas to address problems with my Invisibrake working intermittently (2014 Hondra CRV - 2014 Fleetwood Bounder). When I get ready to tow my CRV after going through set up and idle, after I turn engine off I pump the CRV brakes twice and haven't had a problem since. Thank you all for help.
  12. Central Vacuum

    Dear members, I am looking at installing a central Vacuum system in my 2014 35k Bounder. First what are your thoughts on central Vacuum systems? Are they worth while? Did you do the install yourself? If yes on install did you mount Vacuum unit horizontally or vertically? In an outside compartment or internal cabinet? Leaning toward dirt devil 1500 but open to experience with other brands? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  13. Brett thanks for the info. I called Roadmaster and they said try 60 on the phone. 7 pin connector along with wiring on the coach looks good. Hooked up cord and set system at 60. Will do some additional testing with wife ( have press toad brake for 20 seconds and see if I get an alarm). Once that is done will do some test driving. Will keep you posted and thanks for the help and contact. Phil
  14. Brett yes I have the light to monitor brakes when brakes activate in the Bounder. As per post and since I had it installed seems to start off ok then cuts out (although not always), no correlation to rain, force of braking pressure, or other variable I can pinpoint. Yes the turns signals, brake lights, and flashers all function on coach and toad. After today's service visit stopped after 2 tents of mile and played with system, seems 7 pin plug on coach maybe the problem. Will let you know what I find out. Keep brake pressure setting at around 25 so will play with that also, but when system does not seem to work I noticed needle moved from 0 to 18-19 range Thank you for the welcome. I have read many of your posts and appreciate the advise. We are newbies closing in on one year anniversary of ownership. Phil
  15. I have a 2014 Fleetwood Bounder 35 K with a Ford F 53 chassis. I tow a 2014 Honda CRV. I had camping world hook up my towing system. The Invisibrake system does not function all the time. I took both units back to Camping World today and they claim their installation of brake system is fine. Driving to and from service appointment the system functioned for about 20 minutes each way. I am down to looking at the Bounder and will begin that in morning and plan on calling Roadmaster. The lights between both units seem to work fine (blinkers, turn signals, etc). Has anyone using Invisbrake experienced a similar issue? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Phil Cowen